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Previously in "Their Story"…

While standing in the doorframe he says with emotion, "if me caring isn't enough for you, I can't be with you, in any sense of the word."

The sound from the doorframe overpowers the words that leave her lips.

"It is enough."

KATE BECKETT'S POINT OF VIEW (it's now about 4 am and we are still at Casa Castle)

He hadn't heard her, she was sure of it. She should have said it with more confidence; she should have said it loud and clear to let him know she was serious. Instead, the most important confession she had ever made only came out in a whisper.

She finally admitted it. She finally came to terms with someone actually caring about her without actual wicked and cruel motives behind them. Surprisingly, Richard Castle was the man that made her see she did not have to be alone, nor did she want to. It shouldn't have surprised her as much as it did; after all, he previously had helped her before. Even when she hadn't met him, he helped her especially with her mom's death. When they became friends and after he told her that her mother was targeted, he helped her again with dealing with all the grief and sorrow. When she had woken up screaming, with sweat beads on her forehead and damp sheets, and she called him at an ungodly hour, he came. He had a daughter and a mother at home to worry about, and he still came. Occasionally he would come with ice cream and just sit there while she dealt with it with him in her presence. He never pushed her she realized. He always allowed her to choose how she dealt with the situation, and maybe that's another reason why they were feuding. Maybe if she let him in more and was more personal, they wouldn't be fighting. He needed that; no he deserved that at the very least.

Rick only chose to look into her mother's death because he cared. He was different from anyone else that was told or heard about her mother's murder because he had honestly shown genuine concern. Unlike Will, he took action despite the pain that it might cause her. Despite knowing that if he continued looking into her mother's case he would quite possibly never be forgiven, he still did it. Well aware that it could destroy their relationship, he still made an effort to make her more at ease with the world. He had said that he wanted her to be able to trust people and see that although murders happen everyday, most of the world and it's populations weren't murderers. They were good people and not killers, whether physically or emotionally. Unlike anyone else that had been told about her mother's murder, he chose a different route and instead of being sympathetic, he chose to be someone and the thing that she needed.

She did not see Richard's reasoning at first, but the clarity she needed had finally come. He explained to her tonight that he did what most people would never do, which was go against her wishes, simply because he cared. He cared which was why he risked so much just to find her mother's killer. He had risked his friendship with her, his friendship with Montgomery, his friendship with Ryan and Esposito, along with possibly loosing inspiration for his novels, all for her. When he was telling her his logic she saw that same look in his eyes when he talked about Alexis. When he talked about Alexis, in his eyes you could see that she was his world and meant everything to him, which was why he would be willing to risk it all just for her. In his voice you could hear how proud he was that he had such an amazing daughter. Similar to those times, when he talked about her, the same gleam would be in his eyes and you could tell that he would do anything for Kate. In the same manner, his voice would allow you to understand the respect and fondness he had towards her that no one else had ever given her. She had to question why he went to look beyond the case reports but she never had to question the fact that he cared. As soon as he said it with truth in his eyes and voice, she believed him at once because she felt the same way towards him. If it had been something devastating happen in his life, she realized she would have done something of the same value to let him know he was not alone. When she came to this conclusion, she forgave him and recognized that him caring about her was enough. She could truly let him in now - mind, body, and soul.

Here was not so fearless Kate Beckett sitting in Richard Castle's apartment, thinking on his couch about the type of man he was when she could fix everything. She could fix the whole thing and make it how it was supposed to be, how it needed to be. Without him… she would be lost. She couldn't loose herself again. She needed to prove to him like he had shown her, that she did indeed care about him and was willing to share personal feelings and emotions with him.

After rising from the couch, Kate walked towards his study with her with determination and softly knocked on the door before entering.

She took in their surrounding to find the only light coming from the window where Richard was standing.

Walking over to stand beside him she slowly reached out towards his face and smoothed the wrinkles out of his forehead gently with her fingers.

She followed his gaze and looked out towards the window and saw him overlooking the city.

"After I lost my mother…" she began.

His blue orbs found her emerald green ones and held them steady, silently urging her to continue her story and begging her to let him in.

When she finally saw the reassurance in his eyes she started again, "After I lost my mother I thought I lost everything. I couldn't think straight for days but I had to go on for my father. The clearest memory I have of that time was when we were planning her funeral. At that point, my father was just so lost he wasn't taking care of himself so I had to. I made most of the funeral arrangements and when the funeral finally came, I wouldn't leave my father's side in fear that someone would say something that would shatter him. That day I barely let go of his hand and we went everywhere together. When the time came at the burial for everyone to say his or her goodbyes my father and I were the last to go up. When we got there we didn't speak at all until my father reached into his pocket and pulled out a necklace. I instantaneously recognized it and my eyes started tearing up as he placed it over my head and when it lay on my chest my father said, 'Katie, she would have wanted you to have this. Your mother and I loved each other so much, but she loved you even more and you lit up her world. You will continue making me proud and even though sometimes you'll call into question what goes on in the world, don't think that this didn't happen for a reason. This could have happened to lead you to your job, you soul mate, anything for that matter. Just don't give up and don't give in'. After that day, my dad took his pain to the bottle and again I found myself taking care of him. The weird thing is, a child never expects or sees that they need to take care of their parents; I always thought that he would be taking care of me, not the other way around. Eventually, he sobered up which is why I wear the watch, but you already know that. I saved his life after I lost my mother, but I lost myself."

"You needed to be saved," he whispered.

She took in their current embrace. She didn't know when he had walked behind her and wrapped his muscular arms around her, all she knew was that he was holding her and that was all she needed and wanted. He gave her a slight squeeze and a gentle kiss on the crown of her head, telling her to continue.

"I eventually began to find myself again though. I started doing things I loved again but they just didn't hold the same value anymore. I remembered my mom had loved reading so I went through some of her reading material. That day, the first book that I picked up in her collection was the first novel in your Derek Storm series. I flipped it over and read it and immediately I was intrigued. From that day on, I read every single one of your books in order and they helped me find myself along the way. I never though that I would admit this… your books are the reason that I became a NYPD cop. In your books, you gave so much hope to the reader that I realized I myself needed hope. You wrote the characters to be real people that wanted to find justice in the victim's killer that I wanted to find that for myself. In your stories, everything wasn't put into a box neatly and it was sometimes choppy. You helped the victim's family find closure, something that I was still lacking. After I went to school and got my degree and later became a cop, I sought after my mother's killer so I could find that peace of mind that your characters got. Unfortunately, it did take a turn for the worse and again I started loosing insight of whom I was. Eventually with the help of my dad and friends, including Lanie, I got back on track but I still wasn't living. I tried having relationships but the longest one I had was with Will, and you know how that ended. No one could make me feel again, no one could make me want to laugh at something so stupid and so silly so I lost hope in relationships and didn't go out much after that. Then…"

"What?" he urged her on.

"You came along."

Upon hearing her statement, his arms dropped but before she could protest he took her hand.

Walking in front of her Rick guided Kate to a couch in his study where they both sat relatively close to one another.

"It just doesn't make sense to me Kate. Everyday you say I annoy you." He said with questioning eyes.

"I'll admit that you sometimes do but you really don't. You're the first person that can really make me happy. Even Lanie noticed it."

"It's my goal everyday Katie. I just want to make you smile."

"And you do. I'm forever grateful Rick because if it weren't for you, I don't know who I would be right now."

"You'd still be you without me."

"I highly doubt that" she whispered as a response.

"You would. Don't be uncertain about yourself Kate. You're a strong woman and from what you've just told me, it's not all from rainbows and butterflies. Every thing you went through made you the person you are today, not just me. You're independent and it's undeniable that you are a wonderful person."

"Thank you."

He shrugged.

"Rick I mean it. Thank you for everything."

"You'd do the same."

"You're right and you're wrong."

In his eyes the moonlight was reflected, showing his questions again.

"I would want to do the same for you but I'm not so sure I could. I know I always thought that the disintegration of our partnership didn't mean much to you, but I know you suffered as well. I wouldn't be able to put myself through that I don't think for anyone else's benefit. Except yours. I know this may sound weird coming from me Rick, the person that says they'd be better off without you everyday, but you're my best friend."

"Thank you. That means a lot, more than you will ever know Kate. You're mine too and I'm sorry we had to go through this in order to figure out what we mean to one another.

"So am I Rick. So am I." she whispered as she leaned into the heat that was radiating off of his body.

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