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Chapter 26

The Lost Chapters

The night was dark with only the gentle new moon and sparking stars illuminating the quiet evening sky. With half of the lush grape colored curtain closed in the large simple rectangle bedroom, Byakuya and Rukia's bedroom was almost in complete darkness.

Rukia could not sleep tonight. More like for the past few days, she could barely have a full night of peaceful sleep. Even though, she was sleeping on one of the most expensive and comfortable mattress in the world, she still wakes up in the middle of the night a few times a night. The weight of her growing babies has caused too much tension for her petite body. She could not sleep on her sides, and she has to put like two large feather filled pillows underneath her head to help her falls asleep each night.

Her large violet eyes blinked a few times in the darkness before she decided it was better to wake up than to try to fall asleep again. Not like it worked for the last hour.

Slowly her right hand reached for the light switch to the small chrome table lamp on the wooden bedside table. The small light felt a lot brighter at night. It completely illuminates the large bedroom. She could trace all the furniture within the room as her eyes travels left and right.

'I cannot wait until you two are out in this world,' Rukia thought to herself as she rubbed her large belly with a soft smile. The soft sound of the clock clicked in the quiet darkness.

The babies have been very active inside her watermelon size belly, and she was glad they are energetic because each time they moved. It reminded her that she would be a parent soon. Very soon. She would have the family she never imagined to have. She hoped the babies are not having a fight though and are playing nice together.

'There are many weird people in this world but I am sure you will find many of them interesting like I do,' she thought as she rubbed her two basketball size belly.

There were just too much excitements and emotions going on in her mind during this pregnancy. At first she tried to plan her life around the magic date, the babies' arrival date. Sadly, that almost drove herself and everyone around her insane. She had to accept that she could not control when the babies are born.

Thank goodness, there was Captain Unohana to counsel to on a daily basis. The kind mother like captain answered all her endless questions and provided her with nice useful advises. For example taking naps during the day because having a full night sleep would be almost impossible at the end of the pregnancy.

"Byakuya," Rukia hotly whispered in his ear. She has been so horny, and needing during this whole pregnancy, making love with Byakuya was always on her mind. Half of the time, it was the only thing on her mind.

Flashback of her dream

Walked into the lake view hotel room in the busy downtown city, she continued to text her friend, as her back leaned towards the coffee colour desk on the side of the room. Staring at her cell phone screen, she did not look to the entrance of the door. She has not forgotten that he was in the room as well. Her heart was fluttered and she was nervous to look at the door direction. She knew he would be standing there looking at her.

Much to her inner delight, everything still felt surreal that they are in the same room together. Just hours ago, he was still 1200 miles away.

It is a mystery to her how deeply she has fallen in love with him. She knew she was in love with him for a long time, but never dreamed he would return her love. After he had spends such a long time avoiding her feelings.

He is the one she has given her heart to, the first man that made her brave enough to fall in love. She always thought all her decision in detail. Everything she did was practical, reasoned, and the most logical one. Love was the one thing she had stayed away all these years because love had no reason or logic.

Without any notice, he stood in front of her with a genuine smile and swiftly bent down to capture her pink lips in a deep kiss that smoothly taken all her attention away from everything but him. He gently pulled her to him.

She felt her body melted. Pleasure filled her. A warm, tingling feeling and breathless sensation built inside her. A small moan escaped her lips. She leaned towards his embrace, accepting his kiss, savored every taste of him. She felt his harden member against her warm body which only made her wants him more. Her left hand dropped the cell phone on the desk that still has an unfinished text message on it.

She moved her arms and rested her hands behind his head as they deepen their hungry powerful kiss. Their lips moved back and forth over each other, and the intensity took her breath away. She was completely enchanted by him.

He effortlessly laid her on top of the perfectly made king bed as he continued to kiss her passionately.

Her cheeks were heated when he parted his lips from her. She loves the taste of his lips on hers. For a moment, she thought her heart will stop. She wanted him to consume her.

His eyes never left hers. He liked the way she smiled and the way he felt so content being with her.

She looked at him with wonder in her eyes, as she watched as he stripped off his clothes.

"Can I take off mine too?" she smiles at him. Within seconds he helped her take off her navy blue sweater dress, her knee high boots, her perfectly matched ocean blue colour bra and panty. She knew she desired him.

The warmth of his finger caressed the soft skin of her as he whispered her name. His body ached and throbbed to make her his immediately.

She enjoys his touches and kisses, leaving her wanting more of him. No one else has ever left her with this feeling before.

She did not want him to stop kissing and touching her. She loves the feel of his skin on hers.

He spread her legs immediately and wanted to enter her.

"Are you going to use a condom?" she asked softly as she stared into his eyes.

"Yes, after I have a taste of being inside you," He told her.

He had the most serious look on his face as he positioned his hard dick at her opening and slowly he thrust into her warm core, going in as far as he could. He watched her lips slowly parted for his tip. Her body welcomed every inch of him.

She gasped with ecstasy. She heard his intake of breath. She was going to complain that he should use a condom but it was too late, she knew she do not want him to leave her now. He stirred her like no other man ever had. Though, she felt she do not fully understand him, she trusts him fully.

As promised, he went and put on a rubber, and entered her again. However, the feeling was not the same. He only felt pressure, but not the wetness or the warmth he felted a moment ago. He hated using the condom. He took it off the condom immediately, threw it on the carpet floor and got right back inside her.

He moved forward slowly, thrusting in and out with long easy strokes, making her moan in delight. He quicken his rhyme until he pulled out and cum on her abdominal.

He lay still on top of her as his breath returns to normal.

She welcomed his weight upon her, and stoked his back, enjoying the feel of his skin beneath her hands.

He started to massage her outer lips with his fingers while kissed her hotly. He was pleased to find that she was ready for him again when he inserted his finger in her core. There was immense satisfaction in the way her body responded to him.

She gasped in pleasure and arched towards him as his hand expertly fingered her.

He removed his wet fingers from inside her and wiped them on his lips.

She pulled him close to her and dove for his lips, kissing them deeply and licking them to taste her on his delicious lips.

He brought his face up to her and kissed her deeply. His tongue immediately gave her a taste of her wetness, exploring the deepest part of her mouth. She had never experience this before, and it was something that never imagined that she would enjoy but somehow, the thought of tasting herself from his lips was utterly mind blowing. When he pulled back, she felt her wetness.

"Please fuck me," she whispered by his ears. She did not want to stop, she want to continue to feel the amazing sensation that he cause her body.

He moved inside her, and her body quicken in response.

Lying with her, he kissed her softly and wrapped his arms around her. He hand lovingly caressed her shoulder and arm.

She moaned to his touches. She loved the touch of his hands on her. She loves everything about him, she loves talking to him, looking at him, and she want to be with him. If she was not with him, her mind was constantly filled with thoughts of him. She felt that she would love him forever, desire him all her life, and she would never feel complete without him.

End of Flashback

"hmmm," Byakuya only turned his body to the other side of the bed in response.

She sighed at his response. "I can't sleep," the mother to be gave her husband a little shake but he ignored her again.

Although, Byakuya and Rukia are officially husband and wife by the law, they have not held their wedding dinner and party for the public. Rukia did not want to look fat in her wedding pictures. However, Byakuya wanted to be traditional and be married before having children. Therefore, they compromised by signing the marriage documents in a private gathering with close family and postponed the large wedding party to after the babies were born when Rukia felt she was ready.

"Let's go get some ice cream," she suggested as she give him a little pinch before lightly drawing circles with her slender fingers on his strong bare back.


"I wanted to have my strawberry ice cream now," Rukia demanded and pushed him with all her strength. Byakuya almost fell off the bed with that push.

"There should be some in the fridge," he murmured in his half asleep state as he pulled his comfortable duvet over his arms.

"I checked before I went to bed, it is all finished," Rukia whispered quietly, she tried to keep her voice down to not wake up rest of the household.

"I will get you some tomorrow morning," Byakuya offered.

"I need it now," Rukia stated soundly. She knew that she was being unreasonable, but right now being reasonable was not on her priority list. Her craving for the strawberry ice cream was winning over her normal logic.

"Need or Want?" Byakuya yawned and opened his mesmerizing grey eyes met her exquisite violet once.

"Need! And I want it now," the petite raven hair shinigami demanded convincingly.

"Rukia, all the ice cream shops are closed right now," Byakuay said calmly in his matter of fact tone, as his grey eyes narrowed at his wife.

"I do not care! I WANT my ice cream NOW!" Rukia whined louder and sat on the edge of the large bed.




"What is all these noise? It is 3am in the middle of the night," Ichigo asked as he walked towards Byakuya and Rukia's room.

His footsteps echoed in the long hallway.

"Is everything okay?" the orange hair substitute shinigami added.

"Everything is fine," Byakuya answered and opened his bedroom door to his brother in law.

Every family member was awakened by the commotions between Rukia and Byakuya. As usual Rukia's craving started in the oddest hours of the night, and worst of all, tonight Byakuya has forgotten to pick up her favorite strawberry ice cream after work. Therefore, the fridge was out of ice cream.

"We can get your ice cream tomorrow," Byakuya said softly as he tried to hug Rukia to comfort her.

"The babies say they want it NOW!" Rukia said as she pouted like a child and pushed his arms away from her.

By now, she knew that she must have awakened the entire house.

"I am telling you, your mood swings are getting worst," Ichigo commented to his new adopted sister as he stood on the side of the door frame.

"I do not have mood swings. I am just a little more emotional at times of needs," Rukia pointed out candidly.

"Byakuya I feel sorry for you. But thank god, her due date is in two weeks," Ichigo added giving Byakuya a pet on his shoulder.

Byakuya narrowed his glaze at his new brother in law's action. No one had ever acted so casual with him before. Not only did Ichigo address him in first name basis, he also petted his shoulder. Nevertheless, he accepted Ichigo's lack of manner towards him.

"Unohana Taichou said there is a chance that the babies will come early," Byakuya stated in a deep tone in his indifferent features.

"She really has you wrapped around her little finger," Ichigo stated with smirked.

"Look who is the one talking," Byakuya responded looking straight into the orange hair teenager's brown eyes. As he recalled Ichigo would do anything for Rukia as long as she asked.

Rukia moved back to soul society with Byakuya for a little while because the Elders insisted that she would be safer at home, but she always ends up traveling between the two worlds on daily basis to get her ice cream. Therefore, Byakuya concluded it would be safer for him to travel between the two worlds each day instead.

Also, since Rukia's have such extreme craving for human sweets, Byakuya and Rukia agreed it was best for her to stay at the Kuchiki estate in human world.

"Rukia-nee, I am sure Byakuya-nii will get you the ice cream first thing in the morning," Yuzu said kindly.

"You should have let Byakuya buy the ice cream chain, and then you will be able to have all the ice cream you want at any time," Ichigo said as he scratched his head.

"No!" Rukia said.

If she allowed Byakuya to buy the ice cream chain just for her craving, she would be so mad at herself for being so spoiled and selfish. She knew she was being irrational for asking ice cream at this late at night, but all she wanted right now was the sweet taste of strawberry ice cream.

"Everything will be fine my sweet daughter, the best father in the world is here," Isshin said as his hands reach out with an ice cream maker.

"Daddy, you are the best," Rukia said as her eyes widened by the surprise and ran to Isshin's side.

"Of course I am. Daddy will make ice cream for you and my grandbabies," Isshin stated proudly as his eyes traveled to Rukia stomach.

As they were walking towards the stairs, Isshin suddenly stopped.

"What is wrong" Yuzu asked politely.

"I forgot to buy the ingredients," Isshin indicated quietly.

"Then no ice cream?" Rukia asked innocently as her violet eyes travel to each person of her family.

"Can't you wait until tomorrow morning when the stores are open?" Ichigo asked his new adopted sister.

"No!" the petite raven hair shinigami whined.

"I am sorry," Isshin apologized.

"How can you buy the machine and not the ingredients to make the ice cream?" Karin said in an annoyed tone and rolled her eyes at her father.

"Dad don't spoil her, let her wait until the morning. It is unhealthy to eat all that ice cream at night anyway," Ichigo stated.

"I am not spoiled, I'm… My," Rukia countered as her hand moved on top of her large stomach. When her knees loose its strength, just she before she collapsed on the hardwood floors, Byakuya flashed stepped to her side and held her in his arms before the impact.

"You… what?" Ichigo asked as he ran to her side.

"Everything okay?" Byakuya asked in a worried tone as he noticed the pain on Rukia's expression.

"DO YOU THINK I LOOK OKAY?" Rukia shouted and bit her lower lips.

"Okay everyone stays calm" Isshin commanded and his doctor personality took over.

"My water broke," Rukia shouted in an irritated voice and her face was paled from pain.

'Oh god, oh god…' Byakuya mentally screamed at himself while trying to act in his normal indifferent mask.

"What?" Ichigo asked again. Even though, he heard her words the first time perfectly. He could not believe what he just heard, while the other people in the room just stood there like a deer in headlights.

"Baka, my water broke. Do something!" Rukia shouted as more pain kicked in her system.

"I will get the car and bring you to hospital," Isshin suggested as he immediately went to look for the keys.

"No, can't…" Rukia said in pain. There was no way she could give birth in a normal human hospital. After all, her babies would not be normal human babies.

"I will call Unohana Taichou and tell her to come as soon as possible," Ichigo said.

"FAST!" she cried and gritted her teeth. Rukia took long inhale and exhale. She tried to stay calm and not scream like a mad woman. After all, she was a Kuchiki, she should not be making a fuss over giving birth.

"Wait, I do know her number," Ichigo said as he stood panicking. He inwardly cursed himself for not knowing what to do right now.

"Can you guys be a little more helpful?" the pregnant woman groaned in pain.

"Let me send her a message, can you help me hold Rukia for a moment," Byakuya asked politely as he handed Rukia to Ichigo arms.

Ichigo only nodded his head because he could no longer decide he could do at this situation. It is like he wished that he would do something to help her lessen the pain.

Rukia was in so much pain that she could no longer stand. For sure giving birth was more painful than anything she has experienced. It is a deep kind of pain that no words can describe. If she has to give it a number on a scale of one to ten, ten being the most painful. She could have given it an 11.

The phone trembled against Byakuya lean fingers when he dialed to 4th division captain. He could hardly press the numbers correctly.

"Everything will be okay. Unohana is coming right now," Byakuya said calmly as he reached for Rukia in his arms again. This time he carried her back to their bed, where he laid her down as gently as possible.

"Will it be faster to bring her back to Soul Society?" Ichigo asked but Byakuya only responded with a shake of his head. It would be too dangerous to have her travel through the gate.

Byakuya told himself that he has planned these whole thing months ago. He was well prepared for this. Everything would be okay if he followed all the steps from those pre-birth parenting classes he has taken. There was no point to panic, but he has a hard time to keep his cool.

"Byakuya!" Rukia shouted on top of her lung as her hands reached for him.

"Everything will be okay Rukia," Byakuya promised.

"You are repeating yourself," she said with a weak smile. She knew how much he hated repeating himself.

"You can do this Rukia," Byakuya stated as he kissed off the tears on her cheeks.




She was not sure how long it taken Captain Unohana to get to Ichigo's house, but the time waiting for the nice doctor felt like eternity. The second the captain entered the room, everyone felt relief and that everything would be better.

Retsu brought along with her Isane and Hanataro to assist in the delivery. The doctor kicked everyone out of the room, beside Byakuya and her helpers.

In a few moments, like magic she transformed the normal bedroom into a function delivery room. Rukia have to admit that the good doctor and her team were extremely organized.

"Byakuya," Rukia stated as her hand gripped his.

"Rukia, everything will be okay. I am here with you," Bykuya said as his other hand wiped the sweat from her forehead.

"Okay Rukia-san, just like how we practiced before, you will have to push," Retsu stated.

Although, she was in pain and was exhausted, Rukia took a few deep breaths and continued to push harder. She wanted to see their babies.

"You are doing great," Isane said with a warm smile.

"I promise you, after this we will go and get all the strawberry ice cream you want. I want to get anything you want." Byakuya stated as he held her hands.

"A few more pushes," Retsu said.

After a few more pushes, she heard crying sounds of a baby.

"It's a boy," Hanataro said and he went to mark down the time and went to clean off the new born boy.

"One more to go," Retsu stated and encouraged for another push from an exhausted Rukia.

Within two minutes the second baby was born, and she was beautiful. After she was cleaned and wrapped, the new bundle of joys was comfortably wrapped in soft clothes. Isane carried the baby girl to Rukia's side.

"Rukia, our babies are here," Byakuya said and planted a kiss on her red lips.

Rukia and Byakuya marveled at the sight of their babies. The babies cuddled up in Bykuya's arms and they both stared at the babies in amazement. At that moment, everything felt perfect.




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