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I had refused to go to public school all through grade school and most of my high school too. But my world came crashing down the summer before my senor year...

I was reading a book my ma had given me, when my dad suddenly appeared. (No really. He can teleport and faze through walls.) "Oh hi Chichi." My dad is close to 10 feet tall, ebony hair, ivory skin, with a pair of glowing red eyes and wears a coal black suit with a crimson Victorian style trench coat with his white gloves. His fedora hat was also crimson, he would wear it with his burnt orange goggle like glasses. But for some strange reason he was wearing them.

I had looked at my father in slight confusion. He didn't have his usual smirk on when he saw me. I began to worry. I inquired. "Otosan, is something wrong?" He ignored my question and stated. "Sir Intagera wishes to see you." He then left shortly after.

Intagera is a Protestant Knight Of her Majesty's Round Table. (Like in King Aurther) She was also last heir to the Hellsing family. (Like Van Hellsing was her great great great grand father!) I considered her my Aunt, but I sometimes wonder if she really thought of me as family.

Any who, I went my private bath room and saw my self in the mirror. What I saw was kind of normal, but not for my family... My hair was ebony, like my father's, but I had my mother's brilliant blue eyes. They both had ivory skin and so I got that too. My eye teeth barely had any point to them and I couldn't even faze through a wall! I was at least the same hight as my mother and that wasn't very tall. 5'2 at the most. I had my hair cut to look like my mother's which was a spiky and just above the shoulders length. Thats me, Anita Drake Temps Victoria Hellsing. I never was told on why I got my aunt's last name...

With another sigh, I quickly headed for Intagera's office on the 3rd floor. Going through the many identical hallways of Hellsing manor, I soon came to a pair of large oak doors. I knocked once and heard my aunt reply. "Enter."

I walked in and found my mother AND father were standing on one side of Intagera's chair while I gingerly sat down in the chair in front of her desk. "You wanted to see me, Oba-sama?" I was almost fluent in Japanese, I had been taking since junior high. She gave me a nod and replied. "Yes. I realize it's your senior year and that you have been getting your education from Walter." I gave a nod, still having no idea where she was going.

"With the resent attacks on the manor and your being practically human..." I mentally winced. I hated that fact very much. Did I mention that both my parents are vampires? Why am I 'practically human'? As my Oba-sama so kindly puts it. Well all I do is drink blood on ever full moon. I mean I'm faster, and more graceful than a normal human, but basically I'm an anemic pro-dancer is what my vampiric body is compared to. I'm not that strong either. I'm about as strong as a normal human girl, during the day that is. At night I'm as strong as my mom.

Pathetic huh? Well this was what she continued to tell me. "I'll be sending you to a school in Bunkyo, Japan." My eyes grew. "What?!" I exclaimed. Intagera blinked at my out burst. "Did I do something wrong? Did I make you angry?" I was so close to tears that I was a thread away from sobbing infront of them.

Intagera's eyes grew huge when I asked those things. Haha, Seras Victoria was crying red tears at my questions. She had strawberry blond hair and wears a black long sleeved shirt and a black trench coat too. Her shirt showed her stomach and her pant hung on her hips. She looked around twenty, but I knew she was older then that.

Otosan tipped his hat down so I wouldn't see his face. Intagera came around her desk and gave me a huge. "No, Anita. You didn't do anything." I felt so small. "Then why?" I whispered. Alucard answered. "I don't want my only daughter, to get killed because I wasn't here to protect her." I looked at Otosan and saw the emotion in his eyes. I turned to Okasan, she had the same look. Then to Oba-sama and even she looked worried.

With a sigh I gave a nod and said. "Hai, Oba-sama." She gave me a smile. She sat back down and said. "You'll be leaving in July. There will be a small mansion for you to live in. Food, Blood packs, and furniture will already be there. Taking care of the house choirs and the food shopping will be up to you, as is the cooking. I'll be sending money to you once a month for your needs. There's also ordering your uniform. Here is a picture of it."

I was handed a picture of a hideous, puffy sleeve yellow ankle long dress. "Is this school for light bulbs or clowns? Either way I'm not touching that monstrosity." Intagera smirked. "I thought you would, so I ordered the boy's uniform. I haven't got a picture, but it's better than the girls." She stated.

The only question was, "Can I bring my bike?" Alucard gave a chuckle. "I don't see why not. Master?" Intagera sighed. "I don't see any problem. I'll arrange for her drivers license and blade permeate later this evening. We'll work on the enrollment papers as well." I watched as dad tried to leave, but mom grabbed his hand and stated. "Your staying."

I gave my aunt a nod, then left to go contemplate on what to do in the next month...

A/n Here is what the Japanese words mean






sama-a person of higher rank


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