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Sorry about that last chapter… I looked it over and it was written really badly. -_-' If I ever get the chance, I will fix it. :D

Also, for the last chapter, it was mandatory to put in the 100x payback or else it wouldn't make sense… It would seem like Conan was overreacting or something. Heh. Maybe when I revise this story it will all turn out nice and flowy. :D

Lady Luck Takes a Tea Break II

The ice cream truck! What joy it brings to children and criminals alike!

Mr. Frosty (A/N: Sorry for the intrusion, but this company deserves a round of applause,) lay before the group, causing delighted smiles to light up on five faces. Four smiles for actual interest, one from carefully planned expression making.

The truck was an especially sweet flower that attracted the children like bees, providing a brief but tasty respite from the beating sun. But, as you know, our favorite detective had a hand in bringing them to the spot he had blackmailed the ice cream man to come to.

Which brings us back to a group of impatient children.

"ICE CREAM!" Genta cried, and began to push his way through the crowd.

"Matte, Genta! We may not even have money!" Mitsuhiko called out rationally.

At that, Ayumi looked up at Kaito with round eyes. "Kaito-san, do you have any money on you? If so, can we have some! Onegai!" she pleaded, hopping up and down. Genta, who had reluctantly come back from his excursion to the ice cream truck, quickly joined her.

"Of course!" Kaito exclaimed, magicking money into his hand. Smiling brightly, he handed it to Conan, whom he deemed the most responsible. "Can you get me a snow cone*?" he asked, indicating to the truck.

Conan grinned widely. "Of course!" he shouted, and then sprinted off towards the truck, causing a few suspicious whispers to emit from the children, commenting on how Conan acts like such a 'kid' when he was around adults.

Hearing this, Kaito raised his eyebrows slightly, and inwardly laughed at the irony. He wondered how Conan usually acted around the kids. But, as he was about to ask, the three children ran off after Conan, demanding angrily for him to "wait up!," though they knew it was futile, since he never stopped when after clues on a case.

The calculating look on Conan's face returned for a split second as he reached into his pocket for the sleeping serum in his pocket. But his childish persona took over as he approached the truck and the man operating it.

"I want the snow cone, chocolate and vanilla soft serve, firecracker, king-sized ice cream sandwich, and the Spiderman(2) please!" Conan said brightly, smiling at the ice cream man.

"Sure, kid. That'll be… XX(3) yen." The man said.

While Conan was waiting patiently, the other three had caught up. "I got you guys each ice cream that you like," Conan said offhandedly.

And indeed he did, for each of the children exclaimed happily when they got theirs.

(For Conan: Vanilla and chocolate soft-serve

For Ayumi: Firecracker {red, white, and blue rocket. This was unintentional.}

For Genta: King-sized ice cream sandwich

For Mitsuhiko: Spiderman)

Licking his soft serve, he paid the man and picked up the change, as well as Kaito's snow cone. Conan felt his facial muscles stiffen as he put on another smile. Where's my Oscar? He joked to himself.

"Here you go, Magician-san!" Conan exclaimed, handing him an unopened snow cone package. Kaito accepted it with a thank you, and opened the snow cone. "Ne, I don't think I should call you magician-san anymore." Conan stated as Kaito threw the wrapper out into the nearby trashcan.

"Eeh? Why?" Kaito asked, somewhat hurt.

"Well, Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko don't call you that, so I won't. Is that okay, Kaito-kun(4)?" he asked innocently.

"Hoy, Conan!" Genta whispered loudly, jabbing him in the side.

Kaito smiled a partly amused, partly annoyed smile. He bent down so that he was Conan's' height, and mussed his hair with his free hand, successfully capturing his attention. "So, bouya. You think that you are better than me?"

Grinning impishly, Conan declared, "Yep!" and snatched his snow cone, running off into the direction of the ice cream truck.

-Yo, Tamase Richiu

It's me, Shinichi Kudo. You know, the guy who caught you going out with someone other than your wife. Remember that favor for silence? I'm taking it now. Go to Tropical Land. At around 2:30 a boy with glasses will run over to your truck, followed by a teenager that looks remarkably like myself.

Hide the boy, ignore what he is doing, and then release him from the truck, into the hands of the teenager. Also, bring a water bottle.

But you must arrive in your ice cream truck at around 2:00 and station yourself next to the orchids in the park.

I thank you for your cooperation.

Once again, Tamase Richiu glanced at the email he had received yesterday. How the hell does this guy know my email address? He wondered for the umpteenth time.

Suddenly, he snapped out of his reverie as he heard the rapid footfalls of four approaching feet.

"Hey! Give me the ice cream back!"

"Never! Besides, I've already licked everything!"

"You brat-"

Suddenly, the ice cream door was opened, and a brown haired boy wearing glasses darted up the steps. Gritting his teeth, he motioned him to hide out of sight from the doorway, and proceeded to yell angrily 'at' the boy, motioning for 'him' to get out. Meanwhile, Conan placed XX (5) on his tongue and hurriedly licked it all off and onto the snow cone. Grabbing the water bottle the man handed to him, he washed whatever traces of the sleeping drug away.

When he was done, he nodded up to the man, which was his que to pick him up and hand him to the teenager waiting outside.

"I'm very sorry that this shrimp wasted your time." The teenager said apologetically, face painted in sorrow. However, once he had grabbed Conan from his armpits and walked away, he set him down and snatched the snow cone.

Looking away, Conan thought dryly, one could almost see his annoyance.

Giving the snow cone two giant licks in a righteous manner, Kaito declared, "This match has been decided to be won, hands down, by the one and only Kaito-san."

"But why, Kaito-kun?" Conan persisted, "I'm better than you at other things!"

Opening his mouth to retort, Kaito realized that Conan was right.

This cheeky kid! Of all of the children in Japan… Kaito thought, glaring at the 7-year-old grinning his impish grin.

"Hey! This boy stole my wallet and my sister's engagement ring!" Kaito bellowed in a loud voice, and attempted to tackle the 'thief.' Eyes widening at the angry mutters around him, the little detective ran off.

Kuso!* Conan cursed at the grinning teenage boy, as well as the others that tackled him to the ground. "I'm innocent! I'm innocent!" he screamed, flailing. However, once the mistake had been realized, the culprit was nowhere near to be found.

Heh. At least he ate the snow cone. Phase 2, fin.

It's been so long… XD I feel slightly like Yusaku. Only slightly though. Very. Anyway, hope you enjoyed! (Gomen! Gomen! It's so short! And not the best literature piece! I think! -_-'!)

(2)=From memory, you must understand. Should I have matched them better? Yes.

(3)=I am not familiar with the currency. If anybody is though, feel free to message me.

(4)=A honorific that is used to refer to someone your own age or younger. It's disrespectful for Conan to call Kaito that, because his apparent age is much younger than Kaito.

(5)=I don't want to give anybody any ideas. : P

*=I now know how to spell it. Thank you Cheshire XIII and SoftcoreOtaku!

{No, you did not miss anything. There is no #1. Here's some chocolate pocky.}

(PS: I just had to muscle my way through three case closed episodes… Ugh. Who agrees?)