The Bester of Both Worlds, chap 24


As Pavel slowly recovered from his brush with death, he looked with increasing awareness and recognition at Dr. Pulaski, thinking at first that she looked remarkably like another lady he once knew named Miranda Jones. It was ironic that he thought of her again, being that he now had similar telepathic abilities. When he could speak English again, he wondered how he had acquired them and then after finding out became a little fearful that Bester might come looking for him and try something else nasty. He discovered that his fears, although quite understandable, were pretty groundless. After Scott had gotten over his initial shock of seeing Mr. Seven again after almost a century and remarking that he hadn't aged a day, Seven informed him that he used his time transporter to get here and that Bester's memories of Pavel, whom Scotty learned had become one of their top agents, and their universe had been wiped and the evil psi cop no longer had any real knowledge of him or his whereabouts. Scott knew that the statute of limitations concerning disclosure of Pavel's affiliation with Mr. Seven had run out by this time, and since both of them were retired anyway, it really didn't matter. Also, since both Dr. Selar and Dr. Pulaski knew of the secret MIB organization and of Chekov's involvement, it was perfectly safe to discuss it when they were present. However, when lower ranking officers were in the room, they were still required to not discuss it. Supervisor 194 also informed Chekov that if Bester ever showed up on their doorstep again, he would be shot on sight. He saw tears in Roberta's eyes, but now they were tears of joy. Pavel, with his new ability, read in her thoughts, however, that she was ashamed at being so cowardly when the nasty psi cop had appeared in their shared telepathic vision. Pavel understood why she had reacted the way she did, but she told him that she could not forgive herself for leaving him at the hands of that horrible madman. He told her that he had forgiven her and not to worry about it. It was also nice to see Scotty again, and he found it incredible how the engineer had put himself in suspended animation via the crashed Jenolin's transporter.

The sixty-seven year old version of Roberta Lincoln stared at her much younger self through Seven's com link lovingly, knowing now that it was finally the time at last for her to make things right for dear old Pavel Chekov. Even after almost fifty years, she still had not quite forgiven herself for leaving him with Alfred Bester. Now she realized it was time to make things right, and she had obtained permission from the temporal authorities to do so a long time ago. She knew that in the original history, poor Pavel had died, and she had always felt that it was her fault. She could not let that happen again, so she contacted a twenty-fourth century doctor to make sure he recovered from his injuries. She now felt happy that she would be enjoying him for years following that incident, and she still loved him.

Scarlet's Dowd father found it quite easy to impersonate the powerful Vorlon, Ambassador Kosh. Since nobody could see what was inside the protective suit he wore, he was quite safe in pretending to be him. He had been observing the Vorlons for a long time and also made an exact duplicate of one of their ships with his mind. He knew that the Vorlons breathed a poisonous atmosphere, so nobody was going to ask him to remove the suit. He had learned recently that Kosh had died under mysterious circumstances, and another Vorlon was being dispatched to replace him. He had to act fast before the other arrived. He boarded a freighter bound for Earth and stayed on it long enough to go through the nearest jump gate, and then manufactured a fake Vorlon ship with his mind, donned an exact duplicate of an encounter suit, and went back through the gate. The station's security personnel were expecting the new Vorlon ambassador, so when he arrived back on the station, he was greeted by Commander Ivanova and Security Chief Garibaldi. They had to pretend the new ambassador was the real Kosh, since news of the real Vorlon's death had to be kept secret for now. They asked him what he should be called when he was with them in private. Not knowing what else to say, he said "Kosh". Ivanova commented that he was a Vorlon all right. The Dowd was amazed that they bought the horse hockey when he said that all Vorlons were named Kosh.

As for little Alice, she did not completely understand the thoughts of the grownups around her, or why her father did not love her or her mother, but was thankful that she had at least one parent who loved her, at least for another year. She read in her mother's mind that she would be taken away when she turned six by the Psi Corps for training to help her continue to develop her telepathic powers. There was an old saying that she heard many times in the five years she had been alive: "The Corps is Mother. The Corps is Father." She did not like that notion, nor did she completely understand it. She knew, though, that it was best to stay away from her father as much as he stayed away from her.

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