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Where we Left off…

"Don't hurt them!" Nadeshiko cried. Micco just turned at her and smiled. He had changed into a half wolf creature. Not exactly an Eraser, but still very deadly.

"Oh but why not?" Micco's face twisted into a grin. "I just want to play."

"What the heck?" Kukai shouted. "What's going on, Nagihiko?"

"How amusing." Micco laughed. "They still haven't figured it out?"

Nadeshiko just stared at him with a pained expression. "What happened to you Micco? Why would you want to do this?"

"Why?" Micco tilted his head. "I'm just helping your mission. I'll make them forget the whole thing and you'll learn to hate humans again."

"Nagihiko?" Amu asked. "What's he talking about?"

"That's…. Not my name." Nadeshiko whispered. She gave Micco a sad look then turned at the Guardians. "My name…. The one that we decided on… is Nadeshiko."

"What the heck are you talking about?" Kukai asked. "Didn't you say that…?"

"He did say that." Nadeshiko agreed. "But even though I knew about him since the moment I was created, he never knew I existed until a little bit."

"Created? Him?" Tadese frowned. "What are you talking about, Fujisaki-san?"

"Shall I explain?" The look on Micco's face was the look of an animal cornering it's prey, a sure kill. "This person has been pretending to be Fujisaki Nagihiko. In reality, all she is a failed clone. She was created for only one mission. When she completes it, she'll probably be useless and deleted."

"Shut up!" Nadeshiko yelled. She was remembering the day that she had met him, the day she had first opened her eyes…


"It's done." A scientist said. "Preparing the brain link."

Nadeshiko opened her eyes. Who was she? What was she? People were all around her. She didn't like them; they didn't look like they would care about her. Nadeshiko blinked as memories flew past her eyes. They weren't hers… Were they?

"The clone's flawed." Someone said simply. Were they talking about her?

"I can see that." Another muttered. "I guess she's useless."

Nadeshiko looked down and realized she was naked. She didn't know why, but she had a feeling she should be bothered by it.

"Excuse me," A boy spoke up. He was about the same height as Nadeshiko. She thought he looked nice, "But won't that be better? Considering the life of who she has been cloned after, won't it make it more bearable if it's a girl?"

"I-." Nadeshiko's eyes widened in surprise. She didn't know what talking was, not at that moment. "Who… Am I?"

"I suppose you're right." The people were ignoring her, but she wasn't surprised. "She'll become you're responsibility."

"I'm fine with that." The boy nodded. "But can you bring her some clothes?"

"Clo-thes?" Nadeshiko tilted her head. She had a faint recollection of what that was, but she couldn't quite place her finger on it. Someone put something over her head and pushed it down. Nadeshiko examined it. It was red and covered her chest down to her knees. "Pretty dress." Nadeshiko said, not even entirely sure what it was.

"Come here." The boy said, giving her his hand. She took it. "Follow me."

"Nii-san, who is that?" A boy who looked like the first looked at Nadeshiko in surprise.

"I am….," Nadeshiko frowned. "I don't know."

"What do you know?" The first boy asked pleasantly. Nadeshiko decided she liked him. He saved her, but she wasn't exactly sure why or from what.

"There was a boy," Nadeshiko began, "He… He looked just like me, I think. Sometimes he would have to dress up as a girl and call himself 'Nadeshiko' but it wasn't his real name."

"Well, then you should be Nadeshiko," The boy laughed, "You're a girl version of him, aren't you?"

"Exact replica," Nadeshiko agreed, "Only a girl." She hardly knew what she was talking about, "Who are you?"

"Me?" The boy grinned, "Micci. The boy over there," He pointed to his look-alike, "Is my twin, Micco. We spell it so it looks similar."

"Hello," Micco frowned, "You were just created weren't you?"

Nadeshiko tilted her head. She was here now, but she hadn't been a few minutes ago. Was that what Micco meant?

"She was supposed to be a guy," Micci explained to his brother, "They called her a failed clone. I couldn't let her be eliminated, so I spoke up and well…."

"We're her baby sitters," Micco frowned. He looked at Nadeshiko, "All right. You can stay with us. Just remember, if you try anything here, it normally ends up in death."

"What is death?" Nadeshiko asked.

"A bad thing," Micci replied, "Where you can't speak to the people who aren't."

"Then I won't die," Nadeshiko wanted to spend more time with the boys with similar names.

End of flashback

"I'm sorry I tricked you," Nadeshiko said. She meant it, even though she hardly ever did, "But I had to, it was my mission, the reason for my flawed existence."

"Oh, stop with the 'woe is me' crap," Micco snarled, "You probably were happy for that malfunction. Because of that, you got to meet Micci." He said his brother's name like it was a horrible thing not even worth mentioning.

"Even though I am glad I met Micci," Nadeshiko growled, landing a kick into Micco's face, "You make me regret meeting you with each year!"

Micco howled in pain and ran towards Nadeshiko. Even though he had a lot of brute strength, his speed was no match for Nadeshiko's.

"I knew you weren't Nagihiko," Rima nodded, "And why are you trying so hard to save us? It's not like we're your friends."

"Rima!" Amu exclaimed.

"No, she's right." Nadeshiko admitted, "You hardly know me, but you're all so nice…" She dodged a punch from Micco, "I just can't let anything happen to you."

"We should at least help you!" Rikka insisted.

"It would be pointless," Hikaru replied, "She'd end up worrying about our safety and would end up just getting even more injured."

"Smart kid," Nadeshiko smirked. She ducked then hit Micco in the gut.

"You know….," Rima began, "I was pretty close to the truth."

"Oh," Nadeshiko shrugged, then kicked behind her as Micco got back up, "I had a feeling you might."

Micco roared angrily. The trances of human intelligence were vanishing from his eyes and he was becoming even more of a wolf. He slashed Nadeshiko, who screamed. Blood was pouring from a wound on her stomach, she was getting dizzy.

"Damn you, Micco," She murmured, dazed, "You used to be so nice…"

"Nice doesn't let you live," Micco gave a strange warped smile. He raised his hand above Nadeshiko and…

"Juggling Party!" Rima yelled, clonking the former human on the head with several pins. She had gone into her charanari while Nadeshiko was busy fighting.

"Nadeshiko!" Amu ran up to the girl, "Are you alright?"

"No," Nadeshiko coughed up blood, "But I'll live. I always do."

"I'LL KILL YOU ALL!" Micco screamed. He didn't sound like a human. His voice was warped and wolfish.

Amu's eyes widened. Would he really try and kill her?

She didn't have to find out.

Hebi came.

"Need help?" Wings sprouted out of the sweatshirt, tearing it. Hebi offered her hand to Amu and Nadeshiko.

Nadeshiko didn't take it. Instead, she fainted.


Micco and Micci had taught Nadeshiko how to fight. She learned how to use a Nagata, partially as a joke. She also fist fought against both brothers regularly.

"You're amazing, Nade," Micci would smile, his face bruised.

"I'm not as good as you," She would reply with a smirk, "Not yet, anyway."

"You're lucky," Micco would always sigh, "You never have to fight erasers…"

"She might have to, one day," Micco would reply. There was no such thing as lies, not even little white lies, not there. They knew they were going to die. And, they knew that at one point, erasers might be the ones to do it. Unless they got out.

"If that day comes," Nadeshiko would declare, smiling, "I'll beat them all up and we'll live somewhere far away!"

"Where?" Micci would grin.

"A seashore! And island! Paris, maybe France!" They had taught Nadeshiko all about the world and what was in it. In turn, she would say what they were like, trying to figure it out from Nagihiko's memory, "And we'll all have ice cream!"

"Yeah!" The twins would pump there fists, laughing.

Then one day, Micco made it so Micci couldn't laugh anymore. She still remembered the look on his face, like he knew he was going to die.

"Nadeshiko….," Micci had whispered in a hoarse voice. There was so much blood, she couldn't believe it.

"Why?" Nadeshiko turned to Micco, tears in her eyes, "He was your brother!"

"You loved him," Micco replied simply, "And you wouldn't become mine."

Love was something Nadeshiko couldn't afford to have. Not if it came out like this. Tears fell from her eyes.

"You're a monster."

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