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Eric POV

After leaving my day man a list of messages and orders to carry out while I slept, I made my way to the reinforced concrete bunker located under my house in Shreveport that served as my daytime resting spot. I had outfitted it with every luxury I could think of, and even some that I hadn't been aware of until Pam had shown them to me online. She absolutely loves the internet, though I have little use for computers.

I pulled back the sheets on my California King-sized bed, loving the way that the rich silk sheets sounded as they whispered against each other when I moved the top sheet down the bed so I could get into it. I slowly removed every stitch of my clothing, pausing to look at my naked self in the mirror and wondering how Sookie's face would look the first time she saw all of me. Would she gasp when she saw the size of my cock? I reach down and grab my growing erection, wrapping my large hand around it and giving it several pumps from the tip to the based, smiling at the size of it. I am not without reason for my cock-sure (excuse the pun) attitude. I was large, and there was no reason to deny that fact. I knew that I had perfected my lovemaking skills over the past millennium since I had been made into a vampire. There wasn't a woman that wouldn't willingly scream my name after few minutes alone with me. None that I had allowed to pleasure me had ever walked away unsatisfied with my attentions to their bodies, especially lately. Since the Great Revelation several years ago, three were multitudes of willing vermin, or "fangbangers" as they preferred to call themselves. To me they were nothing more than a warm fuck and a fresh meal. Not that I need to take much blood from anyone, but let's face facts; no matter how much the vampires in control of our public persona wanted the humans to believe that synthetic blood satisfied all of our nutritional needs, it simply didn't cut it when it came to stifling our baser cravings. Blood and sex were so intermingled that a vampire could not be satisfied by one without partaking in the other, not to mention the thrill of sinking our fangs into a hot, pulsing vein, and feeling the erotic gush of life that flowed into our mouths.

Just thinking of it caused my fangs to extend and my cock to start twitching in my hand, which in turn caused my thoughts to turn in another direction. Sweet, sweet Sookie. Sookie Stackhouse was becoming an ever present problem in my life. There was not a night that went by without my thoughts being tugged in her direction. I would find myself sitting at my table in Fangtasia, hoping that Bill would bring her in, just to get a glimpse of her in some alluringly bright and sexy outfit that stood out in a bar full of drab Goth-wannabe costumes most of the patrons wore. It never failed that Eric Jr. would stand at attention the very second I caught her scent winding its way through the air to my waiting nostrils. She smelled of maple syrup, strawberries and cream, and sunshine. It was a smell that drove me to distraction. Every time the bartender served someone a strawberry daiquiri, I would look around to find her, only to be disappointed once again.

I felt my body start to tighten as I looked down at my cock in surprise. While I had been fantasizing about Sookie, I had been masturbating unknowingly again, and had just about reached a climax. "Oh well, might as well just go with it," I thought, and pumped my hand up and down my cock, gripping it tighter and increasing my speed. I rubbed the sensitive underside of the head, imaging how it would feel when Sookie's tongue gently tasted me for the first time there. I feel my balls start to tighten, and I began to pump even harder, focusing on the image of my rock hard cock fucking Sookie's mouth, her taking in my entire length, and shooting my seed deep into her throat. A thick stream of cum shoots from my cock as I shout Sookie's name, wishing for the millionth time that she was really here with me. I knew that if my fantasies of her could do this to me, having her here, pressing her naked body against me, would be so much better.

As I reach for a tissue to clean myself off, I smile, knowing that this very day Mr. Burman would place a call to Bill's voicemail that would put my plan into action. I had no doubts that Bill would not believe that I had talked to the Queen, or that he would balk at his level of involvement in my plan, but I also knew that within a short period of time, I would be rid of Bill Compton, and Sookie would finally be MINE. Anything was worth making that happen, anything, even what I had planned for Bill's part of my plan. Though personally I wished that I could just glamour Sookie and force her to leave him and come to me, I knew that there was some reason that she could not be glamoured. A part of me craved the challenge of having to do this the old-fashioned way, while the rest of my just craved her. I had always enjoyed hunting, but it was the chase the truly excited me.

I could feel the pull of the sun tugging me towards my daily death sleep, so I crawled into my bed and pulled the sheets up to my waist, loving the feel of the silk against my skin. The last thought I had as I fell asleep was of Sookie. I wondered if she would sleep beside my body one day if I asked her to. "Oops, there goes my cock again…" I drifted to sleep with a smile frozen on my face.


I woke up that evening with that crazy smile still on my face, and a cock that was so hard it was almost painful. I would need to pull a willing female into my office before my meeting with Bill took place, or I may not be able to contain my frustration at having to involve him in my plans. I had very little respect for Bill, and the fact that he was currently fucking the woman I wanted galled me to no end. I wanted to crush him, steal her, and fuck her until she couldn't remember who he was.

I pulled myself from that pleasant thought long enough to get out of bed, get dressed and warm a True Blood in the microwave. While I was drinking it down, I remembered to first time I tasted Sookie, during the Maenad debacle, and well, the results of that were currently tenting my pants. Yup, I was definitely going to need a fangbanger tonight. I called Pam's cell, and when she answered I told her to look over the women at the bar and pick one out for me. I told her that she was to have the woman ready and waiting for me to take her the minute I walked in, all the while knowing exactly how Pam would ready my meal. Hell, the thought of Pam with her face buried in another woman's pussy was enough to make me hurry myself into my corvette. I never did the speed limit, so what should have been a 20 minute drive for most people took me little more than 10. Sure enough, when I walked through my office door, Pam had a tiny blonde woman (what I could see of her kind of reminded me of Sookie in fact) on her back, stretched out across my desk. They were enjoying themselves so much that the woman never even noticed when I heard Pam mumble an indistinct "Hello Master" into the woman's dripping cunt. She did however feel the vibrations connected to Pam's voice, causing her to squirm a little quicker and shoving her pussy harder into Pam's waiting tongue. I continued to watch them as I undid my belt buckle and unbuttoned my jeans. My cock twitched as I motioned for Pam to switch positions with the woman, and she was more than willing to oblige me. She grabbed the woman off my desk and quickly took her place, setting the woman between her own legs. The woman's glazed eyes immediately fell to Pam's glistening folds, and I heard her moan as she started to lower her mouth to them. As she brought her face to Pam's flesh, I pulled her hips into position for me to enter her from behind. She gasped when she felt my hands on her, snapping her head in my direction, realizing for the first time that I had entered the office. I told her to relax and just go with it as Pam grabbed the woman's face and brought it back to her waiting pussy. That was all the encouragement she needed, and the woman went right back to slurping up Pam's juices. I watched for a moment as her tongue circled Pam's clit several times before making her way down to her entrance, gently dipped in the first time to test the flavor, then plunged in again and again. I couldn't stand not being involved in this. I reached down between the woman's legs, automatically sliding one finger into her wetness to gage her readiness. As I had assumed, Pam had done a thorough job prepping her. I removed my finger, only to replace it quickly with my cock. I didn't worry about being nice; I just thrust my full length into her, making her scream out into Pam's pussy, which in turn caused Pam to wiggle a little more expressively.

"Holy shit, what a sight!" The only thing that would make this any better would be if it really was Sookie that was hungrily devouring Pam's juicy cunt all while shoving her ass onto my plunging cock. Except being inside Sookie's pussy wouldn't feel like fucking a mayonnaise jar, I assumed. This woman had definitely been around the block a time or two, though it wasn't enough to stop me from taking my pleasure from her. I could feel the woman's body beginning to tighten around my cock about the same time I heard Pam signaling her impending climax. I sped up my thrusts as well, feeling the pulsing at the base of my cock become more persistent. Shortly after feeling the woman cum around me, I found the pulsing vein on her neck and bit down, drinking her blood into me and I allowed myself a release as well.

As soon as both Pam and I had taken some of the woman's blood and set ourselves to rights, Pam escorted her out of my office. I had let her know to glamour the woman into only remembering her time with Pam and erasing me from her memory completely. I didn't want this woman to go spreading word around the bar that I was open for sex from any of the others here. Not with Bill coming tonight. I couldn't be absolutely sure that he wouldn't bring Sookie in with him, though he would be a fool to do so when he had been summoned by his Sheriff. Still, I couldn't help hoping she would be here tonight, and I never wanted her to hear of my being with any human besides herself. I knew that Bill would smell that sex had occurred in my office tonight, but I also knew that both Pam's and the other woman's scents were stronger than mine, and that he would expect to smell me in my own office. I hoped that by having Pam in my office during our meeting, still smelling of sex since I had told her not to clean the scent of the other woman's pussy from her face (a suggestion that she enjoyed, mind you), telling her that it would help to mask my scent a little better. Besides, it didn't hurt to have another vampire present in my office to help keep Bill in check, as I was sure that he would find the subject matter for tonight's little meeting totally appalling, not to mention that having witnesses never hurt. There was no one else that I trusted as much as Pam to watch my back, so I guess you could say that her presence would be two fold. While she was primping and finding a comfortable spot to occupy on the couch against the wall in my office, I dialed Sophie-Anne's private cell number as prearranged last night during my nightly report to her offices. She wanted to listen in as I outlined my evidence against Bill to him, and hear what his reaction would be. He had severely disappointed her when it came to procuring Sookie's ability for his Queen. She came on the line and we spoke for a few minutes. During the course of our short conversation, she let me know that should Bill become enraged during our meeting, that she was authorizing me to finally kill him should it come to that. She was more interested in keeping me happy, and getting Sookie to agree to work for her than dealing with a vampire that was likely to take off against her wishes again. Especially since he had already turned the data base he had been working on (behind my back) over to her. She figured that any other vampire could add to it, therefore, Bill was of little use to her anymore.

Right after she said that, I heard a car pull up to the back of the building. I told the Queen that I was going to put her on speaker so she could hear what was being discussed. She said that she would listen quietly, and would only speak when I invited her into the conversation. Just as I hit the speaker button and placed the receiver in the cradle, I heard Clancy and Bill walk up to my office door and Clancy knocked sharply. I called out for him to allow Bill to enter, and the door swung open just enough to emit Bill, then closed after him. As per or earlier conversation, Clancy knew that he was to stand outside the door and not allow anyone close to it. It was also part of his job tonight to stop Bill from leaving fangtasia without my say so. This meeting had several potential out comes, and all of them ended very badly for Bill, though some were infinitely worse than others.

"Eric." He said with that infuriating barely-there nod of disrespect I hated so much. I felt like he did it to fuck with me. Usually others would nod deeply, or even bow slightly, but not Bill, oh no, he was too good to show the proper respect due to me in my position.

"Sit Bill, we have much to discuss." I spat out, not giving him a choice.

I watched as he looked towards the couch and decided against it, choosing instead to sit in one of the two chairs in front of my desk. I paced impatiently while he took his time settling into it. When he finally stopped fidgeting, I began to speak.

"I have recently been given some information regarding you that I find distressing Bill. It concerns you and Sookie." I stated, watching as he looked at me. I swear he would be sweating if he could, but there was no way he could hide the wild look in his eyes.

"I'm sure that I have no idea what you are talking about Eric. My relationship with Sookie is private, and as you must surely remember, she is mine. Unlike some of our kind, I do not kiss and tell, nor will I start now." He said, clearly trying to call my bluff. What he didn't yet realize was that I wasn't doing any bluffing. Time to throw out a little bit of a threat and see how he was going to take it. This was starting to get fun, watching him squirm.

"I have not forgotten your claim on her, but she will leave you, and when she does, I will be waiting here to console her. With the information now in my possession, it will happen sooner than even you can you anticipate. Make no mistakes Bill, she will be mine, and you will help make that happen."

"What?" He screeched. "How on earth could you possibly think that I would not only give Sookie up, but that I would give her to you? More importantly, how can you believe that she would willingly go to you?" Now he was just insulting me, time to bring out the big guns.

"Quiet, Bill. You will listen to what I have to say before you utter another word. When I have told you exactly what information I have, and what I expect to happen because of said information, you will not only give her to me, but you will help to make sure that she thinks coming to me was her idea."

His eyes grew wide, and I could literally see the panic creep into his body. He knew I knew why he was really here. Seeing his reaction spurred me on.

"Do you remember Rasul, Bill? He is one of Sophie-Anne's personal guards."

He nodded nervously.

I decided to lay it all on the line. I launched into my conversation with Rasul, detailing everything that he had told me about a week ago. The knowledge that he gotten Sookie under false pretenses still made me angry. I had to admit that I probably would have agreed to do the Queens bidding as well, but I would not have been able to lie to Sookie as Bill was doing every time he fucked her without telling her the real reason he was in Bon Temps. Sookie had trouble being in the same room with me some days, but I had never told her anything but the truth, just not all of it. I have only ever told her just as much as she needed to know and still remain safe from our world.

"Would you care to guess at the identity of the vampire, Bill?" I wanted to hear what he would say in response to my question. I wanted to hear him try to lie his way out of this one, giving me a reason to lash out at him physically. I was disappointed as I watched the emotions chase themselves across his, finally settling on resigned. He was going to fess up. FUCK! I really wanted to have a legitimate reason to punch him. But he did look curious about whether or not he could play this against Rasul and I for betraying a confidential conversation between the Queen and one of her subjects. I decided to break some more bad news to him, and I did so rather gleefully. I told him about the role that Sophie-Anne herself played in his downfall. When I was done, he looked like he wanted to jump out of his chair and come after me. Bring it on Billy boy! This Viking enjoys a good skirmish.

He didn't lie, I'll give him that. I was still disappointed about it, but I had already guessed that he wouldn't, so I wasn't too surprised. What did surprise me was the extent of blame he placed on me for this predicament. He actually yelled at me at the end of his tirade.

"You. Can. Go. To. Hell! Eric, I will never help you with this!" He was practically steaming, nothing but anger showing on his face. I watched him pull out his cell phone to call in reinforcements, and I couldn't help but snatch it away from him and plunge the dagger in a little farther.

"I knew it…"

As he started to accuse me of lying to him about the Queens involvement and her subsequent requests of me, I brought Sophie-Anne herself into the conversation, startling the shit out of him once and for all. "Of course you may speak to her about this, Bill, but you don't need to call her. She has been listening in on the speaker phone throughout our entire conversation. Are you still there, Your Majesty?" I asked.

"Yes, Sheriff, I am. I must say Bill, I am not happy with your progress concerning Miss Stackhouse, and when Eric called me with his idea, I found it to be an interesting solution to my problem. What is that charming phrase the humans use for this? Killing two birds with one stone? Only this particular stone has the potential to remove more than simply two birds." She went on to expound on why she chose to give me permission to lay my claim on Sookie, citing my loyalty and her desire to punish him in a very effective manner. She finished by adding a line that would allow no questions as to whether she really meant what she said. "This is a command from your Queen. You will do this, no exceptions. Do I make myself clear?" Her voice clearly displayed her displeasure with his ineptitude.

"Yes Your Majesty, I understand, but may I please defend my actions and inactions to you?" He pleaded to her.

"You may, but make it quick; I have a meeting in two minutes." She replied.

"Thank you, Your Majesty." He continued with excuse after excuse, trying to make it Sookie's fault that he had failed in his mission. That asswipe, I couldn't believe all of his lame reasons, and I knew the queen wasn't buying it either. He sounded like a young human child that has just been told that he will be restricted to minimal privileges for a long period of time.

Now he had done it. The Queen did not appreciate listening to whiney subjects. She expected everyone to follow her orders without exception, and Bill had just royally pissed her off. She tore into him, bringing up his disobedience in running after that bitch Lorena, and leaving Sookie here alone. Though I gladly stepped up to be there for her and it was wonderful since I had gained much more acceptance in her eyes during his betrayal of her. After all, I did help her rescue Bill from being tortured to death, but I also got to exchange blood with her for the second time, and this time she was more than willing to do it with me. We had almost even made love during his absence, but Bubba interrupted us before we could get any farther than my fingers in her tight wet pussy. Just the memory of how she tasted when I licked her juices off my fingers was enough to give me an insta-hard-on. I needed to sit down quickly, before anyone noticed the bulge in my pants. I plopped myself down on my chair and put my feet up on the corner of my desk, crossing them at the ankles, effectively hiding my enlarged cock. I heard Sophie-Anne say good-bye to the three of us. I looked around the office, locking eyes with a very smug Pam; I assumed that the queen must have really lit into Bill (I hadn't really been listening; I had been visiting Sookieland in my mind.) for Pam to look so happy. Her and Bill have never enjoyed any kind of affection towards each other. Bill on the other hand looked properly defeated, that is until I met his eyes, then I saw nothing but pure hatred.

What was that term I've heard the humans using lately? I got it…


"So Bill, it would seem we have to discuss my plan to take your woman away from you so I can make her mine." I couldn't help it, I was enjoying this immensely. Bill was so angry, I bet he would've gladly help me find my final death, but he was such an obedient little vampire that there was no way he could disobey a direct order from his Queen or her Sheriff. I was going to have some fun with this.

"When is Sookie's next evening off?" I asked Bill.

It took him a minute to give me his reply, as the answer seemed to stick in his throat. "She is not scheduled to work tomorrow evening. I had planned on taking her out on a date myself. I am to pick her up at 9:00."

That would work perfectly for me. "I want you to convince her to come to Fangtasia with you on your date tomorrow night then. Be prepared to hear from me at 7:00 then, and I will fill you in as far as what I expect you to do. I will have everything ready for it by then. I will speak to you later, once I have finished with the arrangements."

I almost forgot the most important thing I needed to say to him. "Oh, and Bill, if you breathe a word of any of this to her, I will have all of her AND your head. Do I make myself clear?" I asked him.

"Yes Sheriff, I hear you." He said as he quickly left my office.


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