Lily looked up as the morning post arrived on a wet September morning, hoping to receive a letter from her family. The sight that met her made her do a double take, and stare up, her mouth agape.

Murmurs broke out around the hall. The owls were...the majority of them...well, they were a jumble of colors, and Lily Evans couldn't tear her eyes away from the very colourful sight.

"What" Lily rambled, finally finding her voice though just trailing off in the end as she continued to stare. Her owl, Ashes, landed before her, as colourful as the rest. He seemed to be tie-dyed, and Lily could do nothing but stare at the bird, which ruffled his wings waiting for her to take the letter.

"That, Lily is what happens when Sirius and James get bored," Said Remus, seeming slightly amused by the site. Lily looked up at her fellow first year that she had gotten along well with and just stared at him.

"They did this?" She asked faintly, looking around at the millions of other owls that were also tie-dyed and couldn't help but shiver at the thought of what would happen when they knew more magic.

"Yes, I believe they didn't use a single ounce of magic, did each owl single handily," Remus said with a shrug before walking down the table to meet said boys, who seemed to not even have noticed the oddness of the owls caused by their hands.

Lily shook her head, frowning slightly. She took her letter from Ashes, who was normally a gray-black color, and read it. What really got her was the P.S. at the bottom.

P.S. What happened to Ashes? Why is he so colourful?

2. I will not tie-dye all of the owls.

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