I don't own the Twilight story or characters, I just modernize their beginnings J


Sitting in the den staring out the window wasn't exactly how I planned on spending my day. I've been here since I got back from class which has been exactly 2 hours and 38 minutes. So long that my legs were stuck to the leather chair even after organizing the whole room.

I was waiting for the mail to come so I could finally hear back from Royce. He is the typical bad boy and the most gorgeous guy I have laid my eyes on. Of course my dad doesn't like him so being the overprotective and overbearing father, he forbid me to even talk to him. We snuck emails at first but my dad hacked into my screen name and found out, so now we are currently writing actual letters. My dad works late so that was no problem hiding the letters from him. My mother knows but she is more supportive since she knows how it is being a girl, crazy in love.

"I don't understand what is taking the mailman so long!" I muttered to myself. Royce told me in his last letter he had something really important to ask me but he was waiting for the perfect moment. I don't know how he was planning on doing that since we have no chance of having moments alone. We don't have the same classes and I get to leave early because I am ahead on my credits and I have a study hall last period so there isn't a point in staying. He also told me to try to talk to my dad about us so we could finally go out the normal way.

That didn't go as good as I hoped but it also wasn't too bad. I made sure to catch him in a good mood so the chance he freaked out wouldn't be so high. My dad kept saying that Royce was a bad influence on me and that he was dangerous. I kept telling him that he has changed and doing better in school. He is so far ahead that he can graduate before me if he wanted to. My dad let up a bit then later my mom told me she would talk to him.

I looked up and finally saw the mailman. I didn't have time to think I just ran out there and about crashed into him. "Sorry about that I'm just expecting something really important" I said while blushing. "That's ok, I get that all the time" he laughed and handed the mail to me. Junk, bills, more junkā€¦ Where is it?! "Oh, here's one more" he reached down and gave me a small box. Here it is! Ekk I wonder what's in it!

I thanked him and rushed inside. Once I was in my room I locked my door and laid on my bed while wondering why it wasn't just a normal letter like always. Opening the box carefully to make sure I wouldn't rip anything, I finally got it. In the box was a smaller deep red case, and two letters. I put the fancy black letter with the case on the corner of the bed and even though I was curious I opened the handwritten letter first.

Dear Rosalie,

I couldn't wait to hear back from you again telling me what your dad said so I decided to talk to him myself. Before you get upset I just figured it would sound better and more mature coming from me. I went over to his work while he was about to go out to lunch. I caught up to him and even though he didn't want anything to do with me I convinced him to give me a chance. He told me that even though he didn't approve he knew I wouldn't give up and keeping us apart was just making you upset. He told me that he is giving me one date with you and if everything went perfect he would reconsider everything. It looks like we have a real date baby! I can't wait to see you.



P.S. I hope you love your present.

I was shaking with excitement as I put the letter down and reached for the red case. I held it in my hand for awhile just staring at it. Slowly I snapped it opened it and inside was a beautiful white gold necklace with a sparkling purple cushion cut stone. I put it on immediately then I grabbed the sealed black letter and tore it open.

To Mr. Royce and Ms. Rosalie,

From all of us at The Candlelit Lilly, We are looking forward to having you as our guests for Friday night. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do for you. Your needs are important to us.

From all of us at The Candlelit Lilly

The Candlelit Lilly? That's the most expensive restaurant in town. How in the world did he get us reservations so fast? How am I supposed to get an outfit perfect enough in just 2 days? I tore apart my closest trying to find something but all my clothes were boring. This date was going to be the most important date in my life and I had nothing to wear!

Later when my dad got home I ran out to hug him. He must have been surprised at the sudden affection because he said "Whoa there sweetheart, What was that for?" "Just for being the best dad ever!" I said while running to grab my purse. "I have to go shopping so I'll see you guys later!" I ran out and headed over to the mall.

Awhile later I came home with a some bags from the different stores. I searched all over for the perfect outfit. My idea was to make it based on the wonderful necklace Royce gave me. I found a purple dress, purple shoes, and a silver satin shrug. I knew I had a purse that would match perfectly somewhere in the mess of my room that I would have to tear apart again to find it.

As soon as I got inside my mom said. "I need to talk to you for a minute." while pulling me into my room. "Sure, what's going on?" "Well I know your really excited about Friday but I just want you to be careful.." Is she being serious? I could feel the anger growing towards my eyes. "Hey mom we had the talk a couple of years ago.." "Yeah I know but I just don't want you to feel pressured or do something you regret, I know he is a popular guy and you want him to like you but its best when you are with someone you love" So just because he s popular everyone thinks I'll just let him do anything he wants? I felt the tears coming on so I had to get rid of her quick. " I know mom but this is really embarrassing so can we just stop?" she sighed and laughed a little then leaned in and kissed my forehead. Thank gosh she left because I wasn't in the mood for that fight.

I went to put my things in my closest and to clean up the mess I made earlier, then walked over to my computer. My friend Vera I/med me right away.

Vera: So what did Royce say?

Rosalie: You won't believe it! He asked my dad if we could go on a date and he said yes!

Vera: WOW, that's great! He really must be into you because your dad isn't his biggest fan. Plus I've heard Royce is a player but I guess those were just rumors..

Rosalie: Oh come on Vera, you can't believe ever rumor you hear. Plus he is really sweet. He gave me a necklace and got us reservations at The Candlelit Lilly!

Vera: Now I'm jealous! That's got to be the best, most romantic restaurant ever! My boyfriend says he is going to take me there someday so you will have to tell me all about me.

Rosalie: I will. Look I have to go write my essay for tomorrow so I'll see you later.

Vera: Alright, see you then.

I signed off then tried to finish up my essay. I just couldn't keep what Vera said out of my head. "Plus I've heard Royce is a player but I guess those were just rumors.." He couldn't be, he has stuck with me through all the groundings and separations. Did he do this with every girl? I hated the doubt that it brought me.