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Cynthia took a moment, looking over the group. She had not been prepared nor trained for this situation. She was one of the best in the business, hence why FBI or other law enforcement and business groups got sent to her. She knew they didn't want to be here, but she was usually able to get the group to understand what she was saying and get the message across. Here though, the group was acting as a bunch of three year olds, and she just didn't know what to do with them. She did not know how to teach them.

"Verbal Harassment," she spoke to the group, noting how the two in one corner was deep in a conversation; and the four in the other corner were deep in another conversation. One guy at the back, seemed to pay attention to her, but even he had an amused expression on his face which he was trying hard to keep hidden. Would this be something that she could teach the group?

"That's like jokes and stuff yeah?" Sam, who had been quite most of the lecture spoke, and Cynthia nodded her head excitedly, happy someone was actually listening to her.

"Yes it can be, jokes, or even just a comment made in general with a sexual nature. So, I thought here we'd discuss what they could be; then maybe role-play a little. How does that sound?"

Everyone groaned at the prospect of role-playing. Nate knew that Kensi would be up their being the only girl on the team, and the way she was acting now… he just knew how much trouble she could get up to. Kensi was acting out of character, almost like a kid on a sugar high, but he was enjoying the show and wouldn't say anything.

While it was true he did analyse the team, and profile them, he was never going to judge them. He wouldn't tell them how they could and couldn't act. He was there, for emotional support for the team, to give profiles on suspects. He was not there to compare them to any other team, because if truth be told, they acted quite immature at times, always joking about things, making bets, but at the end of the day, it worked for them, and they always got results. Who was he to tell them that they had to change the way that they operated?

"So tell me what a comment would be that would be considered sexual harassment."

Dom raised his hand and Eric raised an eyebrow at his friend who shrugged in response, and Cynthia pointed to him. "It could be a comment like nice ass."

Sam let out a low whistle while everyone in the group regarded Dom in a new light. They knew he would have done things that they'd all done in the past, but yet, to them, he was still the newbie - still innocent in some regards. When it came to a shoot out… probably not - but when it came to the opposite sex…

"Well, someone's not as innocent as we thought," Callen leant in and whispered to Sam who nodded his head in agreement.

"That would be a totally inappropriate comment to make," Cynthia told him, "and many of the similar lines guys like to… use on women."

Kensi smirked. She knew what it was like from experience on an almost day to day basis. That's what happened when you were the only female on an elite unit for NCIS where you often found yourself undercover.

"I don't know why guys bother with the lame pick-up lines," Kensi rolled her eyes at Cynthia; "they should know that never work."

"Almost never," Callen corrected her and she frowned at him wandering if there was any truth to his words. If some poor girl had actually fallen for his charm and pick up lines.

"Sometimes males are often too shy to talk to females directly without some sort of line thought up ahead of time to at least start the conversation."

"You ever use a pick-up line Eric?" Sam asked.

"Can we get back on topic please," Cynthia called out to the group, stopping the younger man from answering the question. "Those so called pick-up lines are often sexual harassment."

"Isn't this seminar supposed to be about sexual harassment in the workplace?" Dom raised his hand, "which means that using these lines in a bar would not be considered sexual harassment?"

"Have you ever considered a females perspective?"

"No, can't say I have," Callen spoke and the group laughed.

Cynthia folded her arms across her chest. "Well, maybe you should. How do you think they feel? Going out to a bar to have a good time with their friends, have a guy hit of them using the pick-up lines that have been around for centuries."

"Some females don't actually know," Kensi spoke and Cynthia raised an eyebrow. "Some females are just oblivious, and think the guy is being nice to them, being a charming gentle man."

Nate drifted of into thought about the point Kensi had just raised. It was an interesting point, especially coming from her. And it made Nate wander about what went on in their ops. How Sam and Callen managed to charm their way into groups - Kensi too. They would have had to have used a pick-up line or two in their line of work, so how did they pull it of, without the opposite sex noticing and turning them down because of it.

From what he had observed of human interaction, most males would often try to "pick-up" females from bars and if they were single and/or just looking for a good time. Probably five times out of ten a pick-up line was used. And one out of ten women realised what it was and turned the male down, or turned the game back on them.

Nate looked up at the front a second later and realised his thoughts must have been deeper than he thought because he missed Kensi and Sam being called out to the front both sitting on desks out the front, rather than the chairs. Nate chanced a glance at Callen, who looked amused, not jealous which Nate realised was probably a good thing. But then Callen was called up and Nate realised that maybe things could get out of hand. Callen stood facing Sam and Kensi.

"So for this role play," Cynthia spoke, gaining everyone's attention. Everyone wanted to know what this role play would be about. "Let's see… Let us do an office setting. Mr Callen, Mr Hanna, I want you two to talk about Miss Blye."

"Right," Sam laughed, "because Kensi just happens to be part of ever day conversation."

"Just have a… normal conversation and I will stop you at various intervals to talk about the sexual harassment in your conversation. Miss Blye is just up here for inspiration." Cynthia shrugged a second later, when the group remained silent. "I figured that you would respond better to this, role playing, than you would to me asking questions and you answering them, especially since only one of you seem to listen to me."

"Nate," Kensi, Callen and Sam cried out in unison. Nate hung his head lightly, before Sam turned to Callen.

"You ready for this G?"

"As ready as I will ever be," he muttered under his breath, head hung low, before taking a deep breath, looking up at Sam, his eyes set, cold and hard, upon Sam.

Neither one spoke for a moment so Eric decided to break the conversation. "You two are always in an argument about something whenever I see you. This can't be that hard for you."

"Yes, thank you Eric," Sam spoke crossly, folding his arms across his chest, turning towards Callen, who raised an eyebrow. "So, G, tell me. What is your problem with law enforcement females again?"

Callen frowned. "Wow. Where did that come from?"

"You once told me about your rule. You know... if they've got their own handcuffs, then you're out."

Callen tried to remember that conversation. "No. Sorry. Don't remember that conversation."

"It was about a certain… blonde."

Callen smirked. Agent Giordano. "She wasn't my type."

"Oh yeah, G? And what is your type?"

"And stop," Cynthia called out, holding up a hand to silence the two. "That there, is bordering on sexual harassment."

"Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't sexual harassment aimed at people? For example if I made fun of Kensi, not if I talk about my preference of women," Callen argued with her.

"You are in a sense stereotyping the women and therefore discriminating against them in a sexual manner," Cynthia ran a hand through her blonde hair sighing deeply.

Callen rolled his eyes. "So if a female asked me out and I said no, I would be discriminating against them, because they are not my type? Even if I had not said it out loud?"

Sam raised his hand. "So far all I have learnt from this is what I can't do. What can I do? Are you saying I can't date anyone? Because from you I have gathered I can't hug anyone and that I can't touch anyone," Sam tried to explain what he had learnt that morning, or his interpretation of it.

"No, no," Cynthia shook her head. "Look, you three go sit down. Now," she ordered and the trio realised they may have taken things to far, so they travelled to the back of the room, to take their seats.

Cynthia sat on her desk and opened the folder up, skimming over the contents. "Now," she began, "The events that led up to today. Who wants to tell me why we are here?"