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Sookie Shower Outtake

I'm standing in my kitchen, finishing up the leftover pork chops I had reheated for my dinner when I glance at the clock over the stove. I'm shocked to realize it's almost 7:00 pm and that Bill should be here in about two hours. I need to get into the shower if I'm going to be ready by the time Bill gets here to pick me up for our date tonight.

What I really need to do is release a little frustration before we head to Fangtasia. The last thing I need is to see Eric looking like sex on a stick while I'm all pent up. It would help if I thought Bill would be willing to help me out a little before we leave, but he is always so "proper" when it comes to doing anything before we're supposed to be somewhere. Heaven forbid that anyone think that we are intimate… it might ruin his reputation as a gentleman, ugh.

I walk into the bathroom and reach behind the shower curtain to twist the hot water knob, turning the water up all the way. While I'm waiting for the water to heat up, I start to think of what Bill will most likely do to me after we leave the club tonight.

I close my eyes as I imagine him grabbing my waist as we walk to the car, pulling me tight up against his body. As soon as we reach the car, he shoves my back roughly up against the passenger door, lifting me slightly off the ground as he pulls my face up to meet his. I can see the fire, the need to dominate and possess me, shining brightly in his eyes. He lowers his mouth to mine, and his lips crash into mine with a passion he rarely lets himself show. I can feel his need as he grinds his hips against mine, his erection digging almost painfully into my upper thigh.

My lips are becoming swollen as his continue to ravage mine. His tongue snakes out to flick my bottom lip, seeking any breach in the entrance to my mouth. I sigh as I open my lips in invitation, and I'm rewarded with his tongue charging into my mouth, dueling with my own. He isn't holding anything back as his tongue plunders each hollow and crevasse it encounters inside my mouth; marking each as its own.

After he has satisfied himself with the knowledge that I am his, his hands go from holding me tightly against the car to wandering forcefully around my body. His hips are grinding so intensely into my thigh that he is seemingly holding me up by his erection alone, the toes of my shoes barely scraping the pavement of the parking lot.

I open my eyes, surprised to find the bathroom filled with steam. I reach in and adjust the water temperature so it's just cool enough for me to stand under the shower head, but still hot enough so that I can feel the heat of my simulated lover's passion. Bill is so much better in these shower time fantasies than he is in real life.

I sigh. Not wanting to lose my arousal just yet, I hastily undress, pretending that he is ripping my clothes off as I fling my shirt in one direction and my bra in another. I quickly push my jeans and panties down and step out of them, only to trail my hands back up the insides of my legs, slowly, as I start to stand. I barely caress the damp lips of my pussy as my hands make their way back up my body. The tingle of electricity that hits me there is almost blinding in its intensity. I can't stop the shiver of anticipation that is blazing down my spine as I step into the shower, and pull the curtain shut.

I stand under the jets for a second, acclimating my naked flesh to the heat of the water. I can feel the water forming tiny rivers racing down the contours of my body, making its way to the floor, tracing paths and following my curves. It feels like thousands of little hands, each one caressing my body in an effort to find the most arousing spots and the most tantalizing responses, coaxing little moans of delight to escape my lips.

I place my right hand on my shoulder and lightly brush my fingertips across my collar bone towards my neck. As my fingers dip into the hollow of my throat, I allow them to slowly drift down to the valley between my passion-heavy breasts. I spread my fingers and graze the insides of each breast at the same time, then grasp my right nipple and pinch it lightly as I lift my other hand to my left breast, rubbing and pinching the taught skin. I moan again as I feel them tighten even more, hardening into tiny buds full of pleasure. I continue to roll, pinch, and pull them, and I can feel the throbbing ache of passion starting to burn in my abdomen.

I try to imagine Bill's hand as I trail my own down to my stomach, but instead I see Eric's blue eyes staring up where Bill's dark ones had just been.

My breathing turns ragged as I see him smile at my surprise. It's that smile that always seems to turn me to jelly. I feel the sudden release of fluids pooling in the apex of my thighs and I see his nostrils flare, taking in the scent; my need for him to touch me is almost unbearable. Before I know it, his hand is at my core, his fingers delving between the sopping wets lips of my pussy, pushing them aside in his quest for my clit. As his fingers make contact, I cry out. His name no more than a whisper in the room, but it sounds like a scream in my head.

My eyes are open once again, but instead of the sight of him vanishing – like it usually does as soon as I open them – I can still see him.

He turns me around so he is now pressing his engorged cock into the small of my back, but then releases me just enough so he can reach around my side and resume his plundering. His fingers brush past my folds, seeking my entrance. Without hesitation, he boldly pushes one finger up inside me. I can feel his fist grinding against my entrance as his finger rubs around my core, memorizing each ridge, searching for my G- spot. He taps it gently, causing my legs to give out. He wraps his free arm around my waist to support me as he removes his finger. I whimper, distraught by the feeling of emptiness, but he shushes me as he trails light kisses along the side of my neck. I gasp as he thrusts one finger inside me and then another, removing them almost completely, only to forcefully plunge them deeper inside. He repeats this several times, setting up a slow then fast then slow again rhythm. His fingers urge my body on as his thumb works my clit, begging me for a response. I give it to him. My body is shuttering as he works me like a well tuned instrument.

I can feel the walls of my pussy tightening, aching for my climax. He can feel it too as he curls his fingers just enough to hit my G-spot over and over again. I can't breathe. He has taken control over my body, only allowing it to feel the intense blissful convulsions radiating from my core, effectively liquefying every bone in my body.

As the tremors slowly subside, I am surprised to find myself sprawled out on the floor of the tub, the shower still running, and I am alone. My fingers are still wedged between my thighs, and my hand is slippery. I remove my fingers and look down at my hand, covered in my own juices, and I can't make sense of it all. I would swear that Eric was with me in the shower. I've never made myself come like that before; surely he had to have really been there. Even fantasizing about Bill being dominating never caused such an intense orgasm for me.

I take a deep breath, and try to stand up. My legs still feel like jelly, but after a few seconds I finally manage to stand up again. I have to lean against the wall to finish my shower, though I still manage to finish before I run out of warm water.

I am still breathing heavy, but I hold my breath as I pull back the shower curtain, hoping that Eric is waiting for me, waiting to finish what I started in the shower. He's not. I am almost overwhelmed with disappointment as I force myself to believe that he was just a really hot figure of my over-stimulated, lust-filled imagination.

I sigh as I wrap a towel around my dripping body and step out of the bathroom. When I open the door, the steam from the bathroom escapes, and I can smell the hint of sex as it is carried past me, the steam dissipating as it hits the cooler air of my bedroom. So much for going to Fangtasia tonight and not feeling sexually frustrated. I was afraid, now, that I would jump Eric as soon as I saw him. I almost hoped that he wouldn't be there tonight, almost.

I glance at the clock and I realize that I need to hurry. Bill should be here in about half an hour to pick me up and I haven't even started getting ready.


Oh. My. God!

I forgot about Bill. I had started my shower fantasizing about him, how did it turn out to be Eric that finished me?

Get your head back in the game Sookie. It's time to get ready to meet your boyfriend.

I need to stop thinking about Eric and focus on Bill.



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