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Already got some feedback from the Valentine's story...most of them were positive. The flame, quite honestly, I had no idea what they were talking about. It made no sense.

Okay. Enough on that. This is my new story that will be filled with lots of fluff and Huddy Happiness. Well, for the most part. It wouldn't be Huddy without fighting, now, would it? I had something of this nature bouncing around in my brain for a really long time, so now that I've thought about it, I'm finally going to write it. I promise it will be waaaaaay more than 10 chapters.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters; they all belong to my hero David Shore. I will return them once they realize that they are meant to be together, which, by the looks on the show, won't be for a little while. Which means I get to play with them! (*rubs hands together and laughs like an evil genius*)

Also, anything or anywhere I mention about the Jersey Shore is, in fact, real (unless I say otherwise). Yes, they go down the shore in this one. I just love it down there and decided it would be fun if they were there too, because if you've ever been there, you'd wonder what they would do down there because IT IS THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH.

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"There are plenty of other doctors in this world! And I'm sure all of them are capable of curing a disease! I'm not going! Get someone else to do it!" one very irritated Dr. Gregory House spat at his boss.

"House! This is a donor we are talking about here! He is one of our hospital's top beneficiaries, and if he stops donating, it could hurt the hospital in ways that God couldn't have even dreamt up!" Dr. Lisa Cuddy argued as she slammed her hands down onto her elegant mahogany desk, causing everything to slightly rattle. She leaned over into her infamous pose, the one where she's bent low enough for people to look down her top.

"Does it look like I care?" he slammed his cane into the ground and leaned towards her, taking advantage of her position. She was wearing a button down pink dress shirt with a grey and black plaid sweater-vest over it. The pink shirt was unbuttoned to a few inches under the top hem of the sweater, her whole chest practically hanging out for him to oogle at.

"He requested YOU to figure out what's wrong with his daughter! I can't get someone else, because he requested YOU and YOU only!" she emphasized every "YOU" in the sentence to prove her point, completely oblivious to House's actions because she was in a state of dismay trying to convince him to take the kid's case.

"So...?" he trailed off in a not caring voice, still staring at her torso.

"He wants YOU because no other doctors have been able to diagnose his daughter. Hence you being the head of the Diagnostic Medicine Department. Hence YOU are the only one that can cure her." she tapped a fingernail on a blue folder that happened to be under her hand, finally seeing that he wasn't paying attention at all. She straightened herself out and glared at him when his eyes met hers again.

"Stop staring at my chest." she hissed. "You're taking the case."

"But moooooom-"

"You're taking it. I don't care what made up excuse you come up to get out of it, because you're not."

He let out an agitated sigh and looked down, both hands resting on his cane. He picked his head up. "Where's the kid so I can get this over with?"

"Lavallette." she said, bracing herself for the upcoming reaction.

"Lavallette? What the hell is she doing in Lavallette? Get her here!" he snapped.

Cuddy sighed. "The family has a house there. They thought that apparently she would feel better if she was somewhere that she loved to be. And we can't transport her because she is too weak-"

"Whoah, whoah, whoah. Wait a minute. So you're telling me that I have to go down to Lavallette to check out this kid?" he questioned.

"Yes." she looked down, holding onto the edge of her desk with her hands.

Something suddenly clicked in his head. He smirked. "Alrighty, then."

She looked up quickly, in a half state of shock. "That's it? No random excuses, no arguing, no doing anything House-like?"

House slowly cocked his head to the side, his hands still on his cane that was resting between his thighs. "Yup. Well, I thought for a second that if I went along on this little expedition, then that meant I couldn't do Clinic Duty. So why not?"

Cuddy rolled her eyes. "Mr. Vimmersberg wants us there as soon as possible." She glanced at the little clock on her desk. "Right now it's 10 A.M., so we need to leave by-"

"Wait, what do you mean "us"? And Vimmersburg? You're coming on this little trip, too?" he asked.

"You really thought I was going to let you travel an hour away to go check out a donor's child by yourself? Never in a million years would I let that happen. And Vimmersberg is the donor. Craig Vimmersberg."

House grinned. "This is going to be fun. As they say, the more the merrier."

She rolled her eyes again and sighed, somewhat relieved that she had finally convinced him to go along with this. "As I was saying before, we need to be packed and ready to go at 11:30. Abigail won't live much longer if we don't get a move on."

"Who's Abigail?" he asked innocently.

Cuddy walked around her desk and stood in front of him. "The patient, for crying out loud. Who else did you think it was?"

"Your lesbian lover." he smirked. She glared, gaping, and gently slapped his shoulder. "That is NOT funny."

"Ow, you hurt me! That's not funny either." he faked a hurt expression. She walked away from him and began to collect things she needed to take home/bring along on the trip.

House watched intently as she graciously moved about the office, that little furrowed look on her face when she picked up something trying to decide if she would need it. It was pure, simple beauty. It was one of the things that intrigued him most about Lisa Cuddy. Just the way she looked at a piece of bread would seem rather beautiful and stunning to him.

She bent down and began to rummage through a drawer. House moved so that he could get a clear, head-on view of her ass, which, by the way, was looking rather voluptuous today in that black pencil skirt.

"Your outbox is four times its normal size." he commented. She flipped around with a scowl.

"Stop staring at my ass when you think I'm not looking. And why are you still here?" she crossed her arms over her chest. "Go get your crap from your office and go home and pack. I will pick you up at 11:30."

"Whatever." he mumbled as he limped out of her office and proceeded to his to grab his backpack before hopping on his bike and heading home.

[H] [H] [H] [H]

About a half hour later, House had made it back to his apartment. He was passed out in bed taking a nap because he'd pulled an all-nighter solving his last case, which was last night. So, he hadn't been home since...about yesterday morning. Packing could wait for a half hour...or a few of them.

A loud thudding noise shook him from his state of deep sleep. He groaned and buried himself further under the covers. The thudding persisted, followed by a shout:

"House! Open the damn door! We have to leave!" Cuddy's muffled voice rang out.

"It's open!" he called back and went to resume his napping. He heard the door open, then close, and then the all too familiar clacking sound of heels against hard floor coming his way.

She came into his bedroom, two large Styrofoam cups in her hands, and began to scowl.

"Get your ass out of the bed! We need to go now!" she screeched.

"Go away, I'm tired." he mumbled into the pillow.

"You can sleep on the ride down in the car. Now get up, grab your crap, and LET'S GO." Cuddy said in her administrative tone as she swept the duvet off of him in one swoop.

He sighed and turned over. "I need to get a few things around the apartment first."

"You mean to tell me you haven't packed yet? What the hell have you been doing since you got home?" she yelled.

"Sleeping! What else?! I haven't been home since yesterday morning!" he snapped.

Cuddy dragged her hand down her face. "Just...quickly grab your stuff so we can leave."

"Whatever." House pulled his right leg over the side of the bed and stood up, grabbing his backpack off the floor and tossing it onto the bed. He went over to his chest of drawers and pulled a handful of clothes out of each one and stuffed it in, then pulled a few "novelty" items of clothing from the closet, adding those to the mix as well. He reached over into the nightstand and quickly pulled out a box of condoms and a pack of cards, tossing them in before Cuddy could see what he even picked up.

House slung the backpack on his shoulder and limped out of the room, followed by Cuddy. She handed him one of the coffees and he stopped off in the bathroom to grab his toothbrush before they ran out the door, him snatching his cane off the crown molding where he left it.

[H] [H] [H] [H]

Cuddy and House finally were on the road, headed for Lavallette. He was already zonked out in the passenger seat, the seat reclined back as far as it could go. Cuddy was driving along the Garden State Parkway, trying not to pay attention to the attractive brilliant doctor snoozing beside her. He made her nervous as it was, but now that they were alone and together, it multiplied that feeling by about a thousand. If he were to, say, shift around to a better position and his jacket brushed up against her leg or something, there would be a pang of arousal down her spine to between her legs in a matter of milliseconds. He had that kind of effect on her

She slowed down to the oncoming traffic that was at a complete standstill, taking the opportunity to stretch out for a minute. As she settled back in, she felt a fairly noticeable tug at her bladder. I'm sure this will all let up in ten minutes, I'll last until we get there.

Meanwhile, House was completely out beside her. There was only so much differentialating one diagnostician could take. He was so out of it and so attracted to the sexy Dean of Medicine beside him that his subconscious came up with a completely whacked-out dream.

House had walked into Cuddy's office, file in hand, to get her to sign off on another one of his insanely dangerous procedures for one of his patients. When he burst through those double doors, the sight before him had him instantly aroused. Cuddy was sitting on top of her desk wearing nothing but a deep purple lacy lingere set, black stilettos and bright red lipstick. Her raven locks were tousled and teased, spilling over her shoulders, making her look sexier than one could ever imagine. He rubbed his eyes to make sure that he wasn't hallucinating. The Dean of Medicine nearly naked in her office?

"Um...Cuddy...I...uh...I-I need a..." he couldn't even form a comprehensionable sentence.

"See something you like?" she said in a low, sultry tone.

"How the hell am I supposed to get anything done when you're wearing...that?" he managed, drinking in her creamy white flesh.

"That's the whole point of me wearing this. Now, sit." she pointed to a comfy looking chair in front of her.

He immediately flung the file somewhere into office and didn't hesitate to park his rear in that chair. She stood up slowly, a malicious, sexy smile on her face and wrapped around the glimmering silver pole that came from the ceiling down to the surface of her desk. Wait, where'd that come from?

She did a slow pole dance, grinding sensually against the rod as his pants became extremely uncomfortable in the front. Cuddy was starting to become aroused herself, seeing his reaction and the enormous bulge in his jeans. She seductively lowered herself off the desk and began to give him a lap dance, purposely brushing against the tented material of his pants. They both moaned upon the contact.

Cuddy was frantically tapping her nails along the center of the steering wheel when she heard a small moan from House. She glanced over to find him just barely undulating his hips. She suddenly realized what was happening and turned away, slightly turned on and very disgusted at the same time. But she couldn't really focus on that being that she had to pee so badly. Ugh, why the hell did I let myself drink an entire large coffee before going on a car trip?

She pushed that away and refocused on House. Should she wake him up before he-too late. She saw the tent in his jeans, staring at it for way much longer than neccessary. Which meant that she had to wake him up before something...wet happens or before she jumped him.

The sharp pull on her bladder distracted her and she let out a moany grunt, squeezing her legs together and smacking the dashboard with her hands.

Cuddy was riding him hard, the two both on the edge. She clamped down around him, and let out a sudden grunt, followed by a loud bang-

House's eyes flew open and he realized he had been dreaming. He glanced about, seeing Cuddy looking mighty desperate beside him and remembered where he was. In the car. He glanced down and quickly put his hands in his lap to cover the quite obvious bulge in his jeans.

"What's wrong?" he asked groggily, slightly concerned about her facial expression.

She jumped and turned to face him, unaware that he had woken up.

"I really have to pee and this damn traffic isn't moving." she gritted.

"Terrific. You have to pee and I..." he caught himself before he had the chance to be mortified.

"You what?" she looked over from her slouched position with her forearms in her lap and her legs tightly together.

"Nothing." he mumbled and pulled the seat back up so he could sit. "Drive, woman, they're moving ahead of us."

Cuddy, relieved, stepped on it and sped away to the next rest stop, wincing at every bump and lump they hit that rattled her bladder.

She finally saw a sign and she flew off the parkway and into the parking lot, skidding into the nearest parking space. She got out and made a run for it, House not far behind her. His erection had almost completely went away, so he decided to walk around so he could stretch out his leg. He came across an arcade near the restrooms and got into an intense game of Pac-Man waiting for Cuddy to finish her business so they could finally high-tail it down to Lavallette, New Jersey.

Okay, so there's your first chapter. I do apologize if it seems like everything happened too fast...well, it was supposed to happen fast because they have to get there as soon as they possibly can before something bad happens to Abby.

And I know I repeated with Cuddy really having to pee. Again. I think it's fun to torture her like that because it never happens in the show really. MWAHAHAHAHA. LOL. I know. Cuddy is about to pee her pants and House is about to drop his load. How much better does it get?

Also, about the traffic. My mom had told me once that when she was little they went down the shore and the traffic was so bad that they got out of the car, bought fruit at a fruit stand, and got back in without the car moving from its spot. Everything was at a dead stop. Plus, that was like the '60's-'70's and there was no AC in the car, so it was really hot, plus no movement. Shore traffic is the worst.

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