Finally! I'm so lazy…. Eh, but no one reads this so it's fine, really…. Anyways, Fang will make an appearance! Someone asked if there was going to be any of the original characters, so….. Anyways, here we go!

Somewhere in Town

Fang was walking around. He wasn't sure why he was in Japan; he just sort of ended up there. But, it made him find out an interesting fact; he could learn languages in a couple days. Apparently, it was one of his mutations or something. Then, out of no where, he heard a girl's voice.

Please come, she may need your help, The voice said in her head.

Sure, why not? Fang agreed. He was so used to Angel, he didn't even pause to wonder if he had finally lost it. He just started running to an elementary school, somehow knowing that was where he was supposed to be.

At Seiyuu Academy

"Damn you, you bug!" Micco snarled at Hebi.

"'M no bug," Hebi gave her version of a smirk, which looked painful, "Dragon."

"No," Micco spat at her, "You're a freak!"

"And you aren't?" Nadeshiko muttered as Amu helped her to her feet. Meanwhile, Hebi and Micco had somehow managed to get into a heated fight.

Hebi was in the air, speeding and dodging with ease.

"Stop dodging!" Micco ordered. Hebi just grinned and bit him. He howled—literally—in pain. Just then, a black haired teenage boy came.

"What the hell is going on?" He asked, obviously shocked.

"Long story…," Hebi shrugged, "You gon'a 'elp?"

"Depends," Fang replied, realizing Hebi was the voice he heard, "You the good guys?"

Micco roared and tried to slash Fang, who dodged and grabbed Micco's furry arm. Hebi looked at Rima who got out her tightrope dancer rope.

"Tightrope Dancer!" She cried, roping Micco up tightly, "He's pretty strong… I don't know if I can hold him long!"

"S' fine," Hebi grinned and stared into Micco's eyes, he roared again then crumpled and fainted.

"What the-?" Fang looked surprised. He turned at Hebi, "What did you do?"

"Nothin' much," Hebi looked happy, "Jus' gave hi' a…. sorta li' a nih'mare."

"Can we drag him somewhere?" Nadeshiko asked, "It'll make me feel better."

"…. Um…," Amu stared at her, along with several other guardian members.

"What?" Nadeshiko said, defensively, "I lived as an experiment for my whole life. I have problems."

"What are you exactly?" Fang asked.

"A clone of a boy with fox ears and a tail," Nadeshiko replied, "Anyways, we should make sure he's tied up tight for when he wakes up,"

"A muzzle might help," Rima suggested. Nadeshiko looked at her, then shrugged.

"Well, I don't have one on me, but if you happen to, why not?" She replied.

"I'll get a couple ropes," Fang said, then hurried away.

When Micco regained consciousness, he was hanging upside-down from the Royal Garden's roof. Or one of the pillars at least. Both Kuukai and Nadeshiko—whose wounds had been bandaged up—had bats. Fang, however, had a razor. Because he's Fangalicious.

"So, now we say 'Tell us everything you know if you value your life!'" Nadeshiko grinned, "Or something. Sound about right?"

"Whatever you want me to tell you, I won't!" Micco growled, "I've had worse!"

"B-but Micco-kun!" Nadeshiko said in a fake innocent tone, "Weren't you the one who said that I'd never go to hell because I'd take over?" Kuukai laughed.

"That was years ago!" Micco protested, "Besides, what could you possibly do to me with baseball bats?"

"Do you really want to know?" Nadeshiko had an evil look on her face, like a mad Nagihiko.

"Whatever you do, I still won't tell, you stupid tomboy crossdresser!" Micco shouted.

"I wonder how long it takes to break someone's bone with a baseball bat…." Nadeshiko mused.

"I'd say just a couple hours, if it was you," Rima replied. Nadeshiko gave an evil grin. Micco looked slightly afraid.

"So, question one," Fang said calmly as Kuukai swung at Micco, "Why'd you attack….. This girl?"

"Nadeshiko," Nadeshiko informed him. Fang nodded.

"Why I was attacking that bitch? It's because she's a bitch!" Micco growled. Nadeshiko had an upset expression on her face and slammed her bat on Micco.

"Sorry," She smiled, "My hand slipped."

It went on like that for a little while.

At the School

Nagihiko sighed, everything hurt. He could hardly even move. The cages around him stank with blood. He wondered if he was the only one alive. Then he heard a moan near him. Well, maybe not.

"He…llo?" He called.

"So someone else is alive in here," A boy's voice said calmly.

"It would seem that way~Nyan." A girl agreed. Nagihiko later guessed she probably had some cat DNA because, if nothing else, she made a meowing like sound at the end of every sentence.

"Who are you?" Nagihiko asked, "Both of you."


"Purrrrr….," The girl said it in a way that made it seem like she was actually purring.

"Excuse me?" Nagihiko frowned.

"Her name is Purr," Pounce explained, "She just has a speech impediment. Who are you, by the way?"

"Fujisaki Nagihiko." Nagihiko replied, while thinking Purr had a very interesting speech impediment.

"Aw….," Purr sighed, "You gotta name."

"I guess you haven't been here long?" Pounce inquired.

"A couple months when I was younger and a few weeks now," Nagihiko replied.

"You came back?" Pounce wasn't a complex person. To him, the only thing worse then coming to the school was coming back.

"It seems that way."

"Don't worry~ nya. If you made it out once, you'll make it out again~ nya," Purr was even simpler then Pounce.

"You think so?" Nagihiko smiled.

"Yeah," Purr replied, "And when they do, will you ask them to help us too?"

"Sure," Nagihiko smiled, "I wouldn't want to leave anyone here!"

Back at Seiyuu

"I know who you are! You're Fang, former member of Maximum's flock and currently wandering." Nadeshiko replied as if this was common news. Somehow, Micco had escaped and Nadeshiko and Fang ended up in a conversation.

"And you know this how…?" Fang raised an eyebrow.

"You guys are pretty popular here," Nadeshiko smiled, "After all, you guys destroyed the school in America."

"Thanks?" Fang looked a bit amused.

"It's not a compliment, it's a fact," Nadeshiko retorted.

"Oh! Nadeshiko, you never told us what happened to Nagihiko, did you?" Amu asked, interrupting her.

"He's… probably at the school," Nadeshiko admitted, "It's a horrible place…,"

"Then we just have to save him." Rima replied.

Nadeshiko sighed. It wasn't that easy. But, they'd try and save him anyway.

"Fine," She nodded, "I'll help you."

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