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You Left Me!

Chapter 1: Family

Bella's Point of View

He left. That's the only thought I've ever thought since Ed-he left me. He left me in the forest, near to my house. But I just started to run after him. I ran for miles, and miles.

That was weeks ago, and I'm still in the forest today. Still running. I've tripped millions of times, I've fell millions of times, but I have never stopped. Not for anything. Food, water...breath. I haven't done any of those since he left.

What surprising me, though, is I'm not breathing. I'm running and running, and I'm not tired. My stomach should be growling, my breath should be in gasps...But no, none of it is happening.

I haven't eaten, or drank, as I said a minuet ago...But...I'm not hungry...I'm not thirsty. Oh well...It helps me run.

More days past, and I swear...I swear to God, my eyesight has gotten better...I can now hear millions and millions of sounds. Like a little caterpillar moving across the leaves. The leaves making the smallest of movements.

Even more days past. I'm still running, and I wont stop. Not ever.

If I stop, that would mean the meaning of life is over. Love would be over.

It might be already over for me, Ed-he doesn't want me. But all I can do now is run. It's became like, in my nature to run.

More days past, and I'm still running...The odd thing I've noticed is my speed. It's been coming much faster. I look down at my feet, noticing my flying, like, state.

Then, suddenly, a large branch hit my in stomach, but didn't hurt, in fact...the branch broke in half. I feel my skin, only to find it's different than before. It seams so strong, yet so soft.

Day, by day, I kept running. Much faster than before, though. I've noticed the leaves that brush past me are soft, even while I'm running so fast.

Then it hit me...the smell of four deer and a buck. Automatically, I flung towards the smell. And before noticing what I'm doing, I'm snapping it's neck and drinking it's blood.

I feel the blood travelling down my neck and the pain I hadn't noticed before was gone.

What has happened to me?! Why have I been drinking blood?! The only thing that drinks blood is a vampire! But I haven't been bitten, I haven't even been near a vampire since he left!

I stop running...It feels so strange, not running, but I stop to look at myself.

My skin in pale white...I'm fatter, and because of my size, my clothes ripped off. Great...Not...I'm faster, I can see better than before...I can hear better than before. What is up with me?!

I need to see myself in a mirror, to see if I'm beautiful. I run again, but this time, I run in the direction of a town. I noticed one near here, but I didn't go near it.

There was a window in a house, it's quite small, and abandoned, nobody lives here, so I immediately looked in the reflection.

There was me, but there wasn't me. I looked beautiful – better than Rosalie beautiful, it wasn't hard to say her name, she hated me anyway. My lips were fuller, my eyes are the same, but different – sill the same brown. Everything was the same, yet different. The only downside was the massive balloon in between my hips. I looked bigger than a pregnant woman carrying triplets! I look double the size!...Hold on...

Hold on! What is up with me?! I couldn't be...Pregnant?

It's true I've had sex with a vampire. But vampires cant have children, can they? Could I be pregnant, with a half-vampire child?

That might explain the change, of me turning to a vampire. Maybe half-vampire children need a strong mother to be able to hold them. A vampire mother. Therefore, the mother changes into one, without the pain, because the pain would hurt the baby. It all makes sense. Other than the fact of my eyes staying the same.

I think I'm pregnant...

Without a father for my child...Hold on...My stomachs huge, does that mean I'm having more than one?

I don't know how to cope with more than one child, but...I'll have to live...Or, er, not live,but exist.

I wonder how many children I'm going to have. Oh! I need names also! I've never felt so...Alice. It took a lot to say her name, but oh, well. I'm pregnant!

Without thought, I ran back into the forest. Maybe there will be a small house somewhere I could live in. Other than that horrible, abandoned house.

Then, I thought. Aha! The...Cullens' house! I quickly ran back home.

Their house might hold reminders, but that will have to do. They wont have any furniture, but I'll have to add the necessaries, out of the money in my bank account. I know for a fact, that they don't sell their house.

Ten days later

Ah, I'm back. Surprisingly, it only took ten days to get to get here. I got the money out of my bank account nearly a week ago, and now, I need to shop for supplies. I look inside the house, just checking if they left anything. Luckily, Alice's clothes are still hear, so I put on the biggest piece she has. It was sweats. She has sweats, and she complains about me?! I was right, they had left everything.

This is good, I just need baby supplies. I look in the garage, they hadn't took their cars, other than one, his car. For that, I'm grateful. I don't need a reminder of everything, I took Carlisle's car, for the dark tinted windows. Cant let anyone know it's me.

I drove all the was to Seattle. That's far away enough, so no one – like Charlie – would come and find me.

Once I got to Seattle, I looked in for clothes, just for me. After I got about five pieces, I put them in my car, other than one, which I changed into, and looked for baby clothes.

I got some cots, some toys, some baby food and bottles – just in case – clothes for boys and girls, etc. etc.

I recently decided not to go to the doctor, for a checkup, there was no need. The babies are safe in my hard skin, and because of my hard skin, I doubt the ultrasound would even work.

After all of that, I put in my car – with a struggle, even for a vampire – and drove to my new home.

I feel kinda bad for taking their home, with their supplies...But, they couldn't mind that much, it's for their grandchildren, they just don't know.

I unpacked everything, and decided to look around at everything. I noticed Carlisle took his paintings, and cross, but other than that, that's all they took. I suppose they could just bye more...

I decided to wait, and wait for my children to come, all I can do is that and hunt. While I wait, all I can do is think, and for once it's not about him. It's about the children.

How a many children am I going to have? Are they going to age, or be immortal? Would they die, when I couldn't? What names am I going to chose? Is birth going to hurt, like normal births? So many questions...

I went hunting the next day, I started to feel hungry...but when I got back. I felt this pain in my stomach. I ignored it and went back to thinking.

Two minuets later another pain, I ignored it, to see if it comes back. And it did, I started to get worried. What is happening to my babies?! I'm getting scared now, it's way to early for birth! Please say I'm just giving birth?! Okay, I need to calm down. Think, Bella, think!...Contractions! Aha! I am giving birth!

I went to the baby room, I guess I'm giving birth in here. I strip down and I have no idea what to do now. I wait, that's my brilliant plan, I wait.

Hours and hours later, I've given birth. But not to one child, like I had expected...Not two...I have just given birth to three children!

You have got to be kidding me! Three! Once I had given birth to one of them, I put it in a cot, not noticing if it was a boy or girl yet. I did the same to all of them, even though I only brought three cribs. Surprisingly, the birth didn't hurt, it didn't make me tried. I cant get tired and I'm very strong now, so the birth was successful.

They didn't cry when they were born, they were only breathing. Since they was showing any signs of hunger, I fed them with my breast milk. Once I was done with the birth, I went to look at all of them, and dress them. Then I started thinking of names for them, since I had just found out their sex. I have one beautiful girl, and two hansom boys.

I picked up the closest baby, it was a girl. She has brown hair with curls, and brown eyes, like mine, but she has the same structure of his face. I decided to name her...Renesmee, as in Renèe and Esme. Renesmee...Marie Swan. My middle and last names.

"Hello, your new name is, Renesmee Marie Swan." I said smiling at her. She smiled back. God, she's this young and smiling, with teeth! I put her down, onto a little mat, filled with toys for all of them. Surprisingly, she can already keep her body up as well.

I pick up the next baby boy. He looks exactly like his sister. Same everything! Now, for a name...Max Antony Swan.

"Hello, your new, little name is Max Antony Swan." I said smiling at him, like I did to his sister. I also, put him on the mat, he smiled at her sister as she sat up. Awe, they're so cute.

I pick up the next baby. It's the other boy, he looks a lot like his sister and brother, but a lot more like Ed-Edward. Hum...a name for him...He looks like Ed-Edward, so that's his name, Edward Antony Swan.

"Hello, and you are Edward Antony Swan." Again, I smiled and he smiled back.

So this is my family, Renesmee, Edward, Max and me. The most wonderful, immortal and strange family in existence.

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