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Couple of points: A couple of weeks have passed since the end of Chronicles of Life and Death. Canon with the show, Phoebe is seeing Jason, Paige is with Richard and Piper is with Greg the fireman. I will try to keep the majority of the details as canon as possible.

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Until the End

"Paige, where have you been? You're late."

Paige looked at Piper with an exasperated stare. "I know, I know. I just got caught up with something."

Phoebe smiled mischievously. "Where? At Richard's?"

"No," Paige glared at her older sister, trying to hide the blush that crept up onto her cheeks. "I was at work. Get your mind out of the gutter, missy."

But Phoebe's glinting eyes told both sisters that she wasn't going to let this joke go so easily.

"Hey, you're the one who orbs home to find lingerie. Speaking of which, you know that little red piece, I bet Richard was all-"

Paige broke in, trying to salvage what was left of her privacy "Two times, Phoebe! I did that twice!"

Phoebe's grin only grew wider at Paige's frustration. "Really? Did Richard like them?"

Paige groaned in frustration, "Why are we here again? So you can pick on me?"

Phoebe pulled her into a seat. "Aw come on Paige. You know we love you!"

Paige rolled her eyes and took a sip of her drink. "I am not at Richard's that much."

Phoebe and Piper just stared at her.

"Fine, okay, maybe I am. But you know I'm just an orb away if you need anything."

Piper sighed, "Yeah, well, we just have to be careful because we've learned the hard way demons take advantage when we stray too far away from each other."

Paige winced. "Ooh, rough week?"

"Yup, some demons made an attempt on Wyatt. Again. And I wasn't there either cause I was spending some time with Jason, so I see Piper's point. It's a good thing Chris and Darren were there… But enough about demons! We came here for a girl's night out!" Phoebe nudged Piper, smiling at her suggestively. "So… tell us. You and Greg put out any fires lately?"

Piper suddenly found herself under Phoebe's gaze. "Is that supposed to be a subtle fireman reference?"

Phoebe giggled but Paige interrupted, confused, "Wait! You're going out with a firefighter?"

Phoebe ignored her younger sister's question and barreled on.

"Let's see…They've been seeing each other for around three weeks and I will say," Phoebe dropped her voice slightly "it's not the fireman who is avoiding taking the next step."

Paige nodded and sympathy and imparted her own advice. "Pipe, I think it's time to get back in the saddle."

Piper threw her hands up. "Now a cowboy reference! That's easy for you guys to say. You weren't sleeping with an angel for three years!"

A P3 club-goer turned to look at them funny. Phoebe smiled brilliantly at him and continued with their chat. "Yeah, I get where you're coming from. I do. But when you and Leo first started, you were nervous too. I seem to remember that you used to freeze him during all the good parts, right? Hey, maybe you should, uh...

"No, I'm not freezing Greg. I'm so nervous I'll probably blow him up." Piper stated, horrified.

Phoebe grinned mischievously again, "Well..."

"Gutter, gutter, gutter. Phoebe, your mind is in the gutter."

Phoebe laughed at her sister's accusations. She was about to continue her metaphor when she was interrupted.

Chris leaned casually on the counter. "What are you guys talking about?"

Phoebe answers immediately. This is not a topic for their whitelighter to join. "Just…stuff."

Chris rolls his eyes and starts to walk away, stopping only when Paige calls him.

"Hey! Where are you going? Why don't you relax and have a drink with us?"

Chris heaves a sigh. "Thanks. But I didn't come here to relax. Why don't you ask Darren? I'm sure he'd love to join you."

"Where is he anyway?"

"What do I look like? His personal tracking device?"

With that said, the neurotic whitelighter walked away, going into his room at the back of P3.

"That is one bitchy whitelighter."

"You're telling me, Phoebe."

"Hey, Piper. Why don't you go talk to the guilt machine? Maybe you can find out what's got him so wound up lately."

"Yeah, I thought Darren's company would have been enough to loosen him up a little."

"I guess not." Piper assumed, standing and making her way to the Chris's room.

Chris walked into his room, thoughts swirling at the information he'd gotten in the Underworld. Someone is making quite a ruckus but no one knows who…Could it be the demon that turns Wyatt? And where the hell is Darren when you need him?

He flipped on the light switch and his heart stopped as his eyes landed on the very person he'd least expected to see.


She wasn't dressed in the same style he'd seen her with when he came back. There was an ominous aura of danger that surrounded her but Chris didn't care. It was Bianca, and the love that swelled in his heart was enough to overpower whatever intuition it was that told him something was wrong.

Chris stepped towards her and she walked forward to meet him. The words rush out of his mouth. He can feel that something isn't right.

"I- I don't understand…What are you doing here?"

Bianca quiets him, placing a finger on his mouth.

Being this close to Chris is unearthing feelings inside her. Feelings she knows are dangerous to the mission, feelings that shouldn't be there. But they are and Bianca wills herself to ignore them and continue the task she was sent to complete.

Don't fight me Chris. If I return you to him, he'll spare your life.

"Shh, there'll be time to explain later. But for now…"

Bianca lets her finger drop to her chest. Chris is searching her eyes, confusion swimming in his. And then she sees it. A spark of surprise as he reaches a conclusion. The conclusion that the love he'd shared with her no longer inhabits her eyes.

Bianca acts quickly. She's been found out. She ignores the look of betrayed pain that overpowers Chris and plunges her hand into his chest, draining his powers, sucking out his energy, both physical and magical so that he is powerless to resist.

The rush of control courses through her and then-

"You know, all work and no- hey!"

Bianca is forced to pull back. Startled she forms an energy ball, swiveling around to look at whoever stopped her. She recognizes Piper and remembers Wyatt's words and does nothing when the witch raises her hands immediately and blows her up.

Busy throwing the brute demon off of himself, Darren paused when he felt that Chris was in trouble. It was enough of a pause for the demon to fight back and throw a punch into his chest. Darren growled at him, eyes black, and shoved him off forcefully. He needed to get back to the upper world and find Chris immediately.

The demons sensed his urgency and grinned, but it's the woman that reforms between the group that makes his jaw drop in utter surprise.


Darren growled at her, wary and tense. He was aware that he was surrounded by demons. But that wasn't his main concern. His left arm throbbed slightly and he knew without a doubt that something bad had just happened to Chris.

"What did you do to him?"

Bianca frowned at his raised voice, stepping closer.

"Nothing that didn't need to be done. Wyatt wants both of you back."

Darren trembled with repressed fury. "I knew he was an evil bastard but to use you to get to Chris..." Darren trailed off, unable to continue. Chris was suffering. That much was certain.

He let out a shaky laugh. "What happened to you Bianca? You told me you would hold out. How did he turn you back?"

Bianca's eyes flashed in anger. "You know perfectly well the methods that Wyatt uses to force you to see his way. Of course he wasn't as drastic with me as he was with you. I am simply back to what I was supposed to be. I'm on the side on which I belong. Which is a similar situation for you I'm afraid."

"Don't you dare try to tell me to which side I belong."

"That's right. Because you know yourself so well."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

Bianca's tone softened. "I'm not here to kill either of you. But Wyatt sent me to bring back Chris. If he returns, Wyatt has given me his word he won't hurt him."

"And you believe him?"

"I have nothing else to believe in!" Bianca paused, regaining her composure. "If I were you I would come willingly. Wyatt has made no promises for your safety but if you come back and ask for forgiveness I'm sure he'd be willing to lessen his punishment."

"Would you listen to yourself? You joined him and you lost everything!"

Darren paled at Bianca's chilling response.

"Tell me that your soul is still intact. Lie to me and tell me that you didn't lose yourself when you joined him!"

Darren could say nothing.

"If you won't listen for your sake, then do it for Chris's. If he doesn't come with me to the future, he'll die."

"If you hurt him any more, I swear-"

"You'll what? Will you kill me Darren? Will you kill me like you killed Erin?"

Bianca knew that she'd hit home. A look of utter pain overwhelmed Darren's face and he dropped his gaze.

"I will. If that's what it takes to keep him alive, to keep him safe from you. Then I won't hesitate to end your life, even if I receive Chris's infinite anger."

Darren gave her one last look before orbing away.

Bianca turned to the shape shifter amongst the demons whose help she had enlisted. She would dispose of all of them later.

"Follow him, but be careful. He's the best tracker I've encountered so far. Don't attack him. Not yet."

Chris couldn't believe it. A hollow numbness invaded him as he watched Bianca withdraw her hand and prepare to fight Piper. He slid weakly against the wardrobe behind him, too overcome with emotion to do anything.

Even when Piper blows her up, he is powerless to rise above the confused and tumultuous chaos that his mind has become.

Piper's worried face swims in front of him. "Are you okay?"

No. No. I…can't even…I don't understand…

The fact that he can reply surprises him. "Yeah…I think so."

"What happened? Who is she?"

Chris fights against the bile that rises up his throat as he realizes that he has been betrayed. By the person who'd sworn her love to him.

It can't…I…I don't understand!

The words slip out of his lips, ringing with empty truth.

"I don't know."

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