Warning this story is not for the easily offended

It was a bright and sunny day in Jump City, the birds were chirping, the children were laughing and all around happiness flowed. Down in Jump City High a large group of friends were all meeting up outside the school.

Kori Anders sat on the school steps waiting for all of her friends, it was almost 8:30 and none of her friends had yet to arrive. Suddenly the roar of a motor cycle stopped Kori's innocent-naive mind thinking and all eyes turned to the motorist. Lifting off his helmet was none other than Richard Grayson Gotham and Jump City's playboy and the secret crush of Kori Anders.

As he passed he winked at several girls causing their boyfriends to growl. Reaching his best friend (and his secret crush) Richard hugged his friend in greeting.

"Greeting Friend Richard, and how are you the day of to?" Kori blinked innocently. She wasn't born in America so she had yet to grasp the full American-English language.

"I'm fine Kori and you?"

"Glorious!" Kori exclaimed.

A moment of silence past the two as they both stared at each others eyes.

Kori's POV-

I stared into Richard's eyes.

Richard's POV-

I stared in to Kori's eyes.

Kori's POV-

Richard was staring into my eyes!

Richard's POV-

Kori was staring into my eyes!

Normal POV-

They were both staring into each others eyes!

But before the moment could continue another motorcycle parked up onto the school's parking lot, painfully breaking the two friends staring contest. Xavier Red; the bad boy with a soft heart jumped off his motorcycle and winked at girls as he passed.

Xavier Red in everyone's opinion was Richard's bad boy twin. They had the same hair, height, body weight and even eye colour! They also had the same interest in the same girl.

"Morning Cutie," Xavier winked before marching into the school.

"I hate that guy," Richard growled, Kori attentively touched Richard's shoulder calming him down. Richard stared at Kori in shock.

Kori's POV-

Richard stared at me in shock as I grasped his shoulder.

Richard's POV-

I stared at Kori in shock as I tried to control my anger towards my twin- I mean enemy.

Normal POV-

As Richard stared at Kori in shock the moment was ruined once more buy the sound of high screeching, this time it was not coming from a motorbike but a blonde bimbo's mouth. "Richie-poo!"

Kitten/Katherine/Kayleigh/Kat screeched, dressed head to toe in pink she would put Legally Blonde to shame, she made her way towards Richard and clung onto his arm.

"Hi Richi-poo, do like wanna go on like a date sometime?"

"No Kitten/Katherine/Kayleigh/Kat, how many times do I have to tell you I'm not interested?"

"Oh Poo-Bear I know you're only playing hard to get!" Kitten meowed at Richard before strutting off into the school.

Before the two had chance to react to the clearly insane woman booming voice echoed throughout the court yard as Victor Stone, Garfield Logan and Rachel Roth met their friends. "Man Kitten's hilarious!" Victor laughed.

"Hilarious to you, but you're not the one who has to deal with her," Richard muttered.

Soon the group of five was a group of six as Karen Beecher; Victor's girlfriend and apparently only woman aloud to date Cyborg- I mean Victor Stone in any story commonly written, dressed in black and yellow like a bumblebee she greeted each of her friends.

"Morning Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Robin and honey bug-Cyborg," they had all given nicknames to each other even though that was pretty lame.

Robin because... well I don't know why. Raven because she loved the poem The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, Beast Boy because he was a party animal/animal lover/vegetarian/weirdo, Cyborg because he loved technology and Starfire because she had bright green sparkly eyes like stars and flaming red hair like it was on fire!

The bell rang and the gang went inside towards their lessons, which just so happened to be in the same room. They had history with shock horror... Mr Mod! The British man!

"Good morning my duckies are we all jolly well?" He asked even though most Brits didn't talk like that.

"Morning Mr Mod," the whole class echoed. The old man cackled evilly before writing on the black board.

(AN Lol I almost forgot to put one of these in and annoy the hell out of my readers!)

Rachel absentmindedly rubbed her wrists as the teacher droned on, her long black t-shirt covering the markings that lay beneath. Although no one knew it Raven was abused. Her father Trigon the Terrible or in this realm was known as Tristen beat his daughter. He was an angry man and had started taking his anger out of Rachel when her mother Angela ran away after she had finally had enough of Tristan beating her, why he did it no one knows. But for some reason people write it in their stories.

Garfield took notice of Rachel's discomfort and attempted to reach for her hand because secretly he loved Rachel ever since Tara betrayed him.

Ignoring Gar's attempt Rachel tried to focus on the history lesson.

Soon lunch rolled on by and the gang were all sitting in the cafeteria, soon the rest of their friends joined them as well. Roy Harper, Jade Nyguen, Wally West, Jenna/Jenny/Jessica/Lucky Hex/Jink/Diaz, Garth Waters/Ocean/Some random water word and Toni Monetti joined them.

They were all the best of friends and also secret crushes to one another. Roy Harper sat down next to Kori, most often thought he looked like Richard along with Xavier and so everyone automatically thought that he would be the perfect addition to an over used love-triangle between him and Dick.


"Tofu!" the long and over exaggerated fight took place as Garfield and Victor battled it out over beans and dead animals.




"Tofu!" their lunch continued on like this for the rest of the story neither one backing down.

A girl with brown hair walked up to their lunch table and gave Richard a big sloppy kiss on the mouth before strutting off. "Dude who was that?" Gar asked momentarily distracted from his argument.

"Oh just my new girlfriend," Richard replied coolly. The guy was a major playboy within every story ever written, "cause y'know I'm a playboy!"

Kori cried silently to herself wondering why she was so pathetic and why she just couldn't move on.

Lunch ended and instead of going to class Karen, Rachel and Kori went to the girl's toilet as Kori cried her little pure heart out.

"Oh why can the not Friend Richard love me?"

"Don't worry girl! Want me to kick his ass?" Karen asked cracking her knuckles.

Kori sniffled and shook her head, "not necessary Friend Karen, I should just do the moving on correct? Besides why would he ever want to be with such a virgin like me? It is because I am too pure and will never allow any man to touch my sacred body!"

Kori declared it was true young Kori here was as innocent as can be. Even more innocent then water is wet! Although I'm sure Kori's counter-book comic part would disagree and think this whole innocent naive crap was way out of hand within fanfiction.

But still...

"Kori don't worry about it," Rachel tried to soothe then a as if struck by lightening Rachel was hit by an idea. "Why don't you use Xavier to make Richard jealous?!"

It was genius! No one else would have thought of getting Kori with Red X- I mean Xavier to make Richard jealous. Totally original!


Later after her 'girl of talk' with Karen and Rachel Kori had asked Xavier out. "Sure cutie," he replied coolly.

They went to a pizza place where they ate pizza and the two sat down. Soon they noticed Richard was also there but with Kitten! Attempting to make Richard jealous Kori lunged forward and kissed Xavier on the mouth, this soon caught Richard's attention and he to started kissing Kitten in attempt to make Kori jealous!

Soon it was a kissing match to see who would last the longest, what the point was? No one knew but it didn't matter.

But Kori had had enough and broke away from the lip lock and ran out of the pizza place soon followed by Richard.

"Why were you kissing him?" Richard asked outraged.

"Because I saw you with Friend Kitten, why were you kissing Friend Kitten?"

"Because I'm a play boy," Richard replied coolly before switching back to being mad, "because I wanted to make you jealous!"

"Well I was trying to make you jealous!" Kori also declared.

"Yeah well I love you!" Suddenly the world stopped spinning and the two madly kissed, fireworks went off in the background, church bells rung, clapping could be heard! And all was right in the world.

And fin! So because I had so much fun writing the first parody I decided to make another one, this time on High School AU clichés. A lot of you are probably annoyed and others probably offended... but I don't care lol.

Anyhoo review if you want and I hope you noticed the annoying little habits and clichés I made noticed if not here's a list:

POV swapping- it's annoying if you keep changing the point of view after like only three lines.

Kori's 'virginity'- I've been seeing a lot of Kori's-a-30yearold-virgin-she's-to-innocent-to-touch and can I just say, grow up. Let go on this visual of Starfire being this perfect untainted character that does everything perfect and is perfect and innocent herself.

Dick's a playboy- do I really have to say anything? Honestly aren't you bored of reading how Dick's this playboy who treats women like toys. What's wrong with committed-Richard? Or shy-Richard? Why does it always have to be Playboy-Richard?

Xavier Red- ... enough said

Raven being abused by her father- not as a big problem as it use to be but still a bit of originality around here never hurt anyone.

Kitten- just like Red X an overused character

Victor and Karen- he is aloud to date other people y'know? In this spin off comics he had a brief relationship with Sara Simms

Authors notes- I think we all know that there annoying and unnecessary.

Kori saying 'friend'- just look at my profile..