Title: Of Younglings and crabs

Rating: K

Universe: Movie 07/09 verse (AU)

Characters: Barricade, youngling Bluestreak, brief appearance by Prowl, mention of Jazz and others

Pairings: Hinted ProwlxJazz

Warnings: Fluff, lots of. Possible spoilers if you've not read Renascentia!

Disclaimer: Not mine, I just toy with with them and hand them back in less than pristine condition.

Summary: Barricade learns that life is never boring when a certain Autobot youngling is involved.

:/Blah\: - Bond Communication

These drabbles can be read as a companion piece to the multi-chap Renascentia I'm writing or on their own.

Barricade hated being idle, he was one of those that preferred to be on the constant move. However since his defection to the Autobots a few years back, his erratic movements had slowed down to the point where he found himself completely and utterly bored. That was until Bluestreak, the first terran sparkling to be born, arrived in the world and after months of restricted mobility then learnt how to walk. The infant was adventurous, an inherent trait he had gotten from Jazz, that kept his parents, his guardians and his caretakers busy by watching him closely. They had only ever lost sight of him once when the sparkling just turned youngling disappeared from Skyfire's care which led to a frantic search of the base for the small Cybertronian infant. It turned out that Bluestreak hadn't left the lab at all, but had simply trotted over to one of the corners with his stuffed toy, slipped behind one of the cabinets and fallen into recharge. The old Veritech had been frazzled beyond belief, but both Prowl and Jazz reassured Skyfire that Bluestreak had a habit of slipping into confined spaces and going to sleep in them. It was after that incident that Red Alert demanded that the sensors be upgraded so they weren't wasting valuable resources in tracking down one youngling.

Barricade chuckled as he recalled that particular incident, both his brother and the Autobot's saboteur had glared at the security director whilst Bluestreak had simply become more upset about causing so much trouble. Optimus had luckily stepped in and asked Red Alert to apologise to the youngling for implying that he was a trouble maker and not worthy of their time, the security director had wanted to protest but none the less swallowed his pride and apologised to the small mechling. The Prime had then taken Bluestreak into his arms and asked the youngling as gently as he could about telling the adults where he was going before he actually disappeared, the youngling had agreed before tucking himself into the large mech's chassis, chirping timidly until he was taken by one of his creators.

Barricade understood that the little grey mechlet often felt suffocated by his caretakers, not too mention being stuck inside of the base a large percentage of the time. So the shock trooper had brought Bluestreak out to the long stretch of beach opposite the base so he could run around without restraint of where he could and could not go. Ratchet had given the Mustang explicit instructions that the youngling was to seek shelter every twenty minutes so his internals didn't get overheated since the mechlet's thermoregulator wasn't as advanced as theirs. That and he really didn't want to treat Bluestreak for 'sun stroke' again; an accident on Bumblebee's behalf a few weeks prior. The scout had been mortified when the youngling became sick not long after spending time out in the sun, however the medic had quickly assured him the mechling would be fine and neither Jazz nor Prowl blamed him.

The shock trooper glanced out from where he was sat in the shade of the palm trees in the direction he had seen Bluestreak playing in the sand, his brother and his mate were going to hate him later when he handed the youngling back to them. After all he knew how tedious it could be in trying to get sand out from under plating and out of joints. So he had brought a tarp he had 'commandeered' to sit on, his earlier efforts in trying to demolish a palm tree for its leaves had earned him a telling off from Bluestreak. The youngling very much reminded him of Prowl in that respect as the same scowl that adorned his younger brother's facial plates when he was reprimanding someone, had appeared upon the youngling's facial plates. Even his sensory panels rose upwards and formed the graceful 'V' which definitely showed that the little grey mechlet was most certainly his father's son.

Barricade was drawn out of his thoughts when he heard Bluestreak's terrified scream, immediately all of his defence systems (the ones he was allowed to have) came on-line. The black and white mech pushed himself up onto his peds and rushed out from under the shade, the heat of the afternoon sun instantly hit his plating. But he wasn't concerned about the uncomfortable warmth upon his armour, he was more focused upon rescuing Bluestreak from harm. He extended his sensors out to their limits scanning the skies above for any sign of trouble. The shock trooper spotted the terrified youngling running towards him so he quickened his pace, the ex-Decepticon intercepted the grey mechlet and swung him up into his arms, cradling him close to his chassis.

Bluestreak tried to compose himself but he had seriously been spooked and couldn't help the sparkling like warbles and clicks escaping his vocaliser. Barricade scanned the beach critically with both his optics and his sensors, however he couldn't detect anything that could have upset the youngling until his sensors detected the presence of a creature in the same vicinity as where Bluestreak had been playing. The shock trooper made his way over whilst ignoring the distressed whimpers of his charge, in a moment of uncharacteristic behaviour, the ex-'con sent as much comfort and reassurance through the bond that he normally kept closed until he felt the youngling's trembling subside a little.

"So that's what scared you little one." The Mustang rumbled when he spotted the arthropod occupying the space the little grey mechlet had been sitting in previously, sunning itself. A quick search on the humans internet identified the creature as a Coconut Crab or Birgus Latro if one wanted to be technical, Barricade frowned as it was unusual for this species to be out during the daylight unless Bluestreak had accidentally disturbed its hiding place or the creature had been attracted to the shine from the youngling's derma-plating. Normally he would have shot the crustacean by now for being nothing more than a nuisance, but the creature was protected out here. Not that anyone would know better if he did kill it, however for Bluestreak's sake he would leave it alone, unless of course it threatened the youngling in any way with its large claws.

"What is it uncle 'Cade?" The little grey mechlet inquired as he braved looking at the creature that had scared him when it had appeared out from between some rocks not far from where he had been playing.

"A proverbial nuisance." Barricade replied as he deactivated his weapons systems and began moving back toward the shade where he set Bluestreak down upon the tarp, however the youngling quickly latched onto him the moment he was sat down and settled against the palm tree.

During the course of the afternoon Bluestreak finally worked up the courage to leave the company of his caretaker and sat down but a couple of metres away in order to resume his playing in the sand. The shock trooper managed to draw him away from his sand sculpting to take in his third energon ration, but only on the terms that Bluestreak was allowed to bury him. Barricade had been none too pleased with the idea, however he was finding it really hard to deny the youngling his request when the kicked turbo-puppy look appeared upon his facial plates. Finally after being buried under the sand for a couple of hours then having to spend time in the sea to get rid of most of it, Barricade made his way back up the beach with an exhausted youngling trudging behind him. The mustang tucked the tarp that had been left unused for most of the afternoon, unceremoniously into his sub-space, Bluestreak then promptly collapsed against the larger mech as his wearied legs refused to hold him up any longer. The shock trooper picked Bluestreak up and settled him on his hip before he began making his way back to the base, and just in the nick of time as a couple of Coconut Crabs scuttled out from their hiding places and onto the beach.

When Barricade reached the base, he spotted the familiar black and white frame of his younger brother stood waiting just inside the underground bunker that housed the base. Prowl made his way over when he noticed that his creation was tucked into his brother's chassis, deep in recharge.

:/How did it go today?\: The tactician inquired through their sibling bond, a feat the ex-'con was still getting used too.

:/Fine, although he was spooked by the local wildlife.\: The shock trooper replied as he handed the slumbering youngling over to his brother. Prowl raised a single optic ridge at that as he settled Bluestreak in his arms :/I'll let Bluestreak tell you all about it.\:

:/Very well.\: The Dodge Charger said as he turned to head into the underground base :/night brother.\: Barricade grunted a response before he felt another presence brush against his spark, this one sleepy but content.

:/Night uncle 'Cade.\: He heard his nephew say to him through the bond.

A small smile threatened to tug at the corner of his lip components :/Night little one.\: Then a small finally formed when he felt the love the youngling was transmitting through the bond so he answered back before the link went quiet. Now Barricade didn't mind sitting idle as long as he could watch over Bluestreak to make sure no harm would ever come to him.

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