Hello again everybody – I am writing this to tell you what I had wanted from my story, as it's adopter has not been to reliable.

Notes I was planning to use:
-I was hoping that Bella will get better at the end of the next chapter, just to make the readers more anxious and pleading for more in the reviews.
-Originally, everyone knows that Bella is almost human-like, but they also have heard that Edward's eyes are changing more human and that he can cry. I was planning to write that as soon as Edward had smelt his children in the parking-lot that he is gaining more human characteristics.
-Edward is just warming up to the idea of parenthood and is still a little unsure about the children, and he loathes the fact that Bella hasn't woken up yet, so he is a little shy.
-Carlisle always wants information, he is charming and wishes to know everything, so he tries to call other friends of his to see if they have heard of this before.
-Esme is delighted to have grand-children as usual.
-Emmett likes to fight with the children when they feel down, just to cheer them up a bit while their mother is unwell.
-Rosalie is a **, as usual, but she is warming up to the children as they are just too cute.
-Alice likes to take Ren shopping, but Ren isn't in the mood because of her mother, but when she awakens she will love the shopping.
-Jasper is cautious around the children as they scare him a little (he does not know they could exist so he is wary around them, which frightens him).
-As I said earlier, Carlisle calls his friends, but what he doesn't know is that one of his friends goes to Italy (completely forgetting about Carlisle's grandchildren) and shakes hands with Aro. Aro sees this as he can see every thought in someone's mind and tells the other brothers, and the Guard and the family goes to Washington...Of course the Cullens win, but only because of the children. I was thinking of doing one chapter after the fight, and do a happily ever after.
-For the epoiloge, Bella takes a pregnancy test and finds out she is pregnant, then I would have written The End. So I could have done a sequel if I wanted to.