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"Mom and Aunt Piper are gonna flip," Alexia widened her forest green eyes, "You know you can't use magic for personal gain! Especially not out in public!" she sat in the backseat of the Jeep , staring intently at the older girls, concern written all over her face.

"Well what they don't know won't hurt them." Melinda answered as she eased the car in park. "And there is no way they're gonna find out...right Lex?" Melinda's tired eyes turned into slits as she twisted her body around to face Alexia, pointing an accusing finger towards her little cousin and moving much too quickly than she had originally intended.

Alexia stared for a moment, holding her gaze with Melinda. "No." She sighed in defeat and fell back into her seat, folding her arms across her chest.

"Besides, It's not like we do it all the time. And it's just a little bit of magic. I mean technically it's not even personal gain because it benefits everybody, not just me." Melinda shrugged and tore her eyes away from the youngest Valentine. She glanced over at Marie, waiting for an approval from her slightly older cousin.

Marie scanned the empty lot they were currently sitting in, massaging her temple. She brushed off the steady pulsing of her headache and tapped into her power, sensing for any other beings presents by trying to pick up a heartbeat. "It's clear" She shifted in her seat and brought her attention back inside the vehicle. "Let's do this."

Melinda's lips curled into a satisfied smirk. She leaned back comfortably in her driver's seat and stared at her reflection in the rearview mirror.

She grabbed Marie's hand and together they quickly singsonged a spell they wrote a couple years back. Alexia stared, eyes wide, as she saw white lights engulf the two girls bodies, drowning them in a cloud of swirls.

"What the-" She was at a loss of words as the lights cleared and disappeared.

"TADA! THAT Lexi-Lex is a little spell I like to call 'The Hangover!'" Melinda turned her body and faced Alexia, no longer sporting a tired face. All signs of her late night partying were gone. There was not a single trace of the lastdayofsummer-multikegger-bonfire-policeraided-chasedonthebeach-seniorsonlyparty from last night. The bags under her eyes had vanished, her hair was no longer limp and damp. It looked as if she had just spent hours and an entire paycheck on an expensive hair stylist. Her make-up was perfectly done, with a shimmery layer of eyeshadow coating her lids, and a sheer layer of pink shine glossed on her lips. She smiled, her teeth practically glistening with contempt as she buzzed with energy.

"Promise not to tell" It was more of a statement rather than a question as Marie turned and faced her little sister, looking as if she had just stepped out of the pages of a magazine. A completely different look than the one she had on a few seconds before.

"Can you imagine how much we'd make if we could sell this thing," Marie smiled, "I feel amazing my head stopped pounding and my world's not spinning anymore!"

"How exactly does this benefit everybody?" Alexia raised an eyebrow.

"Because! We're not hungover anymore and we look good. And since we look good, we're happy. And since we're happy, everyone else is happy too! Therefore it's definitely a win win situation." Melinda animatedly explained.

"That's the most retarded thing I have ever heard." Alexia said blandly.

"Is not!"

"Is too so now that you guys are all magically enhanced can we please go already. Please I really don't want to be late for the first day!"

"Magically enhanced...I like that." Melinda shifted the gear on the car and rolled out of the empty lot as Alexia fidgeted in the backseat.

"Lexi. Re-lax. You have nothing to worry about. Highschool is no big deal. Especially that you have us around."

Alexia sat quietly, silently wondering how people always managed to read her like an open book.

Marie cleared her throat as Melinda stopped at the stop sign, "Don't forget Lexi...you're a Halliwell. And that name has just as much meaning in the normal world as it does in the magical one." Melinda eased the Jeep onto the road as Marie smirked. She cranked up the volume of her sound system and rolled down the windows.

"Next stop...SCHOOL!" Melinda threw up her hand and stuck it out the window, yelling at the top of her lungs. Marie did the same, chanting 'Seniors' a few times. She turned around and smiled giddily at her baby sister. Alexia raised a hand, "Woo," before dropping it back down at her side, plastering a smile on her face. She turned away from her older sister and cousin, leaning her head against the cool window, she pushed a strand of hair away from her face. Suddenly, Alexia Valentine wasn't in a hurry to get to school anymore. She bit down on her bottom lip, trying to ignore the massive knot of nerves that began twisting inside of her stomach.

"Why are you so hyper?" Pamela asked her sister as she put the shiny red volkswagen beetle in park.

"Why not?" Paisely piped as she applied a fresh coat of lipgloss, smacking her lips together in satisfaction and flashing a bright smile at her twin. "It's our first day of Junior Year"

Pamela raised an eyebrow and stepped out of the car. She looked around, eyes adjusting to the hoards of students littered throughout the parking lot.

Everyone was arriving and slowly filtering their way into the little cliques, showing off their new hair styles and swapping stories of their summer adventures. Pam internally groaned, wishing she were back home wrapped up in her comfy bed. The start of a new school year always managed to put her mood in a funk. She pulled on her oversized sunglasses, shielding her eyes from the bright California sun and slipped her messenger bag over her shoulder.

She didn't even have time to notice a football flying straight towards her. She felt the air around her move. She yelled and stumbled back, "What the hell!," catching herself just in time. Her eyes shot up and landed in the direction of a guy wearing a lettermans jacket who was jogging towards her, a guilty look written across his face.

"Sorry about that" He smiled, dimples framing his mouth as he glanced towards Paisely's direciton.

"Paise" he bowed his head before jogging off towards his teammates, who were standing near Jason Carter's Hummer, the senior quarterback.

"Lookin good Twins!"Jason cupped his hands over his mouth and shouted in Paisely and Pamela's direction.

"Hey boys" Paisely lifted her hand in response and waved her fingers. Pamela rolled her eyes, turning her back to them as she heard a chorus of cat calls.

"Let's go, " She nudged Paisely's shoulder, walking towards the back doors of the school.

"Hey!" Paisely tore her gaze away from the football players, rushing to catch up with her sister, "Don't you just love first days of school?" Paisely squealed looping her arm through Pam's.

"Not particularly no." Pam sighed and blowing a piece of stray hair out of her face.

"Oh come on Pammie! It's our Junior year! Which means the Junior Prom, the Junior Class Trip! Oooh and cheerleading this year is gonna be in-sane with Marie as captain and ohmygosh did you not see how hot Steven got over the summer?"

Pamela continued walking in step with her sister,her eyes covered with a pair of black vintage raybans.

"Junior Year. That means goodbye summer hello AP classes, SAT's, SATII's, ACT's, and oh yeah another year of highschool." Pam ticked off her fingers as she ran through her list.

Paisely paused for a moment, all perkiness gone, and stared at her twin in mock horror. "Why would you say such awful things." She held her gaze for a second longer before dismissing Pamela's comment with a wave of her hand and a shake of her head.

"Paise, this is the most important year of our academic career!" Pamela shifted her bag and slung it over her other shoulder, "It's actually a lot harder and it's the one year colleges focus on the most." Paisely tilted her head to the side and looked lost in thought for a moment.

"Hmm...well thank god I have you as my twin right!" She perked up again and spun her body around scanning the parking lot for the other girls.

"Paisely" Pamela groaned and exhaled slowly, rolling her eyes.

"Look there they are..MARIE! MEL!" She yelled over and made her way towards Melinda's green Jeep, dragging Pamela with her.

Across town, Haley twisted her way through campus, navigating in between the students. She was about to walk into the Psychology building when she collided into someone. There was an explosion of papers.

"Oh my gosh. I'm sorry." She bent down and began picking up the loose pieces of paper off the floor.

"No no. It's my fault. I wasn't watching where I was going." The other person immediately dropped down beside her.

Haley glanced up and gazed into their eyes for a few seconds, transfixed by their intensity, she felt herself blush. "Here," She picked herself up from the floor and handed over the stack of papers. "I have to be more careful next time."

"No. I was too busy reading over my notes...and I didn't see you."

"Well then I guess we both have to be more careful then" Haley smiled and glanced over at the clock on the wall.

"Sorry again."

"Right, No no please don't apologize, like I said...all my fault. The name's Damien by the way." He held out his hand and smiled warmly.

Haley smiled back and accepted the hand shake, "Haley."

"Haley. Well Haley I really hope I run into you again." He held her hand, staring into her eyes.

"He he. Yeah." Haley took back her hand and collected her things.

"Nice meeting you Damien."

"Yeah you too. I'll see you around Haley?"

"Yeah sure. Bye!" Haley turned and walked towards her lecture hall, leaving Damien staring after her, with a handsome smile on his face.

She walked into the large auditorium just as the professor was getting ready to start class. She found an empty seat near the back and sat down. If Somer had actually made it to class this morning, she knew she would have forced Haley to go and get that guy's number. She could practically hear her bubbly best friends voice, pushing her to move on from her ex boyfriend and go back and find that guy.

The class quieted down and listened in as the professor turned on his mic and cleared his throat

"Morning everyone. Okay, first things first, the Psych department finally pulled through for once and actually did something that I requested. The projector is finally fixed." Students laughed and a few people in the front row clapped. "And also, I have a new TA I'd like to introduce you all too."

The young TA grinned and bashfully looked down at the floor for a moment before raising his eyes and transfixing them on Haley's. A handsome smile spread across his face.

"Damien Banks everyone!"






The teacher looked up and searched the fresh young faces of his new students waiting for a response "Thompson?" he asked again.

"He moved" someone called out from the back row. The teacher sighed and dragged his pencil across the attendance sheet, scratching off the name.


"Here" a guy mumbled from the second row.

"Cell phone away please Mr. Tripp. Unless you want me to surprise my wife with a new phone." A light chorus of giggles filled the room as the guy sat straighter in his seat and stuffed the phone in his pocket.

"Alright moving on then Mr. Tripp" He glanced down at the attendance sheet "Valentine..."

"Here" Alexia raised her hand as Mr. Holden did a double take.

"Any relation to Haley Valentine?" He asked from behind a thick pair of glasses, coffee stained teeth smiling causing deep laugh lines to form on the old mans face.

Lexi nodded in response, "She's my sister"

"Another Valentine sister " Mr. Holden put down his pencil, "Just when I thought I had seen the last of you lot." He chuckled in amusement.

Alexia shrank into her seat as she felt heads turn towards her direction.

"It was a pleasure teaching Haley, your oldest sister... and your cousin Christopher too! Do send him my regards please?"

Alexia nodded.

"Although, I'm afraid I can't say the same about your other sister" Mr. Holden pushed back his glasses, his smile spreading.

Lexi felt her face redden.

"I hope you don't give me a headache like she and her partner is crime gave me." Lexi heard snickering behind her.

Mr. Holden shook his head, he was trying to be funny, but Lexi hated having the classrooms attention drawn on her.

Just when she thought she couldn't get more embarassed... The classroom door flew open and she heard an unmistakable voice.

"Holdie! Did ya miss me!" Marie Valentine in all of her glory strolled to the front of the classroom.

"Speaking of the devil. Now what are you doing here? Didn't you torture me enough last year?" Mr. Holden smiled as he turned and addressed his new class. "Class. I'd like you to meet the perfect example of How NOT to behave as a student in my classroom."

"Ugh that hurts Holden. You know you missed me!" Marie stood at the front of the room, dancing on the balls of her feet twirling her hair. She had pom poms in her hands and Alexia wondered when her sister had changed into her cheerleading uniform.

"I'm going around to all of the eighth grade classrooms to make an important cheer announcement. So, I thought I'd start with your room first. Say hi to you of course and to check up on my little sis." Marie scanned the room until her eyes landed on Alexia and she winked.

"Treat her nice kay Holden. She's the baby of the family" Lexi internally groaned.

Marie turned around and faced the young crowd. "This is only take up a couple of minutes of your time don't worry."

Alexia heard the guy next to her mumble..."Take all the time you need" and he recieved slaps of agreements from his friends.

Every single guy sat up straigher...suddenly enthralled by the high school senior varsity cheer captain, drooling over her. Every girl payed closer attention...with envious looks at the senior girl they all silently hoped to be like one day. Alexia felt nauseous as she was overpowered by everyone's sudden emotions.

"There's going to be a meeting today after school for anyone who wants to try out for the squad. Cheer tryouts officially start tomorrow though for the eighth grade girls. We're opening up 5 spots on the High schools JV team. I'm gonna pass this clipboard aorund. Sign your name if your interested in coming out." Marie handed the clipboard to a girl sitting at the front of the room.

A guy sitting next to Lexi asked his friend if they could join, smirking and ogling up at Marie.

The clipboard made it's way around the room. " Thanks for your time guys. Bye Holden. Bye Lexi!" Marie waved and blew Alexia a kiss as she spun on her heel, exiting out the door.

"You never told me your sister was hot!"

"Okay class settle down. Now where were we?" Mr. Holden looked back at his attendance sheet, "Walters?"

There was a buzz around the classroom, and Alexia heard a lot of comments and conversation around her. Her best friend Oliver slipped her a folded piece of paper, which had a funny doodle on it, she smiled.

But she still managed to hear Tessa Blake and her little snob possy in the back whisper, "Just because her sister is cheer captain doesn't change a thing."

Melinda stared at the clock on the wall, completely ignoring the teacher talk about the class rules and regulations. Her leg shook and she twirled a pen in her hand. She could not seem to sit still and listen to her teacher's annoying voice for another second. She raised her hand.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" The teacher glanced up, "I don't know can you?"

Melinda clucked her tongue, "May I go to the bathroom"

"Why didn't you go during break?"

The teacher was really starting to tick her off, "Because I obviously didn't have to go then but I really have to go now."

"Fine but hurry up."

Geez. "Thank you" Melinda said tightlipped as she skipped out of the room. She took the longest route to the bathroom,deciding to visit the one tucked away at the very back of school, near the gym locker rooms.

She finally reached her destination, after saying hi to a bunch of people along the way, and pushed open the door.

The bathroom was empty and Melinda walked over to the sink, smiling at her reflection and applying a fresh coat of lipgloss.

She flipped open her phone and noticed she already had 10 new text messages.

Melinda was completely engrossed as her her thumbs twiddled over the keypad, she didn't even see when a demon shimmered in behind her.

"Hello Witch." He growled.

"Ahh" Melinda squealed and spun around, dropping her phone on the tiled floor, her eyes bulging as she saw her phone shatter, the pieces skidding across the floor.

"Look what you made you do jerk!" The demon frowned before grimacing and conjuring up an atheme.

"Seriously...It's my first day back in school! Can't I get a break!" Melinda rolled her eyes and thrust her hands forward. The demon lunged towards her.

"What the hell why are you still moving?" She thrust her hands again, screaming and ducking out the way, raising her leg and succesfully kicking the demon in the chest.

I need some serious help over here! Melinda sent a frantic telepathic message to her cousins as the demon shoved her against the stall door.

Demon. Gym bathroom. My powers have gone awol. HURRY! She punched the demon in the face.

Paisely:On my way.

Marie: Coming!

Pamela: Gotcha

Alexia was sitting in her classroom listening to her new teacher go over the syllabus when she suddenly bolted up in her seat, startled by her cousins voice that filled her mind.

Alexia:Where's that again?