Revolt Reformation Arc Chapter Nine Luffy

By Mathieu Leader

All characters are copyrighted by Echiro Oda

This fanfiction contains original characters:

The phrases colour refers to Haki:

Dr. Vegapunk's time machine:

Rear-Admiral Swift had boarded the vessel, and pulled a set of ornate crystal levers to some thirty years earlier on Fishman Island.

As Swift sat in an armchair from his silver conch shell shaped head sounded the voice of Vegapunk himself

"Swift, you have successfully chosen the correct co-ordinates but however piloting the vessel does pose a significant risk in that traversing the timeline in that could kill yourself as your age will be reversed to the amount of time travelled back in the past," Vegapunk said coldly

"That is a risk I'm willing to uptake the cause of Justice," Swift said bravely

"I understand you are a great addition to the Marines and will be sorely missed," Vegapunk spoke sadly

Fuchsia Village

Hancock had awoken from one of her fainting spells she was still pregnant and sat on a chair.

Hancock asked Garp who was eating a rack of mutton "Is this your house?" Hancock asked calmly

Garp growled spittle flying from his mouth "Yes it was the house in which I raised my son and grandsons but now I rarely visit it as I'm at sea, but I'm very afraid Boa. That a noble has recaptured you so he can have you as his bride,"

"What!" exclaimed Boa at Garp's revelation that she had been recaptured by her old captors who cruelly abused her as a child by feeding her a Devil Fruit alongside her being tortured for fun.

"Look at your tattoo in the mirror?" said Garp coolly

Boa saw her pale slender feminine back which was had no tattoo "My tattoo has gone but this does not explain me how I got here?" she said puzzled

"Oh quite the contrary my Empress, the mark of the Celestial Dragon acts as brand it is made by a mystical ink. It allows the World Nobles to transport any of their slaves to them. You will be instantly recalled to whichever family summons you," he said darkly

"Can you stop it?" Boa sounded scared

"Yes I've let my loyal assistant Bogart handle the matter," Garp growled

Then as Garp said these words the big wooden doors opened and the figure of Bogart dressed in a beige overcoat with a brown fedora came in with the chubby head of an adolescent attached to a long silver spiky pole, the head had a crop of blond corkscrew curls whose face had a fair crop of acne.

"The Crown-Prince of Dawn Island is dead just as you asked Garp-San," Bogart beckoned grimly

"Excellent this is perfect now we can protect my grandchild," growled Garp

Fishman Island Thirty Three years ago

The white spherical pod which was newly invented by the eccentric genius of Dr. Vegapunk had arrived atop of the limestone cave having locked the coordinates of Dolfamingo's location via Vegapunk's instructions to follow Dolfamingo's Weaving wavelength.

He stepped out and went into the crooked entrance of the cave.

"D-O-L-F-A-M-I-N-G-O why did you kidnapped Straw-Hat!" shrieked Rear-Admiral Swift

The figure of Dolfamingo leapt and turned around abruptly and he smiled darkly having donned on Luffy's straw hat.

"Oh, even with a time machine no matter if you travel forwards or backwards... You see the reason why I wear the famous rookie's hat is that he's dead Mufuffufu Mfufufu Mufmfufu," Dolfamingo taunted grimly

"I ask why or how did he die?" questioned Rear-Admiral Swift commanded darkly

"I left him to die in the cold alone," Dolflamingo answered coldly

"YOU BASTARD!" shrieked Swift transforming quickly into his shark form his fins digging into Dolfamingo forming fresh cuts and grazes on Dolfamingo's chest.

"Easy Admiral calm down your in luck, I hear a faint heartbeat from within her from a far future," spoke Dolfamingo coolly

"I don't understand what you are talking about Dolfamingo?" sounded Rear-Admiral Swift utterly flabbergasted

Dolfamingo retorted slowly "You will do in good time,"

Garps House

"Who is the child that I carry within me Garp tell me the gods honest truth!" exclaimed Boa angrily raising her fists to Garp venomously

"You're carrying Luffy-San," Garp whispered in a mixture of both shock and awe

"How can this be I do not understand?" questioned Boa even more puzzled at her situation

Bogart spoke hoarsely "I'll explain Boa sometimes those people who have been gifted with the Colour of the Conquering King, have the ability to reincarnate themselves giving them a second life. But in order for this ability to occur one must find a female with the same colour for the rebirth to happen,"

He continued softly "Luffy died in the past as Marine Mika D. Saul, but Rear-Admiral Swift had been sent into the past to stop any more corrosiveness from affecting the correct chronological timeline,"

"We will wait nine months till Luffy is reborn,"

Big Mom's Ship

On the white dove shaped ship which belonged to Madame Elizabeth Yoshiro better known as Big Mom she said crisply "Luffy has the shades of Gol D. Roger and his Son Ace, he is truly the Conqueror of Legend,"

The winged giant of Sir Galahad appeared "I could not overheard that Big Mom that Luffy is truly the Child of Two Colours he is the Armed Warlord but perhaps I've seen in the Colour of Observation time is beginning to unwind and reset itself the Revolt of Dolfamingo is over,"

Nine months later a healthy baby boy was born on Dawn Island, as the son rose who knew that this boy might be King of the Pirates...

The End: