Title: Of Sparklings and Bumblebees

Rating: K+

Universe: Bayverse

Characters:Bluestreak, Bumblebee, Barricade, Prowl and mention of others

Warnings: slight humour, use of profanities

Disclaimer: Not mine, I just like to toy with them and hand them back in less than pristine condition

'Blah' – thoughts

::Blah:: - Radio Communication

:/blah\: - Inter. comm.

::/Blah\\:: Bond communication

If there was one thing Bumblebee despised the most and that was being left with no choice but to remain upon the base and take it easy, the scout had been less than pleased when Ratchet had taken him off duty. Normally it wouldn't have been too bad if Sam and Mikaela, even their eccentric friends Miles and Leo, had been on the base as at least he would have had company, but the four young adults much to their disgruntlement had prior commitments, although Sam had told him that he would rather face down Megatron again then have to go visit his father's side of the family. Usually he would cart the family around when he wasn't on assignment but due to the minor injury he had sustained during a sparring session with none other than Barricade, he had to remain here at Diego Garcia instead. Bumblebee had to admit he had been lucky that he had only twisted the muscle cables surrounding his knee rather than tear them, but that didn't stop Ironhide from wanting to dismember the shock trooper after hearing the news. The scout recalled that Prowl had no choice but to get the pair of them off the base before they damaged something or stepped on a human or Bluestreak for that matter.

Speaking of the bouncy and exuberant bundle of grey parts, the scout had volunteered to look after the bitlet for the day despite his healing injury. Bumblebee knew the sparkling was becoming more of a servo-ful lately now that Bluestreak was bum shuffling, crawling and using furniture to pull himself up with, although thankfully he wasn't walking .. yet. Much of the base weren't looking forward to that moment as the sparkling was more than a handful with being able to crawl as it was. More often than not both the Autobots and the humans easily lost track of the sparkling, or found themselves quickly moving things out of the way before Bluestreak was able to get his diminutive servos upon them. Sam had asked whether his guardian was out of his freaking mind when the scout had contacted him the night before, Bumblebee had asked what he had meant by that; after all the other mechs on the base had looked after Bluestreak, although the scout had to admit that they looked very much frazzled at the end of the day. Of course the boy's mother Judy had more than a few words of advise to give him which nearly had him changing his mind about looking after the bitlet altogether. Bumblebee shook his head in amusement, both Judy and Sarah Lennox had a habit of offering as much of their own experiences with child upbringing and what to do in a crisis much to the entertainment and slight irritation of Prowl and Jazz; after all Cybertronian infants were far different from human ones.

Bumblebee finally arrived at the residential section and made his way to Prowl and Jazz's quarters, once there he pinged the 2IC's comm. link just in case there was a chance that Bluestreak was taking his morning nap. Of course the last thing he wanted was a grumpy sparkling to look after, he received a brief communiqué in response before he heard the audible click of a lock and the doors slid open. The scout quickly tried to smother the smile that attempted to creep across his lip components at the sight before him, the once spotless room looked as though a small hurricane had swept through it leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. There were numerous toys scattered about the place whilst several different coloured sparkling sized hand-prints were sat proudly in all their painted glory upon the walls, Bumblebee also happened to notice that there were a couple of towels slung over the back of the couch and a drying energon patch upon the floor near the counters.

But what caught the scout's attention was Prowl as he stepped into the room and made his way across to the playpen, the normally calm and cool headed 2IC was looking a little more than stressed, Bumblebee figured it had to do with a certain nine month old loudly squealing and clicking sparkling. More than a few bots had told the bonded pair just how much the infant was like Jazz in personality particularly his sheer stubborn determination, the scout briefly wondered whether it had been his unfavourable personality trait that Bluestreak had inherited from his carrier that had Prowl looking as though he was ready to maim something.

"I must apologise for the mess Bumblebee." Prowl told him as the tactician placed a loudly chirping and clicking Bluestreak into his playpen, the sparkling squealed when he spotted one of his stuffed toys the second he was set down and immediately crawled across to it.

The scout quickly smothered a snicker that wanted to escape his vocaliser "No need to apologise sir."

Prowl flicked his door-wings in irritation "Jazz was somewhat in a rush this morning so I've not had much time to clear up, then a certain creation decided to show just how much of a terror he can be when left unsupervised."

Ah so that explained the paint on the walls and the still drying energon patch on the floor, although the scout couldn't help but feel his spark plummet in its chamber at the mention of his team leader. He was meant to accompany the rest of the special ops team to southern Russia to gather Intel. on the recent Decepticon activity, however he had to that he rather be here where it was warm than suffer through minus below temperatures.

"I'll remember to keep a close optic on him sir." Bumblebee told him as he watched the tactician pick up a couple of discarded toys and place them in the large crate, although there were a few that he placed inside of Bluestreak's carry round bag.

Prowl gave the scout a small reassuring smile "You'll be fine."

The scout simply nodded before making his way across to the playpen, Bluestreak was happily bashing two of his blocks together however no sooner that he spotted Bumblebee, the troublesome bitlet squealed and began making grabbing motions with his diminutive hands. The scout glanced across to Prowl and was just about to ask his permission to pick Bluestreak up when the tactician beat him to it, Prowl simply flicked his door-wings in acknowledgement of the unspoken request. Bumblebee reached over the top of the playpen and plucked the exuberant sparkling up off the floor, Bluestreak squealed in delight and fluttered his sensory panels as he bounced in the scout's arms. Bumblebee couldn't help but chuckle in amusement at the bitlet's antics since this was usual standard behaviour from the infant when he was in someone else's arms, in fact he didn't think there was one mech on base that Bluestreak didn't like; sure there were one or two he was wary of but much of the time he went to any bot without fuss.

"Frag it." Prowl cursed much to the surprise of the scout; after all it was rare to ever hear the tactician use any form of a profanity even when he was berating Sideswipe for his stupidity "it appears our new human liaison officer has arrived a lot sooner than anticipated."

Bumblebee frowned in confusion as his superior handed him Bluestreak's carry round bag "New liaison officer sir? I thought that Galloway character was our human liaison officer?"

Prowl snorted and flicked his door-wings as he made his way across the room and palmed the pad on the wall next to the doors "After that glitch I call a spark-mate decided to make it his mission to 'freak' out Director Galloway by stalking him and thus ending his time with us, the Secretary of Defence decided to assign someone who is not so easily intimidated by us."

"You have to admit sir that Jazz did us a favour by getting rid of him as I know there were a few individuals who were very tempted to make him 'disappear'." Bumblebee told his superior as he followed him out of his quarters and into the corridor.

"I'm sure there were." The tactician responded with a tint of amusement in the tone of his voice "I shall take my leave and I'll see you later." The black and white mech then directed his attention to the sparkling in the scout's arms, he smoothed a hand over the infant's helm and lightly tickled the stubby sensory panels which produced a round of giggles that escaped the exuberant bundle of grey parts "and you be good for 'Bee." Bluestreak simply chirped in response before shoving a diminutive hand into his mouth and began nibbling at his plating. Prowl shook his amusement before he turned his attention to Bumblebee, he dipped his helm at the scout before making his way down the corridor and disappeared from sight.

Bluestreak chirped inquisitively when he noticed the absence of his sire, Bumblebee glanced down at the sparkling "Your father's gone to work Blue, but you'll see him later." The infant chirped in response and simply flicked his sensory panels, the scout vented a sigh of relief as he had been concerned that Bluestreak would begin crying for his father since the sparkling had done it once or twice before although luckily enough he hadn't been the one sparkling-sitting at the time "well we ought to get going to the rec. room hey Blue?" the infant glanced up at him and gave a long, low whistle in what the scout perceived as an affirmation before he began making his way slowly to the recreation room. Bumblebee took his time making his way through the inter-connecting corridors passing numerous humans who either dipped their heads in acknowledgement of his presence or said a simple hello, however there were a few that were a little more enthusiastic in their greetings once they spotted Bluestreak. The scout couldn't help but chuckle in amusement as the sparkling clumsily waved back at the humans before settling himself quite happily in Bumblebee's arms as the scout continued to make the journey to the rec. room.

Finally they arrived at the recreation room although Bumblebee had to step around the area that had been cornered off. The damage to the wall had been caused by a pair of rambunctious twins a couple of days ago, he had overheard Sunstreaker and Sideswipe had been fighting over something petty only for it to evolve into a brawl that ended with two badly dented Lamborghinis, a fuming tactician, a rather ticked off CMO and a wall that was in desperate need of repairs. In fact as far as Bumblebee knew the pair of them were still in the brig and probably weren't going to see the light of day until their new liaison officer had completed her tour of the base and had the chance to settle in. The scout stepped inside the rec. room and glanced around, he spotted a few off-duty personnel scattered around the room but surprisingly none of his own comrades, although he figured Prowl would have assigned them extra duties to keep mishaps from occurring.

Bumblebee made his way over to the Autobot sized couch, the very same one the twins normally occupied to prevent anyone whether they were Cybertronian or human from taking control of the flat-screen when they were watching it. Bumblebee picked up the remote and flipped through the channels to find the cartoons, it was only after he found them that he dared to put Bluestreak down in the couch. Surprisingly the sparkling was more than happy to sit still and watch the programme being shown, the scout couldn't help but be surprised at the lack of movement from the normally exuberant infant except for the brief fluttering of his sensory panels. However Bumblebee knew the peace wouldn't last and had placed several toys around Bluestreak prior to him sitting down, but the sparkling seemed far more interested in clambering off the couch than sitting still. The scout watched closely as the infant turned himself around so he was lying upon his belly and his peds were hanging over the edge before he shuffled himself backwards until his peds touched the floor, with his task now accomplished Bluestreak happily stood with his small frame leaning against the couch for support.

"Getting pretty good at that Blue, won't be long before you're on your peds creating anarchy." Bumblebee told the sparkling as he continued to watch the infant closely, the scout shifted to the edge of the couch so he was ready at a moments notice in case Bluestreak ran into trouble. Although it seemed the infant was becoming quite the pro at it as he edged his way along the furniture to the end, however it was at the end that Bluestreak did something rather surprising, the sparkling took one hand away from the couch and turned slightly. Bumblebee felt his spark begin to flutter in its casing as he sat and watched the infant perform these simple steps that could very well lead to the end of his days crawling and using the furniture to get around, to the start of him trotting around unaided. However today was simply not that day as the sparkling dropped down onto his backside and began crawling away.

"Where are you going bitlet?" Bumblebee inquired as he pushed himself up onto his peds before moving and sitting down again upon the arm of the couch so he had a better view advantage of what Bluestreak was up to from there. The scout knew he didn't have to be as vigilant as he was being since there was hardly anything for the infant to harm himself on, but he remained cautious none the less. Bumblebee watched in rapt fascination as the noisily clicking and warbling sparkling made several laps of the recreation room before pulling himself up on different pieces of furniture, or picking up bits and bobs that he found upon the floor. Although there had been a few times where the scout had no choice but to get up and bring the bundle of grey parts back over to the couch since the doors to the recreation room had been wedged open whilst repairs were being conducted.

Bluestreak spent much of his morning exploring the recreation room, pulling himself up on various bits of furniture and walking around them with the exception of the hour he had spent in recharge curled up in his caretaker's lap. But now after ingesting his mid-day ration the sparkling was happily sat on his rump playing with the toys his sire had placed in his carry round bag. Bumblebee had to admit that watching over Bluestreak wasn't as bad as he had initially thought it would be, but then again the sparkling had been rather good all morning if not somewhat adventurous, although that was to be expected now with his increased range of mobility. However Bumblebee knew it would be that form of trait which would get Bluestreak into trouble the older he got, not that there was anywhere here on the base that could harm him with the exception of Wheeljack's lab.

The scout glanced down to where the sparkling was still happily sat on his rump playing with his toys before his attention was dragged to the flat-screen television when a news alert regarding a massive earthquake somewhere in the world appeared upon the screen, he could understand why Hound loved this world so much since their own didn't have so many natural wonders let alone shifting tectonic plates like this one did. However it was also this awesome power of nature that could also change the very fabric of people's lives. The yellow mech had to admit that he envied Bluestreak being born on a world such as this one as despite their long war following them here, the sparkling could still enjoy the freedom of experiencing life without worrying about the Decepticons being a continuous threat. Speaking of a certain grey coloured infant, Bumblebee happened to notice that Bluestreak seemed to have gone a little quiet which the scout knew was not a good thing. The yellow mech visibly cringed as he glanced down to where the sparkling had been for the past half an hour only to feel his spark clench in its casing when he realised the spot next to him was empty, immediately he was on his peds scanning the room for the missing infant but he turned up empty handed.

Bumblebee made several circuits round the room hoping that Bluestreak had either slipped under or behind the various bits of furniture in the room, however the more he looked the more he began to fear that the sparkling had somehow made his way out of the room. His fears were further confirmed when he spotted the construction crew who had been working upon the damage in the corridor were taking their lunch break. The scout's door-wings flared up into a sharp 'V' in alarm as he rushed across the room nearly stepping on a few humans in his haste, the yellow mech stepped out into the corridor and wasted no time in checking to see if any of the barriers around the construction area had been shifted. Of course it appeared that Primus was against him today as he discovered much to his disgruntlement that a couple of barriers had been moved, and if that was a clear sign of Bluestreak disappearing into the large gap in the wall then the loud clicking and chirping emanating from the duct above him definitely was. Bumblebee cursed in as many languages as he knew as he realised his predicament, there was no simply no way he was going to be able to get Bluestreak out of the vents without calling for help, unless he could track the sparkling as he made his way through the ventilation until he either reached a dead end or he passed over one of th many metal grates which could be opened.

The scout calibrated his sensors so they were at their highest sensitivity and followed the muffled noises the sparkling was creating as he continued his trek through the ventilation ducts. Of course with Bumblebee's attention focused entirely upon the ceiling above him, that he neglected to watch where he was going and more often than not nearly stepped on several of the human personnel as they too made their way through the inter-connecting corridors.

"I'd ask but I'm not sure I want an answer." Came a voice from behind Bumblebee, the scout spun round quickly at the familiar baritone before his optics fell upon the black and white plating of Barricade.

Bumblebee shifted upon his peds and refused to meet Barricade's intense stare "I uh …."

The shock trooper's crimson optics narrowed when he happened to notice that something appeared to be missing "Weren't you supposed to be watching Bluestreak today?"

The scout nervously swallowed and his door wings drooped upon his back, he wasn't normally wary of the black and white mech after all he had faced off against the mech many times in the past. But Bumblebee knew it would only take a few seconds for Barricade to communicate his irresponsibility across the sibling bond he shared with Prowl "I .. I can explain."

The shock trooper vented noisily and folded his arms across his chest as he shot a pointed look at the scout "Let me guess you managed to lose him?"

The yellow mech's door wings drooped completely until they were flat against his back and he refused to meet Barricade's gaze "I only turned my back on him for a few seconds." Bumblebee mumbled.

A snort of amusement escape the shock trooper as he allowed his arms to fall down next to his sides "It only takes a few seconds bug for him to disappear, the little fragger can be quick when he wants to be even if the bitlet isn't walking yet."

The scout picked up the slight implication in the black and white mech's tone that suggested that he too had the misfortune of losing Bluestreak whilst watching over him, not that he would get that kind of confession out of Barricade; the mech never admitted to his mistakes.

"Have you thought about asking the glitched paranoid idiot you call a security director for help?" Barricade inquired as he folded his arms across his chest plates and rose a single optic ridge as he shot the yellow mech a pointed look.

Bumblebee knew there were some times where he felt the need to shoot himself for being stupid, although he'd rather shoot the shock trooper for pointing out the obvious. The scout shot a glare at Barricade before reluctantly accessing his comm. link and pinged the security director's comm. frequency.

::Yes Bumblebee.:: Came the immediate response from Red Alert.

"Red I need you to locate Bluestreak?" The scout told him as he nervously shifted on his peds.

::Bluestreak?:: The security director inquired with a tint of confusion in the tone of his voice :: why are you asking me to locate . . . is he missing?::

"How very perceptive of you." Barricade growled " now give us his fraggin' location."

There was a brief moment of silence on the other end of the comm. link ::He's in the ventilation ducts several corridors away from you and still moving, I can guide you there.:: Red Alert responded.

Bumblebee knew the security director probably wanted to know how the sparkling ended up in the ventilation ducts in the first place, but for not the scout simply vented a sigh of relief from his intakes that the bitlet hadn't gotten too far "Thanks Red, and it'd be appreciated if you didn't mention any of this to Prowl."

There was a small nervous chuckle from Red Alert ::Understood.::

The pair of them made their way through the inter-connecting corridors as they followed the security director's guidance, they passed numerous humans who looked at them curiously, although a fair few of them grumbled under their breaths about giant alien robots not watching where they were going. Bumblebee couldn't help the nervous fluttering of his door-wings as they continued through the hallways as he prayed to Primus that they wouldn't run into Prowl. It seemed that their deity was listening to his prayers that day when they entered one of the long corridors.

::That's it, Bluestreak should be right above you.:: Red Alert informed them.

Both Bumblebee and Barricade glanced up at the ceiling above them, they could hear several bumps and thuds as the sparkling shifted around in the duct plus the numerous chirps, clicks and whistles that were escaping the bitlet.

"Brilliant, how exactly are we supposed to get him out of there?" The shock trooper grumbled as he began running the different methods of extracting Bluestreak from the ventilation duct through his processor.

"Easy." The scout responded when he spotted a metal grate a little further down the corridor, the problem however was going to be able to reach it since the hallways had been designed to accommodate Optimus' height in mind. Bumblebee heard footsteps approach and spared a glance at Barricade as the shock trooper joined him under the vent cover.

"Well any bright ideas as to how we're going to get it off?" Barricade inquired as he glanced at the yellow mech.

"We need something small to undo those screws." Bumblebee told him as he fished around in his sub-space for anything he could use to undo the screws with, he made a small noise of triumph when he found a small piece of metal that he knew would do the trick.

The shock trooper looked less than pleased about the situation "And I suppose you believe that I'm going to lift you?"

A small grin made its way onto the scout's facial plates "I am slightly smaller than you and probably lighter too."

Barricade shot Bumblebee a suspicious look as he wasn't sure whether to believe that was true or not, although he aware of the fact that the frames of Jazz and his special ops unit had been designed to carry thin, lightweight armour rather than the thick armoured plates that he and the others were outfitted with.

The shock trooper vented a heavy sigh out of his intakes "Fine." The black and white mech crouched down and waited for the yellow mech to clamber onto his shoulder struts, Barricade groaned as his frame was made to bare the weight of another as Bumblebee settled himself albeit awkwardly upon his shoulders. The shock trooper came to the decision that the scout was in no way a lightweight as he pushed himself up to stand, he knew by the end of the day he was going to sorely regret doing this.

"Stop squirming so much bug." Barricade growled with discernible strain in the tone of his voice as he gripped Bumblebee's lower legs.

"It's not as easy as it looks." The scout bit back from his position atop of the shock trooper's shoulder struts, he was currently in the process of undoing the screws that were far too small for his liking to the vent cover above him "Red has Blue moved from his last position?"

::No he's still there, I could send Inferno to assist the pair of you it would certainly speed up the process.:: The security director responded.

"I appreciate the gesture Red, but we've got this." Bumblebee told him as he unscrewed the second to last screw before beginning work on the very last one, normally he would happily welcome Inferno's help under normal circumstances but this was his problem and he was going to solve it no matter what. The scout made a small triumphant noise when the last screw dropped to the floor and the yellow mech was finally able to pry the vent cover off, the metal plate clattered noisily to the floor which had both mechs cringing from the sound. Bumblebee gripped the edge of the vent pulling himself up slightly so he could reposition his knees upon the shock trooper's shoulder struts which earned him multiple curses from the black and white mech before he poked his helm into the gap. Bumblebee scanned the vent for signs of the sparkling and vented a sigh of relief out of his intakes when he spotted Bluestreak not far from him. The sparkling chirped and whistled excitedly at him whilst clapping his diminutive hands, the scout took note of just how dirty the infant was and knew the second he got him out of there that Bluestreak would need a bath; an activity that the scout wasn't looking forward too.

"Hey Blue." Bumblebee called as he wormed an arm into the narrow space and attempted to wave the sparkling over.

"Hurry the slag up bug, get that little cretin out of there." Barricade growled at the scout, he could feel his legs begin to tremble and had to lock his knee joints before they gave way under him.

Bumblebee gave an irritated flick of his door-wings in response before focusing his attention upon the infant "Come on Blue." The scout called out to the sparkling, Bluestreak squealed and giggled at him but none the less obliged him by bum shuffling across the last couple of metres to him. Bumblebee awkwardly wormed both of his arms into the narrow space and wrapped both of his hands around the infant's middle. However just as he managed to get a grip on Bluestreak, the scout felt Barricade wobble dangerously beneath him before the shock trooper finally collapsed. The two mechs went down in a tangle of limbs, but despite their unforeseen pile up Bumblebee had managed to keep Bluestreak out of harms way and now the sparkling was squealing in delight from where he was hanging in the scout's grip.

"Urgh get off me." Barricade snarled beneath ? tons of Autobot.

The yellow mech grumbled under his breath at the shock trooper before rolling to his peds and shifting his hold on Bluestreak. Bumblebee couldn't help but grimace at the state of the sparkling and knew that if either of his parents saw the dirt and grim on his tiny frame, the scout would immediately lose his babysitting privileges.

"We best get him clean before Prowl sees him." Bumblebee said as he glanced at the ex con.

Barricade took several steps backwards and glared at the scout "I've already helped you enough, you're on your own." The shock trooper watched as both Bumblebee's shoulders and door-wings slumped in dejection and even Bluestreak went quiet as he glanced between his caretakers, the black and white mech vented a deep sigh out of his intakes "fine I'll help." The reaction from both Bumblebee and Bluestreak was instantaneous after hearing those words, a large grin appeared upon the scout's facial plates whilst the sparkling trilled happily. The two of them made their way through the inter-connecting hallways to the residential section, although they quickly found themselves at a loss of where to take the sparkling to get him cleaned as Bumblebee felt incredibly awkward about inviting Barricade into his own quarters and even thinking about going to the shock trooper's sent shivers down his spinal strut. Surprisingly the black and white mech led him to his sibling's quarters and entered the code into the keypad, the lights flickered on as they stepped inside.

Barricade scanned the room and had to snicker at the state of it, if there was one thing he knew about his younger brother and that was the Prowl was almost obsessive about tidiness. The shock trooper shook his head in amusement before he turned to the scout "Try not to lose him again while I run a bath for him."

Bumblebee shot a glare at Barricade's retreating back before making his way over to where Bluestreak's playpen was nestled, he had seen signs on the way over here that the sparkling was beginning to tire from the day's events and hoped it wouldn't be long before he was ready for his next nap. The scout settled the infant down on the cushioned mat without fuss and busied himself with tidying the room, Bumblebee knew that having a sparkling was time consuming and things ended up being slightly neglected such as the tidiness of a room in this case, however he hadn't realised just how much until Bluestreak had entered their lives. But the scout quickly discovered that the sparkling provided them a distraction from the war that still raged on, his presence also allowed them to think of possibilities that many of them had not considered once the conflict was over.

Bumblebee found himself being drawn back to the playpen when he heard a distressed noise escape Bluestreak and placed the blanket he had picked up on one of the counters before making his way over, the sparkling had managed to get himself wedged in the corner and was struggling to move round so he could escape. However the scout decided that rather than free him and set him in another spot, he plucked Bluestreak out of his spot and settled him in his arms. The sparkling warbled tiredly at him and settled against his chest plates, Bumblebee couldn't help the small sparkling warble that escaped him and watched as Bluestreak pushed himself away from his chest plates and stare up at him intently with baby blue optics. The little grey infant warbled curiously at him but his attention quickly shifted to the other mech who had just entered the room.

"Come on let's get this over with." Barricade said as his crimson gaze settled upon the sight of Bumblebee holding Bluestreak, it was almost ironic coincidental how the scout shared so much with the sparkling already with the two of them being born during the course of the war and being raised by caretakers, but if there was one thing Bluestreak had that Bumblebee didn't and that was his parents. The shock trooper didn't know much about the scout's origins except that he had supposedly been a 'lucky find' in one of the war torn cities on Cybertron, whether that was true was very much up for debate and speculation.

Bumblebee made his way across the room and stepped into the wash rack, he was all too aware of Barricade close behind him but ignored him in favour of the sparkling who was now bouncing excitedly in his arms; a complete turnaround from a few moments prior. He had overheard that if there was one thing Bluestreak enjoyed the most and that was his baths although he also learned that was when the sparkling was his most playful and would soak anyone within the vicinity. The scout nervously made his way over to where the bath was situated and immediately noticed that it was only a few inches deep, but none the less knelt down beside it. He became aware of Barricade kneeling down beside him and couldn't help the nervous tension show in his frame as he warily held Bluestreak over the tub.

"Lower him in slowly as even though its round about the right temperature, he still might react negatively to it." The shock trooper instructed as he watched Bumblebee's every move; after all the very sparkling he was holding shared part of his coding.

The scout couldn't help his nervous disposition ramp it up another notch as he did as he was instructed, he was all too aware that Bluestreak and Barricade were related through coding; the very same coding that belonged to Prowl who was in turn bonded to Jazz who happened to be his team leader and a mech capable of making his existence miserable if anything happened to his creation. Bumblebee very nearly dropped Bluestreak when the sparkling squealed loudly once his peds touched the water and squirmed to get out of his grip, the scout managed to deposit Bluestreak in the bath without incident and took the soft bristled brush from the shock trooper. He applied a tiny amount of cleaning fluid on it before gently beginning to scrub the sparkling's back plates, Barricade watched him for a few seconds before turning his attention to the noisy bitlet attempting to drown a rubber duck he had thrown in earlier. He was going to have to have words with his younger sibling about Bluestreak's murderous inhibitions towards inanimate objects.

The pair of them quickly discovered that the sparkling disliked being co-operative when it came to cleaning his front, but Bumblebee soon found away of distracting the stubborn bitlet by offering his fingers as a means for Bluestreak to pull himself up with. Now with one sparkling quite distracted, Barricade was finally able to clean the front of the overly exuberant infant although Bluestreak began twittering in agitation at him as he tried to wipe the sparkling's facial plates clean. The scout couldn't help the grin that appeared upon his lip components which only grew wider when the shock trooper shot him a glare.

"Stop grinning like a glitched idiot and grab a towel." Barricade snapped as he slipped his servos around Bluestreak's middle.

Bumblebee simply flicked his door-wings before pushing himself up onto his peds and making his way over to the shelving unit and plucked a small towel off the top shelf, the scout made his way back over and held the towel out just as the shock trooper lifted a less than pleased sparkling out of the tub. Barricade dumped Bluestreak none too gracefully in Bumblebee's arms and quickly busied himself with letting the water out of the bath and tidying up around it, the scout bundled the sparkling in the towel and carried him out of the wash rack and towards the bitlet's berth-room. Bumblebee quickly learned that Bluestreak was less than co-operative when it came to being dried unless given his musical rattle, the scout had to thank Jazz's ingenuity to create a toy the bitlet enjoyed so much. Bumblebee managed to get Bluestreak dried as quickly as possible and just in the nick of time as the sparkling began making the low humming noise they all knew was associated with him being hungry, the scout did briefly ponder how he was going to prepare a bottle with an armful of fussing sparkling when Barricade appeared in the doorway. The shock trooper made his way into the room and plucked Bluestreak out of Bumblebee's arms and carried him out into the main living space.

The scout pushed himself up from the floor and followed after the black and white mech, he had to admit he was surprised at Barricade's behaviour as the shock trooper always appeared cold, bull headed and indifferent. But this was something entirely different, he had never seen this softer side of the black and white mech before although he had only seen the dangerous, cold sparked killer that Barricade had been during the war. Bumblebee watched somewhat in awe as he made his way across to the couch as the shock trooper gave Bluestreak his last feed of the day, the scout observed every motion the black and white mech made and committed it to memory for future reference. Bumblebee sat down on the other end of the couch and allowed his tired frame to slump into the cushions, he noticed the small smirk tugging at one corner of Barricade's lip components, but he couldn't find the energy to snap anything at him let alone glare. The scout felt each of his systems beginning to power down however he was pulled from his pre-recharge haze when he heard the doors whoosh open. Bumblebee checked his chronometer and couldn't help the surprised noise that escaped him when he realised it was the end of the day shift already. The scout pushed himself up and glanced over the top of the couch, his azure gaze immediately fell upon Prowl as the tactician made his way across to them, the yellow mech had to admit it was still hard getting use to seeing Prowl leave his office so early in the day.

"You're lucky brother, he's just dropped off to sleep." Barricade told his sibling as he gently handed the slumbering infant to him.

Prowl shifted Bluestreak so the sparkling's helm was resting upon his left shoulder strut whilst the rest of his small frame was curled into his sire's chest plates "Thank you 'Cade, and especially you as well Bumblebee." The tactician responded as he began heading towards his creation's berth-room, although before he crossed the threshold he turned his attention back to the scout and the shock trooper, a small smirk playing upon his lip components "I spoke to the engineering department about rushing the repairs outside of the recreation room in order to prevent another event that occurred today."

"Event sir?" Bumblebee inquired nervously as he briefly glanced at Barricade, the shock trooper was wearing his usual cold indifferent expression but Bumblebee could tell he was somewhat amused by the situation.

"I happened to be in the security officer with our new Liaison when you asked Red Alert for help in locating Bluestreak." Prowl told him as he glanced down at his slumbering creation, it was truly amazing that someone so small could cause so much anarchy. The tactician returned his attention to the scout and his sibling, he immediately noted the apprehension and unease that seemed to have settled in Bumblebee's frame and knew that he needed to reassure the scout as quickly as possible "I shouldn't worry yourself too much about it Bumblebee, you're not the first mech to lose sight of him." Prowl directed the last of that sentence in Barricade's direction only to receive a glare in return from his older sibling however the tactician simply ignored it "next time I'll ensure that you have help." A small smirk tugged at the corners of his lip components as he glanced at the seemingly oblivious shock trooper.

"Nuh uh not me." Barricade proclaimed as he took a few steps backwards "you can find someone else for your pit spawn to torment." The shock trooper quickly turned full about and made his way out of his sibling's quarters before he was talked into any future sparkling-sitting.

Both Prowl and Bumblebee watched Barricade leave before the scout glanced across to the tactician "I ought to let you put Bluestreak down to recharge." The yellow mech noticed the sparkling was just beginning to stir in the black and white mech's arms.

"Very well, good night." Prowl replied as he began gently rubbing small circles upon his creation's back plates as he watched Bumblebee make his way over to the exit "oh and Bumblebee, I should not concern yourself over the events that transpired today, you did well in recovering Bluestreak as quickly as you could and for that I'm grateful and hope that it hasn't put you off any future sparkling-sitting."

A small smile made it's way onto the scout's lip components "No sir."

"I'm glad to hear it." The tactician replied "will I be able to rely upon you tomorrow?"

Bumblebee hesitated for a moment as he pondered on whether he truly wanted to face another day of events like the ones that had occurred today, but then he told himself he would simply have to be more vigilant or drag an unsuspecting shock trooper into helping him keep watch. With his processor made up he addressed his superior "You can sir."

"Good, I'll see you at oh eight hundred tomorrow morning." Prowl told him.

The scout nodded in affirmation "Good night sir."

"Good night Bumblebee." The tactician responded in kind before he disappeared into Bluestreak's berth-room.

Bumblebee couldn't help but grin to himself as he palmed the pad on the wall and stepped into the corridor, he had to admit that watching over Bluestreak hadn't been all that bad and knew it was going to be a little easier tomorrow with someone else helping him. Now he had to somehow swindle the idea past Barricade and get the grumpy shock trooper to agree to assist him in watching over their most fragile but troublesome member of their family. However his systems were demanding that he recharge first.

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