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In the Morning, at the Fujisaki house

Nadeshiko wasn't really worried about being found out. People saw what they wanted to see and they wanted to see Nagihiko. In truth, it wasn't impossible to tell them apart, but the only differences where the ones you couldn't see. And she could easily hide those things. She was glad she was a girl, too. She had heard about Nagihiko's past and had wondered how he lived through it. Even though she had most of his memories programmed into her head there were way too many things about him she couldn't understand. She reasoned that if they were really twins or something, they'd fight everyday. She also reasoned that the only person in the Fujisaki household who would know that she wasn't Nagihiko was his mother. After all, how could you not know if someone was pretending to be a person who you had been with since the beginning of their life? Nadeshiko had made a mental note to try and avoid her, but not noticeably so.

"You really think that no one will realize it?" Rhythm asked. Somehow, Nadeshiko had managed to get him to go along with what she was doing. She had a feeling it was mostly because of Nagihiko, though.

"Maybe one," Nadeshiko replied. "But, when you think about it, how many people know Nagihiko well enough to figure out when someone's pretending to be them?"

"One," Rhythm frowned. "I see your point,"

"Most people might think I'm acting a little strange, but that's it," Nadeshiko added.

"I don't like you," Rhythm frowned.

"I wouldn't expect you to," Nadeshiko replied. "It's understandable,"

"Nagi's gonna win the bet," Rhythm added.

"Riiiight," Nadeshiko rolled her eyes. The bet was pretty simple if one or two certain things happened then she had to tell his friends that she wasn't Nagihiko and help rescue him. The conditions were this: Either that Nadeshiko had fallen in love or that someone had figured out she wasn't Nagihiko. Rhythm had already admitted that the second was almost impossible and Nadeshiko had a heart of ice so the first wasn't going to happen. The only thing she cared about was surviving, nothing more. Nadeshiko headed downstairs, trying to be as Nagihiko-like as possible.


Nagihiko wasn't feeling well. The scientists had injected him with all sorts of weird things. He didn't like it. The only good thing about being here was the dragon girl. Well, she was more of a humanoid snake or lizard with scale-covered wings. She had sharp snake teeth and serpent eyes. Her whole body—or most of it—was covered with snake scales that were a whitish creamy color. She also had a tail that was the same color. It might have been because of her forked tongue, but he never heard her speak. He knew what she was saying, but he had never actually heard her voice. She said she didn't really have a name, he had learned. But she told him she could call him Hebi, snake. Or, if he wanted to, Ryu, dragon. Nagihiko called her Hebi. It seemed like a fitting name, even though she was much nicer then how you would imagine a snake or a dragon. He had told her almost his whole life story and all she had done was nod and sympathize with him. He wondered how she could be such a nice person when such horrible things had happened to her. She was smiling at him now, saying wasn't he glad that they were done for the day and that he should get some rest so he'd be fine for tomorrow. He listened. Hebi was normally right, anyway.

After school

Rima was pretty sure something was wrong with Nagihiko. Something was…. Different about him. She couldn't place her finger on it, but something was off.

"Sorry everyone!" Nadeshiko said as she got to the Royal Garden. "I had to sub in for a basketball player!" Everyone just nodded. They understood.

"Nagihiko," Rima said. Nadeshiko turned. Rima just glared and scowled.

"Is… Something wrong, Rima-Chan?" Nadeshiko asked.

"I don't know," Rima replied. "Is there?"

"Um….," Nadeshiko said, not sure how to respond.

"Huh? Rima, what's up with you?" Amu asked. Rima shrugged but didn't say anything. She didn't want to tell anyone she thought Nagihiko was acting strange.

"You're acting almost as weird as Nagi!" Yaya complained.

Nadeshiko had a short look of panic but quickly smiled. "Me? Weird?" She said.

"Yaya's right," Rima said defensively. "You're being weird, even for you,"

Nadeshiko just laughed and smiled, just like Nagihiko. "Think so?" She said.

"Defiantly," Rima said. Rika and Yaya looked like they wanted to agree, but didn't want to hurt 'Nagihiko's' feelings.

"Now that you mention it…," Amu said, thinking.

"Amu-Chan!" Dia said.

"An X-egg!" Miki finished.

"Huh? Oh!" Amu nodded. "Let's go!"

Everyone ran to where they X-egg was, but Nadeshiko had something on her mind.

How the hell am I going to imitate his Charanari? She thought angrily.

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