"Nothing Jane," Demetri said. I notice how he went completely still when Jane turned to me.

"It doesn't seem like nothing," Jane said glaring at Demetri. She looked at the fire with confusion.

"What is going on Demetri?" she asked looking me over.

When he didn't answer, Jane looked him in the eye and whispered 'pain' so low I barley heard her. Then suddenly Demetri was on the ground screaming in pain.

I don't know why but it made me angry that she was causing him pain.

"Stop!" I yelled. His screams stopped and Jane looked at me and whispered 'pain' again. I waited for it to come, but nothing happened. She tried again, and when it didn't work, she let out a frustrated scream. The boy who was standing behind her came and but an arm around her.

"It's not working," she complained.

"Here let me try," his eyes became unforced. After a few moments, nothing had happened; and his eyes focused again.

"Incredible," his whispered staring at me. By then, Demetri was back on his feet and was staring at me too.

"She will come with us, and Aro will decide her future," the man said, and walked back into the forest after Jane. Before I new what was happening I was in Demetri's arms and the trees were flying by.

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