Micro Effect #1: Hussy: Part Duex

Author: Ignorant One

Length: 1,113 Words

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2, except for the plot points in my original material. I don't own anything else.

Authors Note: This is a sequel… I found another scene on Mass Effect 2 that made the Tali jealous…it's on Illium again. Go figure. :P Also, I would like to dedicate this chapter to Irritated Mouse, since he/she was the first person to place this story on their FF Alert list! Thanks Mouse!

"Ah! I love nailing Asari…so ageless and superior, but when you catch 'em, they squeal like school girls." Gianna smiled as she poured Commander James Shepard a beer. The blonde haired Specter took the proffered drink and downed half of it in one shot, a small wince as he swallowed the alcohol. Ugh, beer tasted awful to the man, he would have preferred a nice glass of Asari wine.

"You could have at least poured me a glass of a decent lager, this low-calorie, low-hyphemeral stuff is crap." He smiled at the woman and downed the rest of it, turning the glass over on its top before placing it back on the napkin.

"Well for someone who doesn't like that beer, you sure did down it quickly."

"I did it so I wouldn't have to bear sipping the stuff."

"Touche'." She smirked, giving a sour face as she tipped back her head to let some of the sub-par alcohol slide down her throat. "I tell you, what it lacks in taste it lacks in calories and hyphems."

"When you work out as much as I do, calories aren't a problem, and the hypems? Not much of a threat since I've been vaccinated for much bigger bugs." James chuckled and took off his helmet for a moment, enjoying the fresh air as it washed over his scalp.

"Well not everyone has the Alliance to pour out big creds on some fancy medical care. Some of us have to make a living… and maintain our figure." She added after glancing down at the small bulge her stomach made in her clothing.

"Speaking of living, why do you do this anyways?"

It was Gianna's turn to smile as she downed the rest of her beer and leaned back in her chair. "I initially wanted to be C-sec, or something like that…but I've got bills to pay…bills that require a corporate salary. Besides, it's not that bad…at least this time I didn't have to wear heels and a dress."

"Sounds like you enjoy your job." Shepard said as he slowly stood up, offering her a hand up, which she promptly took.

"It has its ups and it's down…besides, I get to travel all over the galaxy and meet new and interesting people." She adjusted her skirt and gave Shepard a warm smile. "So I guess you have to go now? Wish you could have stayed longer than one lousy beer."

"Yeah, its time to go. My mission isn't going to accomplish itself."

"Oh, are you always this serious, Shepard?" The dark haired woman shook her head with a silent chuckle. "Whatever…so…" She looked at him for a second, her mouth and body working in totally opposite directions as Gianna tried to get herself back in working order.

"So how is this going to work?" She paused again before letting out a sigh, "Oh hell, might as well."

Before anyone had a chance to react, both Tali and Grunt were greeted with the sight of the Noverian Corporate Agent leaning forward and giving the Commander a kiss. From their angle it was completely impossible to tell if she had kissed him on the lips or not, but the action itself was all that was needed to send the Quarian in a tizzy. That was the second woman that day to make an advance on Shepard! Once again, before the young woman could react, Gianna quickly walked away with one final statement. "Well, that's a hell of a lot better than any souvenir I would have picked up here. See ya around, Shepard."

A couple of moments passed and Tali spoke and made an obscene Quarian gesture with her fist at the woman; a statement plainly made when the agent's back was turned. "Keelah' seli, kumbi hatier monduer ill al hash'tu butah souvene sela, hussy."

Grunt looked at her with a bewildered expression whereas Shepard shrugged and walked on, leaving the other two behind. When the Commander had walked out of earshot, the Krogan spoke. "Hpmh. I never would have thought you to be the possessive type, Tali. Does Shepard know you're interested?"

"First of all, you understood me?"

"Yes. In the tank I was taught plenty of languages, including ancient Krogan, Turian, Salarian, Batarian, even Quarian."

Tali's demeanor didn't really change from the angry, possessive woman that had shown itself just moments before. "Tell Shepard, and I will sell your testicles on the black market. All four of them. I will then use the profits to purchase Shepard a nice gift…probably something he will wear every… single… day… as a reminder to you that Tali'zorah vas Normandy is not to be crossed."

Grunt grinned as he palmed the grip of his Claymore shotgun, "I can always learn to sleep with one eye open."

"That won't help you much if I claw your eyes out in front of Keelah and Illium."

"Fair enough." The Krogan visibly relaxed and smiled, offering her a hand, which she shook. "You'd make a worthy opponent, little Quarian, but I believe it would be best to save our strength fighting the Collectors rather than each other."


The pair walked towards the Normandy's docking bay, each feeling more relaxed, and Grunt grinned like a mad-man at the thought of fighting off an ambush if she were ever to make good on her promise.

Yes. The next time Shepard comes down to have a boring, non-combative conservation, Grunt will have a very interesting conversational topic.

Authors Notes: Hyphemeral is just a made up creature that I thought of…a microscopic creature that can be found in various Asari and human alcohols, and if you drink enough, it could have adverse effects. More of the latest "health scare" trend… you know, first it was "Fat is bad for you!" and then it became, "Trans-fats are now bad for you!" and then it became "All carbohydrates are unhealthy!" Hyphemerals are no different… in a couple of years it will be discovered that its just the alcohol that causes hang-overs, not Hyphemerals. Meh, its whatever.

BTW, "Keelah' seli, kumbi hatier monduer ill al hash'tu butah souvene sela, hussy." Means "Come back here and I will give you a souvenir you can take home with you, ya hussy, Keelah willing."

Just done for shits and grins. :P