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Chapter 1

Unsure Feelings

It was that time of year again; the entire soul society was having this love filled atmosphere. Soul society has adapted to the living world's tradition, Valentine day, many years ago. After all, who would complain about an extra holiday?

Every female Shinigami were all dressed up in their finest kimono to present their homemade chocolate to the man they love. This was no exception for Kuchiki Rukia.

The bright morning rays shined through the thin paper material of the shoji door into Rukia's bedroom. This morning, Rukia woke up at 6:30am, an hour earlier than usual, in order to dress up for the occasion. After all, the kimono was a lot harder to wear than her shinigami uniform. Thanks to Captain Kyouraku has convinced Captain Yamamoto to allow every female shinigami to wear anything of their choice on this day. She was dressed in her favorite purple kimono with small silver butterflies at the bottom and white obi. It was her favorite because Byakuya once nodded in agreement when Captain Ukitake commented on how beautiful she looked in this kimono.

"Rukia-sama, you will miss breakfast if you do not hurry," the maid said from the edge of the sliding door.

"I am coming," Rukia responded quickly, as she pushed her stubborn raven hair to the side, but within second, it fell back to her centre of her face.

"You look lovely today Rukia-sama," the maid said with a gentle smile.

"Thank you, I hope Nii-sama will think the same," Rukia said softly.

After one last check of her reflection in the full size mirror, Rukia grabbed her bag of tiny boxes of milk chocolate that she made in the human world with the help of Orihime and headed to the dinning room for breakfast. While she was on mission in Human world, Rukia learnt that Valentine's Day was the day that female present chocolate gift (mostly handmade chocolate) to the opposite sex to express their love. Thus, she made boxes of chocolate for everyone she loved. After all, she loved all her friends, and her captain.

As soon as Rukia entered the dinning room, she noticed her brother sitting at his usual spot reading the daily newspaper.

She quickly bowed and greeted politely: "Good morning, Nii-sama."

Byakuya nodded his head gently and replied his usual greeting in an indifferent tone, "Good morning."

His tone was less cold and distant from the past. Truthfully speaking, their relationship has already come a long way since Rukia almost died at her execution. In the past, he would barely knowledge her existence, and would rarely even spoke a word to her. Nowadays, he would at least return her greetings, and made the attempt to start a conversation with her.

When Rukia brought her head up, her violet eyes noticed Byakuya's beautiful pair of grey eyes burning right into her. His eyes were not as cold as it used to be, but Rukia still could not read anything from his eyes.

Suddenly she remembered the dreams that she has been having recently, and noted that those memorizing gray eyes were even more beautiful than the once she saw in her dreams.

Rukia slowly moved her violet eyes down to his lips and her face immediately blushed to a shade of pink when she remembered those soft lips that were so warm and passionate in her dreams. How much she wanted to touch them with her own. How much she wanted to taste them to confirm if it was as sweet as her remembered.

'What is wrong with me?' Rukia bit her bottom lips softly to stop herself from staring at those god damn delicious and luscious lips.

'This feeling is wrong. He is my Nii-sama. There is no way he will want to kiss me; after all, he is still in love with nee-sama. He only sees me as am adopted sister that bring shame to the family name and nothing more.' she told herself over and over again. Instantly, she shakes her head to try to stop herself from remembering the dreams any further and walked towards her usual sit across his at the table.

"Are you going to work today?" Byakuya asked in an uninterested tone.

"Hai Nii-sama," Rukia replied seriously. She has always acted very formal in front of Byakuya.

'She will get so many unwanted attentions,' Byakuya thought to himself. One thing Byakuya hated the most was when he noticed male shinigami and nobles ogled at Rukia. He has seen it in many occasion and they almost had drools coming out of their mouths.

Byakuya was surprised when he saw Rukia entered the dinning room, all dress up for work, then he remembered today was Valentine's day, and he cursed Shunsui Taicho in his mind for convincing Yamamoto Taicho to allow female shinigami to dress differently on this day.

The maids quickly brought their breakfasts, Byakuya realized Rukia sat silently and cheerfully across the simple wooden dinning table, and placed a large paper bag that was filled with small boxes that were tied with thin strings of white ribbon beside her seat. He knew those must be the chocolate with first gaze of the boxes.

'Will she be giving one to me?' without realizing, he started staring at the petite raven hair shinigami in front of him, and wondered who Rukia was going to give those chocolate to.

'Why am I so concern about those chocolate? 'He asked himself, and he felt this feeling in his heart that he cannot explain. He questioned why he suddenly taken an interest in chocolate, mostly in her chocolate. In any case, each year, he always received cases of chocolate from random female in soul society and he never ate any of them.

Like a routine in the Kuchiki Mansion, breakfast was short and silent, when both of them finished their meal; they left the Kuchiki Estate together and flashed stepped in separate directions to their work division.




Half of the day has passed; Byakuya realized that he has not been very productive with his paper work this morning. His mind was still trying to figure out what was the feeling that he felt this morning during breakfast.

He was starting to feel irritated when he looked over to the empty lieutenant's chair, with a tall stack of unfinished paper work on top of his lieutenant's desk. It has been hours since Renji disappeared. Last time he saw him was in morning practice session. However, Renji have disappeared as soon as the morning session was finished.

'Abarai better not be with my Rukia. Wait, why I am thinking Rukia as mine?' Byakuya's through stopped when his crimson hair lieutenant rushed into his office without knocking the door.

'My Rukia,' he thought. He recognized that he was starting to see Rukia as his and he liked the sound of it.

"Taicho, do you know who Rukia is having dinner with tonight?" Renji shouted and he moved closer to Byakuya's wooden desk.

Byakuya recognized the small box of chocolate in his lieutenant's hand. 'Why did Rukia give Abarai a box of chocolate? Does she love him? Does she love him more than me?' Questions kept emerging in his head. Suddenly, he understood the feeling he has since breakfast; it was the feeling of jealously in his stomach.

Trying to stay in his emotionless face, he spoke in a firm tone: "Abarai, What are you holding in your hand? Also, where were you this entire morning? You better start working on that paper work, before I decide to give you more." Byakuya could not finish his sentence, when Renji ran to the front of his desk and put both of his hands over the side.

"Oh Taicho, this is chocolate Rukia made herself. She was giving it to everyone," Renji said, and wave the box of chocolate in the air in front of Byakuya's face.

"Taicho! You don't understand! I went to 13th division this morning to ask Rukia for dinner tonight, but Rukia… Rukia told me that she have plans already. When I tried to question more, she told me, she wanted to spend this evening with someone… someone special." Renji explained in one long breath.

Renji shut up when Byakuya gave him one of the famous Kuchiki death gaze, and Renji quickly went back to his desk to do his paper work. Renji knew better than to continue his protest when his Captain's moods became dangerously bad.

Byakuya's mood soured by the second when he thought about Rukia gave chocolate to everyone but him. 'Maybe, she will give me one tonight,' he thought.




Later in the afternoon, the sun was glowing vibrantly pass the window in his captain office, Byakuya had a hard time controlling his curiosity and jealousy emotions, he has so much questions and he wanted to rush over to Rukia to find his answers.

'I cannot let emotion get the better of me' He told himself, as he continued to attempt to concentrate on his reports.

Suddenly a black hell butterfly appeared in office and landed gently on his hand. Upon landing, he noticed the message was from Rukia, she wanted to know if he would be coming home for dinner tonight.

Instantaneously, he responded to the Rukia's message and told her that he would be home for dinner.

He sent another message to his personal maid to order the chief to prepare dishes that Rukia liked. That moment he became aware that even though they have been living together under one roof for over 50 years, he has no idea what Rukia's like to eat, or what was her favorite food. He has this sadden sensation in his heart. Byakuya noted that he would remember Rukia's favorite food after tonight's dinner.

For the rest of the work day, Byakuya's mood became less tense and looked forward to going home to have his usual dinner with her. He felt this warm feeling, and could not stop thinking of the fact the special someone that Rukia mentioned to Renji was himself and not the orange head human, or his stupid crimson hair lieutenant. He felt really happy, and tried to over his face with his hand to hide his smile that was escaping from bottom of his heart.




When Byakuya got back to Kuchiki's Manor, he rushed directly to the dinning room without changing out of his captain uniform because he was already 30 minutes late from his standard 6:30pm dinner time.

Upon entering the manor, he felt that Rukia was already inside the dinning room waiting for his arrival. He was late because Captain Kyouraku came into his office right at 6:00pm, and would not let him leave until he listened to how cruel fate has left him alone on the most romantic day of the year. He was unable to go home to his Rukia till he gave Captain Kyouraku all the Sake in his office.

'That drunk,' He felt anger raised as he remembered Captain Kyouraku's face.

The moments he slid open the dinning room door, he saw her breathtaking violet eyes and he felt his heart beat stopped. When he realized she has changed into a more elaborate silk kimono and her hair was tied up, wearing the ruby hair pin that he brought her last year for Christmas. The silk kimono looks perfect on her petite body; it showed off her curves and makes her looks so tempting, alluring, enticing, and appealing. Words keep popping in Byakuya's mind and images of Rukia on his bed started appearing in his mind; it made him want to hold Rukia in his arms. His imagination of Rukia on his bed interrupted when the maids came in and brought their dinner.

'This is inappropriate. I shouldn't be thinking and lusting over of my sister's body. Even if we are not blood related, she is still my sister; after all, I did adopt her.' Byakuya told himself again to remind him that this was wrong.

Across the large wooden table, Rukia started to remember her dream.

Flashback from her dream

When his soft lip brushed over her, she returned the hot kiss by capturing his mouth with more passion. He deepens the kiss as she slid her tongue in his mouth, and passionately explored his mouth. They explored every inch of each other's mouth, leaving no place untouched.

Byakuya drew back for a second to look into Rukia's large violet eyes before his mouth started traveling down her neck, leaving love bites on her neck and shoulder. He continued to claim her body by leaving marks along her creamy white skin. In the meanwhile, his mouth was finding her soft spot while running his tongue over her soft white skin. She arched to allow him more access to her neck, as he nibbled on her soft spot. Unable to control her reactions, Rukia started to moan by the pleasure He was giving her.

"Byakuya," she moaned softly.

Moving his hands overpoweringly around the petite naked body that lay on top his soft white bed, he touched the soft skin of her waist, her belly, and then slowly moved to her breast.

He ran his fingers over her nipple and stokes it gently, as she moans and gasps in pleasure. She bitted her lower lip to stop her moans from coming out. Her hip started to move eagerly, wanting more pleasure from him. As her fingers run through his long silky black hair, and lightly touching his back and chest, making Byakuya groan in pleasure.

"Rukia, do you want more?" He asked in a husky deep voice, as he moved his mouth over her nipple, using his tongue he plays with her more.

"Yes, Byakuya" she gasped quietly, moving her small hands to his cheek to pull him up for another hot kiss. His lips pressed against hers to silent the sound that was escaping from her throat.

Byakuya groaned when he felt Rukia wrap her leg around him and started to move against his hip.

End of Flashback

"Rukia-sama, is there something wrong with tonight's meal? You have not touched your meal," the maid asked with a worried face.

"Everything is fine. It is just I am not that hungry tonight," Rukia lied. Rukia finally came back to her senses and did not want anyone to know what was going on in her head. She kept her face looking down on the food, to avoid showing her redden face, while Byakuya stayed in his emotionless expression and did not notice her blush.

At the end of the dinner, Byakuya noticed the only dish Rukia finished was the vanilla ice cream; he figured that must be her favorite food.




Before leaving the dinner room, Rukia pulled Byakuya's arm gently on his elbow to stop him from leaving the dinning room.

"Rukia," his eyes glared at her.

"Nii-sama, Happy Valentine Day" Rukia said politely, as she pulled a box from the side of the table to gave him.

She was too close to him; Rukia was drowning in Byakuya's scent, that sweet Sakura scent that he always carried. She knew she wanted him more than a brother. She wanted him; she wanted to be the one that finally broke the invisible icy shield that he always put around himself. She wanted him to look at her in the pair of loving gentle gray eyes that she always saw in her dreams.

Taken by surprise, Byakuya stayed silent and look indifferent at Rukia's blushed face.

"I know Nii-sama do not like chocolate because you never eat any of the chocolate that all those noble ladies gives you each year. I am not sure if you will like this, but I hope you will," Rukia said shyly, almost like a murmur as she held out the large box with her arms.

Byakuya opened his present immediately. It was a white scarf with one small sakura pattern at the end. Everyone in soul society knew Byakuya has an obsession about sakura because ever since he became the head of Kuchiki, he planted Sakura trees all over the Kuchki Estate.

"I know you like taking night walks in the garden, and it can get cold in these winter nights. I ..I….was hoping this will keep you warm at nights." Rukia said in a soft voice while looking in his grey eyes. She felt her heart beat faster as she tried to get the words out of her mouth.

Rukia have rarely acted this shyly in front of other people, but for some oddly reason, her personality seems to change in front of him. She acts a lot more formal, polite, and shy when he was around.

"Thank you, I will treasure it greatly," Byakuya said in an apathetic tone.

As Rukia tried to help him warp the scarf around his neck, their hands touched lightly, and they both felt their heart has skipped a beat.

'She looks so beautiful and cute when her face flushes. Wait, Rukia gave me a present, but I did not get her anything.' Byakuya thought that he would have to return the favor by giving her the perfect gift on White Day.

To Be Continue