Don't like? Don't read. Simples.

Divide and Conquer-

Cyborg: I've got the sonic if you've got...

Robin: Bwahahahahaha

Cyborg: What? That's my line

Robin: Bwahahahahaha I know

Cyborg: Huh? I don't get it?

Director: Cut!


Starfire: When I first came to this Earth I did not think I would ever...

Robin: Bwahahahaha

Starfire: What is funny?

Robin: Bwahahahahaha nothing just felt like laughing

Director: Cut!


Cyborg: We're in Raven's room. We should not be in...

Beast Boy: Bwahahahaha

Cyborg: Not you too?

Beast Boy and Robin: Bwahahaha

Raven: What's funny now?

Beast Boy: Nothing just thought we'd annoy people with pointless bloopers and laugh at stuff that isn't funny.

Robin: Bwahahahaha


Raven: [after she and Starfire have switched bodies] Starfire! You have to calm down. My powers are driven by emotion. The more you feel, the more energy you unleash.
Starfire: I will try to calm down.

Robin: Bwahahahaha

Beast Boy: Bwahahahaha

Cyclone/MidnightPrime/Moonlight/Crystal: Bwahahahahaha this is THE funniest things we've read, bwahahahaha

Cyborg: Yeah this is pretty funny- wait who are you guys? You aren't in the show!

Director: Alright CUT! Since no one knows how to act how's about we just post this on Fanfiction because this is sooooo funny?

Everybody: Yes!

Director: Alright what should we call this?

Raven: Oooh how about Teen Titans Bloopers?

Beast Boy: Wow dude that's what I was thinking!

Cyborg: It's genius!

Reviews for Teen Titans Bloopers-

Reviewer1: This is so funny I can't stop laughing; my favourite bit was when the director kept yelling CUT!

Reviewer 2: I loved it! I liked how Robin kept laughing!

Reviewer 3: The funniest thing I've ever read, you have a talent!

The point of this fanfiction? Simple really, I'm fed up of seeing all these bloopers out there that 1) aren't funny and 2) aren't even bloopers.

Blooper: a mistake made on TV or the radio that is not part of the script and is deleted from the recording.

Not my words but the dictionary. I have yet to actually seen one blooper-fiction where there is no OCs and it actually makes me laugh. And trust me it is actually easy to make me laugh.

Do me a favour and actually youtube bloopers and you'll see what one actually is and how- if you're going to do one- should be written.

Anyway hope you enjoyed another instalment of my parody-chapters.