I don't know much about cars but Royce had a beautiful, shiny dark blue one. I guess he caught me staring at it while walking out because he laughed and whispered "It's just a Ferrari , no big deal" he smiled while opening the door for me. "Yeah, No big deal" I sighed happily.

I was straightening out my dress when I accidentally scrapped my band new ring my dad got me against the leather, ripping a small hole into the black seat. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, I'll pay for it, I promise no matter how much it costs I'll get it fixed!" he pressed his fingers against my lips shushing me. "Calm down, it's not that big of a deal." He smiled at me sweetly. I can't believe how wonderful he is being about this. I pouted and felt on the edge of crying " I didn't mean to" I said softly. Royce looked at me sweetly and wiped his thumb down my cheek to catch the tear. "Please don't worry about it, I know you didn't mean to and it really isn't that big of a problem to fix." I nodded while holding my hands in my lap, being careful to not touch anything else and he started the car, going on our way to the restaurant.

The restaurant was absolutely gorgeous, candles and flowers everywhere. I guess that's why they call it The Candlelit Lilly, I giggled to myself. We were the only people there other than the workers. This must have cost him a fortune to privately rent it out like this.

"Look if you are going to be pouting the whole time I will take you to the shop and prove to you how easy it is to fix it." he joked. I was a little bit shocked. Was my mood really that noticeable? I tried my best to put it behind me and enjoy the dinner but I just wasn't hungry anymore because of the accident.

I put on a pretty convincing smile and leaned him and resting my head on his shoulder. " Maybe you could take me by the car shop after dessert?" He must of bought it because he smiled than he ordered us sample plates of every dessert imaginable. It took three servers to bring out all the samples. " Wow there is no way we can eat all this" He said while laughing. "Yeah I guess we didn't really think of that beforehand" I giggled. They covered our whole table in all sorts of cakes, pies, tarts, ice creams, and many things I have never seen before. We tried many of them but we didn't even make a dent in the huge mountain of food. "Please wrap up all our leftovers so my beautiful girlfriend can take them home to her family" Royce told our server while handing her the bill and huge tip. "Of course, Is there anything else I can get for you Mr. Royce?" "No, We are set but thank you"

"What? Did you want a drink to go or something because I can get one for you." Royce asked. "Oh no I'm fine." I smiled back to him. "Then why are you looking at me like that? Do I have something on me? Something in my teeth? He looked down at his shirt, wiping his hands to clean off invisible specks and flashing his teeth at me in a funny grimace. I chucked at his funny smile and told him no. "But than what is it?" "You called me your girlfriend.." "Oh," he sighed "Well I don't have to call you that, If you want I can call you just a friend.." I shook my head "No, it's perfect, just like this date and just like you."

"Are you sure you want to go to the shop? It's not exactly what I would call romantic." He had been trying to talk me out of it since we left the restaurant. The truth was I didn't really care about going to his work, I just didn't want to go home just yet. "Yes I'm sure, Plus we have plenty of time before my curfew"

We pulled into a spot right in front of the car repair shop. He jiggled his keys and just sat there without moving. He sighed while staring at the steering wheel. "Look this isn't exactly how I planned it, If I promise you that it isn't that big of a deal can we leave?" "Nope, plus I want to see you in all your work glory." I was sad he wanted to end the date so soon. Did I do or say something wrong? He took the key out of the ignition, opened the door and stepped out into the night. He was right about it not being romantic, even a bit creepy but as long as I was with him it didn't matter to me.

He grabbed a spare key from under the bushes than winked at me "Don't tell anyone about that ok?" Sure thing, like I had anyone that cared about car supplies enough to even steal them. He felt around for the lights then let me in while locking the door behind me. I suddenly realized I was locked in a room all alone with Royce. I blushed and tried to put that thought behind me.

"Wait here, I gotta grab something and it will only take a sec." He leaned down and kissed my cheek before turning away. I put my hand on my cheek where it still tingled from the kiss. I have never got that close to a boy before and I didn't know what else to do other than hold my hand over my cheek to try to keep the kiss forever.

He was so quiet while coming back that he scared me. I was still reliving the kiss so when Royce wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck I jumped. He laughed into my neck which tickled and felt warm at the same time. He let me go, unlocked the door and turned the lights off once I was out. He locked the door while handing me a leather repair kit. "You broke it so you fix it. Plus you didn't believe me about how easy it would be" He smiled while looking at my unsure face.

We got in the car and I read the instructions, they looked easy enough and after Royce convinced me how easy it would be I finally just did it. We had to let it sit for a couple minutes before we could head back to my house. Both of us sat on his hood while talking and joking about little things. He was in the middle of a joke one of his friends told him when I playfully pushed him with my hand. He took my hand, we both looked up at each other at the same time. Oh my gosh he is about to kiss me! I froze and my thoughts screamed internally. I could see him tilting his head and slowly closing his eyes. I could feel myself mirroring him but I couldn't feel myself doing it. Thoughts just stopped and it was just feelings. He put his hand on my cheek and gently pulled me towards him. I closed my eyes and felt his warm kiss.

He dropped me off at my house 10 minutes before my curfew. Royce kissed me once more. He promised he would call me tomorrow then he was gone. I truly knew what walking on clouds really meant now. I was thankful my parents were distracted by watching a movie so I told them goodnight, put away the huge amount of dessert boxes, and walked up to my room and relieved the whole date.