REMEMBER THIS IS AFTER "DON'T JUDGE A GIRL BY HER COVER" only the good spy young has nothing to do with this.



"not again…" I whispered before grabbing Gabriella and taking her out of Dillon's reach… "we don't want to deal with another dead body" I told her in her ear, unfortunately Macey heard. She looked at me as if I were crazy, which I'm not.

Dillon was screaming something that sounded like "to beach" but I was too caught up on Macey's eyes…

"Hey buddy! Stop it! She is a lady, don't you dare touch her!" said Grant shooting a death glare at Dillon

"Fine! But she'll have to race!" screamed Dillon looking pathetic if you ask me

"I don't race you moron!" screamed Gabby and then added in a whisper: "at least not anymore"

"of course you don't" I said under my breath, only Gabby caught it.

"that's really cliché you know!" said Macey "daring her to a race? And you know the worst thing… is that the one who is dared always wins… so Gabby wins, you lose. Done"

"who called you, rich trash?" said Dillon.

"the awful smell that's in the air…. Wait! It's you!... cheap patchouli? Lame" she said offending Dillon more. He started to turn red, really red and I thought 'maybe, maybe, we would have to deal with a dead body after all.

"hey, I'm back…. Let's leave the place ok?" said Cam

'back?' I thought. I was so caught up in the fight that I didn't notice Cam going away….

We dragged Gabriella back to the cars and this time Macey didn't say anything about the seats of the car. Liz was pretty shaken so I gave Jonas my car's keys and told him to take Liz back to school.

"I'll go with them" said Bex, Grant following her. He shoot me an 'I'm-sorry-dude-she's-my-girl' look.

Gabriella hopped into the car and started the engine, I sat at front with her. Macey and Cam were in the back. The ride was silent. I didn't notice how fast Gabriella was going until we arrived at another city!

"Gabriella? What the fuck? Where are we?"

"the hell I know…" she said, seeming more relaxed.

"it's dale city" said Cam

"how do you know?" asked Macey.

"we came here once in a CovOps assignment, don't ask" she said.

"ok….." said Macey with emphasis on the 'k'.

"where are we going?" asked Cam 1 minute and 34 seconds later.

"I need a drink" said Gabriella.

"me too" said Zach.

"you're driving Gabriella, and Zach, if gabby drinks, you are the designated driver because Cam is not a good driver… no offence" started Macey

"none taken" said Cam

"and I don't know how to drive mechanical cars… only automatic"

"then you don't know how to drive either… and who said anything about drinking here? I'm buying the alcohol and taking it back to school… I'm not irresponsible" said Gabriella really calm.

We stopped at the town square, Gabriella applied some heavy makeup, took off her jumper (she happened to be wearing a really revealing blouse) and said "let's go get our candy, Goode" referring to our past 'candy hunts'. Look, I'm a teenager, and since I'm a spy, I have tons of fake ids…. I've drank before, hard.

I arranged my shirt a little and kissed Cam before getting out of the car.


As soon as Zach and Gabriella were out of hearing range I whispered to Cam

"there is something really messed up with Zach and Gabriella, Cam…. We need to make them tell us what the hell Zach meant with "we don't want to deal with another dead body"… Cam, I think they've killed someone before"

"what are you saying Mace? When did he say that?"

"when Gabby was going to fight Dillon, Zach said "not again""

"yeah, I remember that" said Cam looking troubled "he didn't say anything else… did he?"

"he said "we don't want to deal with another dead body" to Gabriella and she stood quiet and still" I said recalling what had happened.

"so… they've killed someone?... that's your theory?"

"I think Grant and Jonas knew Gabriella from before… I think that's an act… they are involved… I don't know Cam, I don't think we can trust the boys"

"Macey that's crazy! Zach saved my life! And he helped to keep you protected last year… I don't think he is the one lying to us…. I think is Gabriella… we need to make her spill"

"spill what?" said Gabriella sitting at the drivers seat

"uh…. Ermmm…" Cam was speechless

"what did Zach mean with "dealing with a dead body"? I heard him when he told you that"

"you are a great spy, did you know that McHenry? But that's a story I'd rather tell only once, so when we arrive to school… Bex, Liz and the guys need to be present"

"you are telling? Everything?" asked Zach

"EVERYTHING" said Gabriella…. "let's get the hell outta here" she said with the worst ghetto accent I've ever heard…

When we arrived to school, it was only midnight. Much stuff can happen in 4 hours! You can get a dress ruined by Gabby's Camaro, you can get into a fight, you can realize you might as well be sitting with a murderer; you get to puke because Gabriella drives way too damn fast! ….. You get to spot Preston winters going out of a bar with a woman by his side, and that was what made me sadder.

The school was all alone, everyone was enjoying the first night out in the history of Gallagher Academy in case that was the last one.

Bex, Liz and the guys were at our room, so we moved all the beds to one side, took the mattress and aligned them all into a perfect square so we could sit "on the floor" we (the girls) changed into our pjs and the guys simply took off their shoes.


"you got alcohol?" I asked… I'm not a "goody-two-shoes" girl, but I don't like the idea of drinking. At all.

"liz, I know you don't like drinking" Bex started "that's why we want you to make sure we don't get that wasted, ok? You are responsible… but I think, for the looks of Cam, Zach, Mace and Gabs, that we are going to need tons of alcohol to digest what they're going to tell us… you might even drink some, believe me" Bex finished

I didn't say anything. Gabriella had been kind enough as for bringing me coke. She also bought Tostitos, chips and other kind of salty treats. She knows how it is with alcohol.

(A/N: this story is rated T for something. Don't indulge with alcohol. And if you are going to drink make sure you have a full stomach and make sure you are eating salty food with it. Also, mix the alcohol with water or coke or any kind of soda. And NEVER get past 3 beers, glasses of wine, cups of punch… you get the idea. Don't drink if you are under 16. I know many teenagers drink since they are 13, but is better to "start" at 16. And if you are suffering because of love, or something related and want to drink, tell your parents and do it at home =) I know it's not good that I'm telling you this, but in one moment or another you are going to drink, so better know this now)

I mixed the vodka she bought with lemonade without sugar for Gabriella, Macey and Zach, with orange juice for Grant and Jonas, with cranberry juice for Bex and I mixed a really little amount of vodka with tons of orange juice for me. If Bex had said so, might as well be prepared if I needed to drink something.

"when Gabriella was fighting Dillon at that place, Zach muttered "not again" right?" said Macey

"yes, we all heard" said Bex

"well, you didn't heard what he said after that… he said "we don't want to deal with another dead body"" added Macey

"what do you mean?" I asked turning to 'interrogation mode'.

"she means… look, it's hard to explain if you don't know the story, so… Gabriella is telling you, at least the beginning" said Zach

"I was 6 when I first went to a spy school" she started

"spy schools only accept girls from 7th grade… not 1st graders" I said

"you mean, legal spy schools" said Zach


"let me finish, will you guys?" said Gabby

"so, yeah, it wasn't illegal, it was a Russian spy school. There is where I made my first friends and where I met my best friend. She and I were like sisters… when I got kicked out of that school, I'm not telling the name, she got kicked out too. We always got into the same schools…. France, Italy, Holland, Portugal, and finally: Spain and England. Her older brother belonged to a gang… he was part of the Russian mafia. He was really dangerous and he hated the fact that his little sister was part of this world, of the 'spies' world. By the time we were studying in Spain, her older brother had died, and his second in command wanted to turn Anya, that was her name, into a rouge agent. I was dating Stefan, I was friends with Faustus Adams and with Zach… once, on spring break, we were spending time with the guys at Zach's place, we decided to go and walk around town and take funny pictures of us, everything was going great until we ran into the Russian gang"

Gabriella stopped and drank all her drink in just 5 seconds, Zach did the same. Gabby looked at Zach and he continued

"it turned into a fight, they were trying to 'kidnap' Anya, and Gabriella, as reckless as always, started fighting the head of the gang. It turned into an awful fight…. Anya and The Head of the gang died. Gabriella 'killed' The Head of the gang, it was self defense, we told the authorities and the saw all the fight on tape. That's why Gabriella was moved to the British school"

"why do you keep calling him 'The Head' of the gang?" I asked

"because we never knew his name" said Gabby

"wow, hard story" said Macey

"it doesn't stop there" said Zach, looking at Gabby

"since I killed their head member, I became the head of the Russian gang, but it didn't come easy… I had to fight their strongest member to death. He, Vanya, was going to kill me… I had to fight… and I… won" Gabriella started crying.

"why does it hurt you? He tried to kill you!" said Macey

"he was my cousin"


"Gabriella killed someone?" asked Nate

"yeah, apparently"

"why are we listening this on the vents again? We can bug their room you know" said Nate, well, whispered

"Because they never go for the easiest thing. And Liz has this thing that damages all the bugs we plant, now shut up"

"look, Gabriella… I'm sick of all the mystery… don't you trust us?" Cammie asked.

"yes! I do, it's just that it's all soo complicated…. I don't even understand half of it!"

"tell us, we might figure it out… together" said Liz

"ok… so, here it goes.

1: I'm head of the Russian Gang

2: I'm friends with the French Gang

3: the Spanish Gang hates me, and apparently they have Francis Adams

4: the Italian Gang is helping the Spanish gang

5: the best allies we can have are the Portuguese Gang, but they don't mingle with 'international affairs'"

"how many Gangs are there exactly? You've named 5 already" said Liz

"every country has a Gang… even USA"

"I didn't know that" said Cam

"that's because you are 'clean' Gallagher Girl… only people that have been involved in dirty business, like Gabby and I know about this stuff… and the highest ranked spies on earth" said Zach, hugging Cam

"who are the American Gang?" asked Liz

"we are" said Jonas… "we, the highest trained teenage spies are called the 'North American Gang' because we are the highest trained teenagers on USA… Gabby forgot to tell you, the oldest member of the Gang is always 23, after that age, they don't belong to the gang anymore… the youngest is always 17… and there are always only 20 members on the USA Gang" Jonas finished

"how do you know?" asked Liz

"I'm part of that Gang… Zach and Grant are part too… some graduates and some Gallagher girls… senior Gallagher Girls"

Everyone was quiet. Everyone was drinking. Everyone except for Gabriella looked up when Nate sneezed.


They were tied down and all beaten up.

"did you hear?" asked Macey, to which Liz shook her head

"Macey, the right question is ' How much did you hear?'"

"ok, how much did you hear?" asked Macey… I chuckled.

"we were there since before Gabriella, Zach, Macey and Cam walked in" said Nate. He wasn't lying; we had given them a drug that makes people tell the truth.

"oh god" said Gabriella "why does this always happens to me?"

"I don't know… but I feel like throwing up" said Jonas and ran to the bathroom. Disgusting. He wasn't a good drinker.

"we want to help" said Luke and Nate at the same time. Could it be that twin thing? Whatever…

"you can't" said Gabriella. She had told them everything about the mission she had been given, but I knew she was holding back something.

"why?" asked Luke

"because MI6 cannot be involved in this. It's CIA business"

"you are not exactly a CIA agent Gabriella, If I recall… you are not even American"

"I'm more CIA agent than any of the people in this room" she said

"what do you mean?"

"classified" she said

"no one has to know Gabby, please!" said Luke "I want to know what happened to my brother!"

"and I promise I will tell you! But you can't help us"

"you are going to need us"

"why?" I asked

"because you are going to need all the information you can get, and we are MI6… we also have intelligence"

We all looked at each other

"touché" said Grant and let them go.



"Gabriella, please listen to me!" said Luke

"what Luke?"

"I never meant to take you down Gabby, it was a mistake!"

"you threw me, remember, you pushed me! It was no mistake Luke…. What can I expect from someone who actually hurts physically a woman?"

"you can expect a lot from me! Even though I know you still love Stefan, I'm here begging you to come back!"

"luke i…"

"I know what you are going to say… "I'm sorry I can't love you, I'm sorry I lied to you" but we can make this work" he said, begging me… literally

"this is gonna end soo badly, believe me Luke. We both are getting hurt out of this"



"stefan's dead" he said with hard eyes

"no, there is a big chance that he might be alive" when I said that I realized I committed the worst mistake ever… I heard footsteps and a pretty shaken voice saying "what do you mean?"

"Cam… I… I can explain… look, the…. What happens…. Oh shit!"

"I thought you weren't lying to us anymore"

"and I'm not! It's just….. there is something I haven't tell you because I can't tell you…"

"Can't or Won't?"

"can't… I was… forbidden to, and that is what keeps me from saying how I know Stefan Goode might be alive"

"does Zach knows?"

"no, he doesn't" said grant stepping out of a room

"oh great! Please, everybody get out… I want to know who knows" as if on cue, Macey, Liz, Bex, Jonas and Nate appeared.

"we can't tell Zach, Can we?"

"no. we can't" said Cam… and boy was I surprised… "this will give him false hopes… and I don't want him to go for the same, twice"

Everybody nodded, in that moment I promised myself to find the truth… not for me, but for my brother-of-another-mother….


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