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"Holy shit!" House screamed as he fought with his fishing pole. Something large was on the other end of it, and he was wrestling with the thing to get it out of the water.

"Fish on!" somebody yelled, which got a mate over with a net.

House reeled the line in and peered over the edge of the boat. His eyeballs rolled out of his skull.

"Holy mother of God."

The mate scooped up the fish entangled with the hook at the end of the pole. It was a fluke, about 30 inches.

"Well, how about that? That's one big momma." Jessie said.

"I'll say," said the mate. "That's the biggest fish on board."

This had been the last drop before the boat would head back to dock. On party boats like these, the people on board would contribute a few dollars into a pool for the biggest fish. Whoever caught the biggest fish wins all the money. In this case, it was House.

"Woohoo!" House said.

"Nice job, buddy!" Wilson clapped a hand onto his friend's shoulder.

The whistle blew, signaling that everyone had to reel in so the boat could move.

"Does anyone know how to cook it?" House asked the group.

"I make great fish." Mike said.

"You wouldn't mind making dinner?" Wilson asked him.

"Oh, no. It would be my pleasure."

Wilson turned towards Jessie. "Care to join us?"

Her eyes lit up. "Gosh, I'd love to!"

"Alright guys. We'll meet up at my place afterwards?" Mike stated.

"Sounds like a plan." House chirped in. "I just have to get Cuddy first."


Cuddy was sprawled haphazardly across the sofa, napping away happily. She'd absently flipped on the TV and had fallen asleep halfway through Tangled. Hey, she was female, and she would watch anything that had to do with romance or princesses.

House came into the room, and grinned at her.

"Honey, I'm home!" he announced happily.

She opened her eyes, and they darkened with arousal almost instantly. After yawning and collecting her various limbs that were strewn about, she stood up, and walked right into his arms, pressing her lips against his in a steamy kiss.

"I missed you." She whispered before licking the shell of his ear.

"Hate to burst your sexual bubble, but we are expected at Mike's house for dinner." He whispered before taking her lips again.

"Mmmm...we can't just stay here..." she snuck her hands under his shirt, raking her nails on his sweaty chest "...and have fun all day?"

He closed his eyes, feeling himself go hard. "I'd love to, but I won 300 bucks on the pool because I caught the biggest fish, which I would like to enjoy, by the way."

Her hands slipped unter the waistband of his shorts and stroked him. "How about a quickie?"

"Uh, in case you aren't aware, Wilson is there too, and it will be suspicious if it takes us 9 years to mosey on over there." he hissed.

"You're filthy. Why don't we take a shower? Seems like a legit excuse to me."

He groaned as he surged into her hand. "You win. It's gotta be quick though."

Cuddy dragged him into the bathroom, stripping both of them of all clothing, and she then managed to shove both of them into the tiny shower cubicle once again. House managed to turn the knob for the shower while his face was currently in Cuddy's mouth, and they both squealed and yelped when cold water hit them.

"Ugh!" Cuddy felt her nipples pucker at the cold rivulets of water cascading down her body.

After much cursing and fumbling with the knob, the water finally began to warm up. Cuddy was pushed against the wall as House entered her swiftly.

"Oh God, I missed that." She met him thrust for thrust until they both spilled over the edge, panting through the steam that had accumulated.


The two finally managed to dress themselves and walk over to Mike's within a decent time frame. They heard muffled laughter coming from inside.

"That was NOT funny!" Wilson whined from the floor, where he'd slipped playing charades.

"You're sure looked like a dying squirrel." Jessie giggled.

Everyone looked towards House and Cuddy as they entered.

"Gee, it's about time." Mike said. Loann was grinning next to him.

"Cuddy insisted that I take a shower because I was gross." He complained.

"It must have been some shower." Jessie snickered, noting Cuddy's damp hair.

"Jessie, this is my..." House fumbled, trying to find the proper title for Cuddy. She nudged him, signaling it was okay to say what he was going to say "...girlfriend, Lisa Cuddy."

Wilson smirked. It was about damn time!

"Pleased to meet y'all." Jessie volunteered a hand, and Cuddy accepted it gracefully. "I'm Jessie. Jimmy over there invited me along. We met on the boat."

"That's great! Mmm, something smells fantastic." Cuddy sniffed the air.

"That would be Michael's fish." Loann cut in. "He's a fantastic chef."

"So.." House changed the subject. "What exactly was Jimmy trying to be? A drunken idiot?"

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