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Kyuubi speaking



Naruto Pov

Goddamn it! Why am I so tired I went to bed early last night! This was the second week in row that I have been waking up tired. And it was beginning to show in my performance. My chakra control was erratic and I couldn't concentrate at all. I was starting to fall even more behind in terms of power and control in my team then I already was. I just don't understand why! I have been going to bed earlier and earlier but it doesn't seem to help at all. I had been feeling guilty about Zabuza and Haku, but that was weeks ago. That couldn't possibly be the reason for my lack of energy.

1st Pov

Naruto had been going to bed early but it was what would happen after he had entered REM sleep that was the cause for his lack of energy. Naruto would trash around in his for a few hours. His trashing and consent movement looked like it was caused by pain or an excess amount of heat. But this would keep up for a few hours before he would be surrounded by a haze of red energy and suddenly he would sit straight up. He would look around for a few minutes as if he was in a daze before standing up from his bed and going to his window which was about 4 feet from his bed. The glazed look in his eyes however suggested for him to be simply sleep walking but the haze of energy hinted at a more demonic origin. After reaching his window he would open it and crawl out of the window. For a few minutes he would sit or crouch on the sill and close his eyes and tilt his head towards the sky or the moon which hung over the villiege washing it in light. It looked like he was paying homage to the goddess of the moon. Or he could simply be scenting the air for predators and getting a feel of his environment. Either one would be a likely reason. After this slight ritual he would stand on the little awning that ran in front of his apartment and rub his back on either side of his widow. Sent marking the window and the surrounding building as his and that this is where he was. Once this was done he would wander in a clockwise pattern and then hop up onto the roof of his building, crouching down on top with his knees in line with his shoulders and his hands bracing himself on the roof. The position that he was sitting in would remind someone of a fox sitting primly with their tail wrapped around their front paws. The only difference was that Naruto lacked a tail. But once that he was situated he would begin to call. This call was a short bark like cry that was his fox mating call. Naruto had reached his sexual maturity and his instincts were telling him to attract a mate. What most people didn't know and what Naruto didn't realize or simply refused to, is that he had more fox traits then what was first suggested. For one he had superior hearing to any human, animal, or demon; since that was one thing that a fox had never lacked. While a fox's since of smell would fall in superior to that of a wolf or another wild canine, their eyesight was far better. But this calling had been going on for the past two weeks in hopes that a desirable mate would start to come around. Since Konoha was basically Naruto's territory he was unable to leave and search for a mate himself. So all that he could was call for a mate for hours and leave different sent markers all around the village. Naruto's subconscious, the one part of him that actually acknowledges his more than human make-up; that they were undesirable and unworthy of love. This led to Naruto's depression, since he had no one to actually explain everything to him and he was basically walking around in the dark.


The Kyuubi should have explained everything to Naruto. But the fox was jealous and angered over Naruto trying to attract a mate for himself. Kyuubi had been with Naruto for Naruto's entire life and couldn't understand why he could possibly want more. While being a fox himself; Kyuubi never allowed himself to love or become attached to anyone; because to him it was a sign of weakness. Whenever Kyuubi would enter his heat cycle he would either hole himself up away from everyone, or just go screw a whore. Never had he actually considered marking someone else as his life partner, nor had he ever had a desire for kits, since he was too consumed with gaining more power and standing in his clan. But when he was sealed up in Naruto, he was forced to care about someone else's wellbeing besides his own. He himself the Kyuubi had taught Naruto how to read and write, to walk, and to talk, to hunt and steal. Kyuubi had always been there for his young container. Over time the Kyuubi had found himself falling in love with the young in experienced kit. Naruto's simple innocence and kindness in the face of so much hate and violence had shocked the Kyuubi to his core. The beauty of his heart and soul was what made him fall for Naruto so hard. He had been trying to control and suppress the feelings and desires of Naruto's heat until he could devise a way for them to be together but Naruto's instincts were to strong and could never been suppressed for long. So in essence he too was extremely depressed since he was at a total loss on what to do. This being the first time he had allowed himself to feel this way. He had to idea on how to be with the one he loved in any way but within their minds. This fact however would never satisfy Naruto's body's desire to be mounted and made pregnant with kits.

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