by Mathieu Leader

This Fanfiction story does contain original characters:

All characters are created by Echiro Oda:

Chapter Three Trust:

The teenage swordsman shouted "Sandstorm Slash!" as he held his sabre up a massive cloud of sand blew into the Revolutionary pirates.

Emperor Ivankov said loudly "Empirio Face-Hormone!"

The camp emperor's face grew to giant size and he shouted "Galaxy WINK!"

Then the sand simply retreated and Shanks the pirate prince simply gazed across the sand and Emperor Ivankov, and Fisher Tiger and Blackbeard simply fell to the ground.

With only Dragon and Charlotte remaining

Charlotte said calmly "That's some impressive Haki sonny,"

Shanks said blushing "Thanks lady,"

Dragon said coldly "I know my cousin Marshall can be a bit crazy, why did you attack him,"

Shanks said shakily "He nearly caused a mutiny on the Whitebeard Pirates I intervened to save Whitebeard,"

Dragon said calmly "That's understandable,"

Shanks said scared "Don't trust him he is plotting to become Pirate King by eliminating his rivals,"

Dragon said happily "I trust you boy,"

Shank's eyes squinted and said excitedly "Your the Prophet of the East Blue, Monkey D. Dragon what does the future hold for me?"

Dragon answered happily "That Straw-Hat your wearing will be the namesake of my son Luffy, who in turn will be remembered greatly in the New Age,"

Shanks said breathlessly "Wow,"

Dragon continued coolly "You better make a swift retreat, to find that rubberised fruit before Kaidou does or otherwise One Piece will be his in no time,"

Shanks said eagerly "Ok I'm off,"

Then Shanks simply scampered away across the red dessert,

Charlotte said softly "Rejuvenation Vine,"

A thin red vine sprouted from her hands and attached themselves to Ivankov and Fisher Tiger in a blue light they awoke.

Fisher Tiger said puzzled "What just happened?"

Charlotte said proudly "We just trusted the boy who just might be the next King of the Pirates,"

Meanwhile deep down in the bowels of the Marine Warship

Sat a man dressed in a white medical coat with a red checked shirt with two golden hooks for hands with a set of spindly metallic tripods for legs.

The doctor was staring at a giant black man with frizzy hair and pointed ears with white mirrored lenses for eyes dressed in black and white armour that was attached to wires.

The man chuckled dryly "I created a mechanical replica of Kuma the Tyrant I call you PX-1,"

The sounds of screams could be heard coming from the small metallic bed, in which the usual easygoing figure of Admiral Borsalino better known as Kizaru to the marines was swollen and pale and sweating his dark eyes brimming with tears.

As the golden light energy that he emitted as a user of the Glimmer-Glimmer fruit an elemental Devil fruit that has the power to control light.

As it was being slowly siphoned off through pale tubes connected to the ailing admiral's body into the robotic pirate's wires.

Then the porthole shaped door to the ships medical officer's quarters opened...

A stocky man with red bushy hair and a purple leather cocked hat, with a white plume dressed in a grey coat adorned with medals with gold epaulettes entered the room.

He said proudly "Rear-Admiral Xavier Drake of Base G-56, reporting Dr. Soto Vegapunk Chief Science Officer of the Marines,"

The elderly doctor turned his head still with its grey curly perm despite the numerous electrical shocks the good doctor experienced.

His water green eyes behind his white goggles stared at Drake and said in cold Austrian accent "Wvat iz it you vant Drake-San?"

Drake said angrily "I was here to take a look at the weapon the World Government wanted you to create this is a severe injustice to use a man's body without his consent!"

Dr. Vegapunk said darkly "Drake, this weapon will protect those who flout justice and swift justice will be done,"

Drake said enraged "Prehistoric Punch!"

He clenched his fist and it was transformed into a green claw and hit the Doctor leaving him dazed and worn out.

Drake said bitterly "I'd rather trust a pirate than these mad marines,"

Dr. Vegapunk shrieked "Those words are heresy!"

Drake said happily "I'm glad I said that from tomorrow I will be resigning from my esteemed position as rear-admiral,"

Dr. Vegapunk said weakly "Good you'll be the first insubordinate to face the wrath of the Pacfistica once the revolutionaries reach the town of St. Bordello they'll be dead,"

Dr. Vegapunk said loudly "Activate!"

Then the robotic pirate became immersed in a gaseous blue flame and jettisoned off through the hatch and along the dessert.

Meanwhile back on the dessert and Dragon said coldly "We should go to St. Bordello which is the halfway point to Mariejois,"

Emperor Ivankov said coolly "That's where Inazuma is to secure the main base,"

Fisher Tiger said panicking "What should we do about Marshall D. Teach?"

Charlotte said angrily "Leave him that piece of dirt in the sand to burn under the hellish sun,"

As she said this Charlotte's body became a veritable garden with plants blooming where found on her body.

Dragon said confused "Why are they're flowers on you?"

Charlotte said embarrassed "Whenever I experience any strong emotion be it positive or negative I blossom into flower on my body,"

The revolutionaries left the dessert and heading towards a small settlement of white chalk igloo shaped buildings.

Meanwhile the fat figure of Blackbeard lay sweating and was now awake and said exhausted "I will get my vengeance,"

Then as the revolutionaries made their way to the small igloo where a rounded man in a black suit with sunglasses stared and said shocked "Charlotte Belladonna Thorny Rose of the South Blue,"

Charlotte said darkly "Inazuma what a pleasure it is to meet my old navigator on my crew,"

The door from the wooden panelled library in which the crew where in opened a tall pale man with crimson lips and pale grey eyes tapped his way into the library, due to his black polished shoes and wore a beige uniform and had a gold earring in his ear.

He said in a misty feminine voice "I'm Constable Lafitte, I believe travellers you are carrying a convicted felon and this is something I cannot allow,"

He said coldly "Reaping,"

Constable Lafitte transformed into a skeletal angel with black feathered wings he swooped and grabbed onto Charlotte and she instantly fell asleep.

Then the demonic angelic creature said darkly "Reaping Rapier," the angelic creature pulled out a sword made of bone and jabbed into Charlotte as she screamed loudly the crew watched in horror as the flora and fauna on her body disappeared.

Fisher Tiger said angrily "You let that creepy policeman take Ms. Belladonna?!"

Dragon said coolly "I planned this from the very beginning I talked to Inazuma who had a drink with Captain Belladonna, who then he asked her to meet us she agreed to be our decoy to be captured by world government agents,"

He continued softly

"So that she'd be imprisoned in the Elders Palace and we knew a detailed guide of palace as I keep in touch with her telepathically with Haki,"

Fisher Tiger said coldly "I'll trust you,"

The door opened a large intimidating man with black frizzy with white eyes dressed in black and white armour stood outside. He said in a low voice "The marines have replicated my form and are planning to use it as a weapon to stop the revolution,"

Fisher Tiger said shocked "Warlord Kuma,"

The man called Kuma said coldly "They are slowly stripping away the humanity in me in order to allow the revolutionaries to exist,"

Ivankov said tearfully "A debt that can never be repaid,"

A tremendous thunderous thudding sounded and an identical metallic version of the man that just entered the room appeared on the scene.

The robotic version said darkly "PX1 has found its target,"

The robotic version opened its mouth and a bright yellow laser shot out melting the sugary bricks and the igloo.

Kuma said boldly "For your kindness you will be repaid,"

Kuma roared "Pad Cannon!"

He flexed his hands and a blue gaseous paw flew from his hand and the replica disintegrated.

Kuma said coolly "Be aware Dragon fate is to take a nasty turn,"

Then Kuma held out his hands and place them on him and became immersed in that same blue gaseous flame and jettisoned off into the sunset.

Next time Battle at Bordello:

How will Charlotte react to be being imprisoned and who will she meet?

What does fate have in store with the revolutionaries?