Name: Gabriella

Last Name: Imusa

Age: 16

School: currently assisting Gallagher Academy. Hoping not to get expelled (it really sucks!)


I've been at Gallagher for two semesters now. I've always gone to spy schools, I know, "how come if she has been only two semesters at Gallagher?" well; the thing is that I've been to 6 different spy schools all across Europe. There are many, but my dad didn't want to send me to Gallagher. I made every single of those schools expel me. Now I'm in Gallagher, not after begging, becoming mad and well, being daddy's little girl.

I'm in junior now, and my best friends are Cammie Morgan (Principal Morgan's daughter), Bex (Rebecca) Baxter (the British girl), Liz Sutton (Ms. Alabama) and Macey McHenry (Fashion queen).

The only thing people at Gallagher know (thanks to Tina) is that I went to a MI6's school in Britain. And that we had to move back to the states. I live with my mom, she's a retired MI6, and my dad works at the CIA.

I don't want anybody to know who my dad is, and I don't want anybody to be with me because of my family.

I've been hiding this pretty well for a year now, little did I know that in less than 6 moths it would all been blown up.


I was in my bed, lying peacefully because I have a terrible flu and because Bex had beaten me up in P&E. I didn't go to diner; I wasn't hungry anyway, so I was listening to one of my favorite groups when Cammie came in with a terrible face. Bex had a smile, Liz was blushed and Macey was carrying a piece of bread with marmalade and orange juice (it was 8 pm and she was carrying breakfast?).

-here, eat something, you'll need it- the breakfast was for me.

-Thanks, what's wrong with Cam?-


-I have a headache, if you don't mind stop shouting!- said Bex.

-Blackthorne academy is coming back, remember we told you about it?-

-Yes… some guy named Zeke and other two, right?-

-Zach, and yes is about them. Last time, 15 boys came; now 50 are coming- said Cammie. I couldn't understand why she was so upset. I asked and they told me everything about the train and how it ended.

-so, are you sure he's coming?-

-Of course! Last year, exactly one year ago, my mom told me she was bringing them because of my life experience… and he knows about Zach…. She'll make sure he comes!-

It was turning troubling; Cammie said she would kill Zach if he even came near her. But at the same time… well, we can read lip service when we hear it, so Cammie was going to kick him and then kiss him….

-Mace, what about you? Is there a Blackthorne boy for you? - I asked her as a favor to Cam

-If there is, I haven't met him yet- we all laughed! That night I couldn't sleep because Cam was moving all the time across her bed. Did I mention that is next to mine?

The next morning I felt way better, but still I woke up late.

When I got to the grand hall, everybody was already there…. Even the boys. 50 of the best looking guys were there.

-and there's a little surprise we, Dr. Sanders and me, have for you girls- said Ms. Morgan from the front -50 of our girls will be going to Blackthorne-

Oh! I only want us, the gang, to be together so…. I was crossing my fingers "please don't say any of our names" when the last name was said, I was smiling widely. Tina Walters. Was. Leaving!

One semester without her! It was going to be paradise!

-so Gallagher girl, missed me?- asked someone to Cammie. I think his name was Zeke. I turned around to see how he looked and…-holly shit!- he said

-This can't be- I said


-So, you've met before, right?- asked Macey

-Yes, we have- answered him.

-you can say that- I added.

The grand hall emptied, we had free day today.

I went straight to my room, the guys following soon after.

-so you're here huh?- said Zeke, ok…Zach.

-Listen Zeke-

-Zach- he interrupted. I glared at him.

-ZACH, listen, and listen carefully… don't bother me! Don't talk about that and don't mention your brother, agree?-


-What's "it"?- asked a curious Cam.

-Classified- said Zach

-No, it isn't, I'm Zach's ex …-

-Ex-girlfriend?- shouted Bex

-NO! THE GODS FORBID BEX! I'm Zach's ex-sister-in-law –

-You dated his brother?- asked Grant with big eyes.

-You have a brother- asked Cam addressing Zach. Liz was hacking and Jonas was helping. Macey was smiling; school without boys is really boring, really.

-What's so special about that fact, Grant?- asked Bex

-He only dated the best!- Bex punched him. Cam was looking troubled at Zach. Macey was fixing her nails. Liz and Jonas were still hacking. Zach and I were looking into each other's eyes, crying. Macey punched me.

-He died year and a half ago. KIM- I looked at the girls and the guys –We won't talk about him ok? I couldn't stand it… and Zach either- I went out of the room, I couldn't see anything because I was crying. It was winter, so no one was outside "good" I thought "a moment alone". I kept running, running away from my past, running away from my cover, running…


-you might learn to walk girl, gee, you have a hard head!- he helped me up. I was so seeing double, but it was weird, one was laughing and the other one was holding my hands.

-you have a hard chest-

-thanks- said one, the other one was laughing even more.

-I'm Luke, this is my brother Nate- he said pointing to his clone. They were twins. Hot twins.

-um… good, so… HC1 and HC2, nice to meet you- Nate was on the floor now.

-erm… Luke?-

-yes? He said looking me straight in the eyes. Have you seen Aruba's sea? Well, his eyes were just like that! I snapped out of it.

-how do you turn him off? His laughter is bothering me- he swept a tear off my cheek. I guess I was crying pretty bad. He kicked him.

-hey! It was fun!-

-shut up Nate! I'll tell mother!-

I was the one laughing now.

-is not fun! She's a MI6! She hates it when I bother my brother! And more when I bother his crushes!- Luke blushed. Really deep… it was a really deep kind of blush. I blushed too.

"Did he liked me? I mean, it must be physical attraction since we don't know each other"

-Come, lest leave the freak behind- I laughed again.

-Fine! And YOU are the freak!- Nate shouted

We walked till we were on a far side of the garden. All was covered with new snow… no one had stepped on it.

-Better, his laughter was driving me insane-

-No, I meant, you don't feel like crying anymore, do you?-

-no… not anymore- it was true. It felt good to sit there with him. It was like we knew each other for a long time –let me ask you something- I said


-you… your laughter is not like his, is it?- he laughed… and it was so fresh, so good. It was a beautiful laughter, if that's even possible. We started talking about the weather and which way we liked it. Then about his school (did you know Blackthorne resembles a castle?) he didn't say where it was…. So, easy! We have Europe, Russia, Asia, and some in Québec!

My stomach rumbled. Dinner time. Had we missed lunch? Shit!

-shall we?- asked Luke

-yeah…- I grabbed his hand before he opened the doors.

-you go first, 2 minutes later I'll go in-


-those girls are not only Gallagher Girls, but also Gossip Girls-

-oh… ok… so, see ya in there- he said looking hurt for a second

When I walked in, he was sitting with his brother at my table, with all the girls and their boys and all.

-so, what were you 2 doing the whole day?- said someone when I sat at the table.

-shut up Nate!- said Luke and I in unison. Macey looked at me, smiled, and kept reading Vogue

-were you with him the whole day?- asked Cam. The boys had smiles on their faces, Bex and Liz were inching towards me from the left, Cammie from the right.


-ha! That's a yes!- said Macey

-Shut up!-

-Luke said he had a wonderful time, but that he didn't know your name-

-I didn't tell him my name- I said

-What's your name?- asked Luke with a smile on his face. He had such great teeth. And I noticed his brother had green eyes.


-tell me your last name- said Nate

-tell me yours first- I answered

-Adams- said Luke


-what?- said a confused Nate.

-my last name is Imusa-

The twins looked amused

Zach said –weird name huh?-

The twins changed their looks and smiled

-weird one indeed- said Nate. Shit. I was sure they had heard about my dad before.