A/N: Just playing around with this new fandom of mine, the pairing Percy/Annabeth in particular. :P I've read a lot of fics about those two and thought it was high time that I try my hand at writing them. Once again, the setting is a few days before our hero arrives at Camp Half-Blood for the first time. Annabeth dreams.

(By the way, I haven't read The Lightning Thief in years; the little I know about the book and the characters is from fan fiction. So sue me.)

A Flash of Green

Annabeth lies on her back at the coast of the beach, her arms cradling her head and the sea water lapping at her worn sneakers.

And it was nice, just being able to zone out. She was always visualizing, calculating, ruminating things in her head, but she finds that blanking out every once in awhile isn't actually so bad.

The sky looks bright. It's probably only nine in the morning, and the clouds were already clearing out. It will be a pristine blue today. She narrows her eyes a little. Blue – like Luke's eyes. Suddenly, she feels warm all over, and it's a wonderful feeling. Home is where he is, not the cold, empty place where her father dwells in.

Stretching lazily, she then makes a sand angel; she has always wanted to do that. Her limbs scrape against the damp sand as she sweeps them back and forth. She lets her eyelids fall. It's so nice here…

"What are you doing?" a voice startles her - masculine, coming from someone around her age. Freezing in mid-sand-angel-motion, she opens her eyes and finds a boy leaning over her. Laughing green eyes, dark, messy hair spilling over his head, and… is that a smirk? No one smirks at Annabeth (except for maybe Luke, but that's a different story).

"Nothing," she says simply, frowning and hoping against hope that she's only imagining the burning sensation in her cheeks. "Who are you?"

He straightens up to look over at the sea, ignoring her question. "I'm coming over soon. To this camp of yours. I'm going to look pretty messed up when I do, but I'm counting on you to take care of that. Will you do that for me?"

"Hades no." Something about this guy annoys her – maybe because he's a complete stranger who's trying to get a favor from her.

"Great," he grins down, obviously deaf, "I'll be seeing you."

Annabeth bolts up from her bed, hitting her head on the wooden bottom of the upper bunk. Green is such an ugly color.

A/N: …But we all know how that ends, LOL. Thanks for reading.