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"A snake man? And what may that be?" Lexi smiled up at the man who was one of the biggest villains this world had and Trisha couldn't help but want to laugh. It was so funny. He was trying to look confused and wasn't pulling it off. His own men were moving closer to their location and the simple fact that he kept casting small glances around the area. It was all ruining his innocent confused act.

"It's the man who has lots of snakes. Silly. Can I have one, can I can I." Lexi had started to pull on Orochimaru's pant leg in impatience. The same way small children did when bugging their parents for candy at the convenient store. It was so cute, even more so when Orochimaru started to push her away and shake his leg. He was so not good with children.

"You can calm down your men. We aren't here to interfere. It would be way too much work. Lexi just wanted to bug you a while." And pissing off the strong is a fun way to live. And die early but who wants to live long. The men had been moving closer each second as Orochimaru started to agree with the child. Trisha had seen his signal to his men. He was about to have them wiped out. After all it wouldn't do for them to have too much information. They might share it with someone who could actually do something to ruin his plans. It was the only smart decision to have them taken out of the picture. "Don't worry old man we are just a little bored of the exam. I'm sure traveling with you a while will be more interesting don't you think."

"Not very loyal to you village are you Demon sisters." Lexi was finally pulled off his leg and held into the air like a misbehaving puppy. Trisha hadn't bothered to move closer since Lexi could take care of herself after all. And the boy next to her was their only weakness in this exam. He died and the Hokage would punish them and they would fail the exam. It would be better to make sure someone was protecting the weakling all the time.


"Of course were loyal silly. To ourselves." The girls got more interesting every second. It wasn't very often you found a leaf Nin that wasn't a pure loyalist. After all they were training from birth to love this village. But then again they weren't from this village. Maybe that was the reason. The smaller sister was still bugging him for a snake all the way through the conversations. Not even bothering to try to get down from his hold.

The older sister was still lounging against the tree above them. Not even bothering to run to her sisters rescue when his ninjas had started to move closer for an attack. She didn't seem to be worried at all. This could be a simple case of over confidence, stupidity, or she could be strong enough to not think them a threat. He didn't know which one it might be. He hadn't seen them really fight before. Only the stunt at the first exam from Lexi.

The only ones that seemed to be outta the loop was the baby and the boy, their third. The baby didn't seem to be paying any attention. He was in fact sitting on a branch playing with a senbon if he wasn't mistaken. The boy was standing at attention behind the girl in the trees. He was the most stressed out of the group. Scared and unsure. But the question was, was he scared of him and his ninjas or scared of his own team mates.

"So you have are just here for fun. Not to turn me in. What about your third there. Don't you think he might be a little more loyal?" The smile on Lexi's face was creepy to see on a small child. Her bunny pulled under her chin and her small hand started to form a thumb down.

"Well we only need him alive. No one said he had to be able to actually participate in this exam." There was a thud moments later as the small baby threw a dozen small senbon straight at the boy. Each one striking the boy in perfect accuracy. The boy didn't even get to react. Trisha's laughter filled the woods as the boy's unmoving body dropped from the tree.


Orochimaru was about ready to kill someone. He had handed out commands and moved out to head for his target with the demonic sisters right by his side. The small one just behind him was still going on about wanting a snake. The older one was traveling through the woods. Doing some weird dance that looked like a sick version of a snake or something. Weird. There was a clone running around somewhere dragging their third member and one of his own ninjas was being forced to carry the baby. Turns out threating to cut off a men's penis worked even for his men. Of course when there was blood already running down your leg and the child seemed all ready to cut you up the rest of the way most men would give in. But he would have to remember to up the training level of his men.

"Come on can't I have a . . Oh time for some fun." He sighed as he tried to ignore the child who gained some speed and ran off into the woods to their right straight towards the closest group of ninja he could sense. Wonder if she was after a scroll. They would need one for their group to move on.

"So can I have a snake?" A few minutes later and she was back covered in blood and carrying a sack of rough and oddly shaped objects. Orochimaru watched in interest as the older girl moved over and took the sack with a nod. A few sec later it was sealed into a small storage scroll.

A few more hours after and Lexi disappearing and returning a few more times and he was almost on top of his target.

His own men were exhausted. The baby was more trouble than he was worth it seemed. He had spent the entire journey stabbing his men with senbon and laughing his head off at their curses and threats. He was finally calming down. He had started to nod off and probably would be asleep soon.

The younger girl was tired too. She was still right behind him but every few minutes she would rub her eyes and her questions were starting to come with longer segments of silence in between them. The older one wasn't doing too badly, but she was older. His best bet would be to go with the plan tonight so that if the girls had lied they would be too tired to be much of a threat. Soon the shirigan would be his.


Lexi and Trisha relaxed against a stray tree as they watched the battle going on below them. Sasuke was doing somewhat better than Lexi remembered. But he was nowhere close to being good enough. Naruto was still a loser living on luck and Sakura hadn't really improved. It made for a boring show. Orochimaru was just playing with them but it couldn't be much fun for him. They were just too weak.

Haku had fallen asleep curled up in Lexi's lap hugging Azul like one of his teddy bears. It was kinda cute. Lexi couldn't help but smile at him even as she wanted to sigh because her legs were falling asleep under him. At least she had a show going on in front of her. The big bad snake picking on the small baby Nin. Too bad Trisha had stopped doing the snake dance. Nah Nah nah nah nah a nah. Nah a nah.

Orochimaru's ninja's were dead. Killed by Sasuke with one of his explosion. Another by Orochimaru for being weak. They weren't need any more anyway. Chances were that the one carrying Haku would have died by morning anyway. Haku did have a bag of poisoned senbon on him after all. What is the chance he had only been using only the non-poison ones. It was the guys own fault after all. The idiots had been throwing away Haku's senbon all night. He would have eventually run outta non deadly ones.

At least they had picked up a supply of new weapons though. With idiots throwing away their old supply they would need new ones. The only good thing about big exams like this is that you can pick up anything you want from a couple dead bodies. Lexi had been doing it all day. Kill the team pick their corpse clean. Weapons, pills, scrolls, anything useful went into a sack. Trisha would separate the sack later to see what they had gained. Of course that didn't mean they had given up on Haku's thrown weapons. They had clones all over the forest by now picking up dropped and forgotten weapons. And a few scrolls of course. They had more than enough to pass now

The more scrolls they had when they left the forest the less completion they would have in the next round. She would be more than happy to skip the next round. If only there team made it through then the fights would be short. Really short. After all the goal is to show you are chunin material not that you can win.

Slam. "GOAL. Did you see that Trisha. The Snakes are showing use an amazing game today. Smashing that Leaf man straight into that tree. That must have hurt more than his pride" Orochimaru cast them a small glance and Sasuke was still too busy to even notice throughout the battle.

"Wonderful showing today for the Snakes, Lexi. I believe I can still see his body outline on that oak. The Leaf's defense is just not up to par with the Snakes amazing offense today. It has been a long game of one painful smash down after another." Yin was still slumbering on the ground below them. He wouldn't be waking up till his body could cycle out the sleeping poison. Of course the Haku's senbon had also caused a living dead state. His body would be sore in the morning.

"With such an onside competition it is amazing that the Leaf team has lasted this long. Let's go back and rewatch the downfall of both the Leaf team. First out is Pinkie, smash done and poisoned without a serious fight." Weak weak fan girl. Maybe she would grow up soon.

"I've seen turtles with more fight then that chick. Her disgraceful conduct and disrespectful behavior towards the game was easily seen today. She started as a fan girl, Lexi and you can tell. Enough natural talent to make the team but no real effort to contribute to the win in the least." Sakura had finally awakened again. And wasn't taking their comments well.

"I hear from my source in the Leaf locker rooms that she happens to be more interested in her hair and make-up then practice. This is a serious disgrace to the once powerful leaf team. From such amazing history making players like Kakashi, Minato, and Jiraiya down to the disgraces we see today." And Sakura stands alone in a corner. Alone doing nothing. No helping her beloved Sasuke. Just crying because he is hurt and getting worse. Stupid girl.

"Oh look it looks like some recruiting going on today. Snake must see some future potential in Sasuke that us in the stands have missed." Sasuke was out and bit. Sasuke got a hickey. Sakura was running towards him and Orochimaru had disappeared from sight but not their senses.

They both watched in silence with little emotion as Sakura cried and screamed. They watched her babyish display with little interest. Finally she gained control of herself and started to move her team to safety. Dragging the boys and fighting against nature since she was too weak to carry them. If this didn't wake her up then nothing would chance until Tsunade came into the picture like in the anime.

Lexi like Sasuke. He was an interesting and fun toy. Easy to influence and mislead with ease because of his loneliness and unsociable behavior. People had trouble getting close and he used those close enough as an emotion clutch. She could live without him around easy enough. She felt no need to interfere with his future. Going with Orochimaru seemed more fun than the village some days and Sasuke wasn't Sasuke without the snake summon. However hopefully she had a small influence on his fashion because she didn't really like his Sound Nin outfit from the show.

"Time to go." Trisha's voice pulled her from her thoughts and she nodded. Yes there was no more to see right now."


"So Snaky that was kind of a boring fight. What do you see in that boy?" Orochimaru hadn't been too hard to find. He was regrouped with Kabuto and his team a few minutes run from them. Kabuto jumped at their arrival but Orochimaru wasn't surprised that easily this time. After all he hadn't under estimated them and he was more powerful than them. Of course he had sensed them approaching.

"He is an avenger driven teen with an amazing bloodline." Trisha nodded. It was true. An avenger driven moron with no sense of right or wrong and no dreams for the future. Just one goal in his whole life.

"Easily controlled and taken over. Smart." The girls listened with half an ear to Kabuto's new orders and didn't bother to stop his team from dashing off. It didn't matter to them.

"I'm leaving now. There is no more interest in following me. Be good girls and go play with the baby Nins." Orochimaru stood calmly in the clearing. Not rushing off like an evil villain should.

"We will walk you out. We have nothing better to do. And you can totally teach us a new jutsu for our silence right, old man." The sigh was loud in the clearing as Orochimaru started to rub his forehead in the sign of a beginning headache.

"Come on it won't be that hard. You must know lots of jutsus by now and we will even erase all trace of you from Yin's mind. It's a pretty good deal. We don't even care what kind of jutsu." That was true any jutsu can be helpful if you have a mind to think out of the bod and use the jutsu to their full potential. Plus Trisha couldn't remember much from Orochimaru's fighting style.

"Any jutsu you say. Alright I don't have any urgent plans. Come on demonic brats. We should go before someone figures out I'm here. It shouldn't be much of a secret soon" Trisha nodded as she cast a new clone to work with moving Yin to a different location. He didn't need to be anywhere close when Orochimaru was discovered. The roof of the forest tower would be a much better location. A few dozen shadow clones would go a long way to keeping him alive. Thank god that clones can be sealed or she wouldn't be able to succeed in such a number. She was only up to two at a time right now and that left her with very little charka.


The jutsu he had decided on was one that couldn't be easily traced back to him. It was a simpler wind jutsu that was used mostly for pushing objects a few inches. Not very dangerous. It could be sharpened if you know how to and used to make small cuts but still he already knew a dozen counters to the attack so it wasn't anything he couldn't deal with if it was later used to attack him.

Watching the girls learn the skill was informative. They ran next to him without a single glitch in their steps even as their hands ran through signs after signs. They had ran the signs over and over without even bothering to add charka yet. Most younger Nins were to overconfident in their own ability and would try to cast the jutsu right away. Instead of that lame and dangerous idea the girls practiced the signs and asked endless questions. Like the amount of charka needed to perform it accurately and the way they would have to control its direction and speed. They were definitely above genin level.

The jutsu was a success he could see from the few times he had seen them cast it. They would be perfect students if he had the ambition to take an actually student again. Since Anko he hadn't really trained any one without an extra motive. But he wouldn't want to train such unpredictable students. No one knew exactly what these girls were after or where they came from.

"You Bastard." One moment he was being followed by two girls the next he was standing in the woods alone dodging the first lunge from a furious Anko. Guess his peace and quiet was over.

The battle was quick. Anko was stronger than before but nowhere near as strong as he was. She had had so much potential as a child. Now days she was so blinded by the past she forgot to worry about her future. Once had had escaped her grasp he found himself once again surround by the girls. Like nothing had happened.

"So can I have a snake?" A snake damn he thought this question was over. He hadn't heard it in a while. Between dodging the exam patrols and helping the girls learn the jutsu he had thought the girls would forget about it.

With a hidden evil grin. He quickly summoned one of his snakes and threw it at the small girl. He expected joy and happiness for a few sec before the snake would cut it off. What he got wasn't even close.

"Noooo. I don't want this one. I want one that gives hugs."