It was a normal day at Conan High School kid's getting ready for the day ahead, mean while Kaito and Aoko were fighting as usual when they hear footsteps knowing Mrs. Koyama since nobody should be in the hall she walks in with someone who looks like Kaitou Kuroba except with cleaner hair.

"Good morning class" says to her students" Today we have new student "she continues

He wrote "Shinichi Kuroba" on the board and said nervously "H-Hi my name is Shinichi Kuroba nice to meet you all

Everyone as surprised at hearing the name Kuroba since they know Kaitou has no brother

"Alright Shinichi-kun there's an empty seat next to your brother" Mrs. Koyama tells him

"Yes Mrs. Koyama "he answers herShinichi walked to his desk and saw that Kaitou had a mischievous smirk on his face and said "Don't start Kaitou "

"Now now is that any way to talk to your brother hmm" said to him "

Look I 'm not in the mood okay" Shinichi said to him

"Alright I'll leave you alone Shinichi" Kaitou said to his brother

"Wait you two are brothers "Aoko asked him .Kaitou nodded his head "Well I never saw that coming by the way my name is Aoko Nakamori nice to meet you by the way I've been friends with your brother since child hood .

"It's just like me and Rachel or we were" Shinichi thought to himself

"What's wrong Shinichi-kun "Aoko asked

"N-Nothing I'm alright "Shinichi answered

"Nothing yeah right he just lost his girlfriend "Kaitou told Aoko

"Oh "Aoko said

Chapter One End!

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