Shifting Warriors: Book 1: The Chamber of Secrets

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Chapter 1: Moving

"Why?" Kai his voice stated was sad and depressed.

"We have been through this Kai, your father has been transferred to a new base in Scotland so we have to move," stated his mom.

She was dark skinned with dark hair. Her face the gentle and soft, everything about her demeanor was gentleness. She was a vet for a nearby zoo, one of the best vets the zoo had ever seen. They were sad when they heard that she had to go but they knew why. The reason why is what his mom, Cassie, had been trying to explain to her six year old son as they were packing up.

"Why, do we have to go though? All my friends are here," stated Kai.

"I'm sorry Kai, but we have to go, I know it is going to be tough but you can do it," stated Cassie.

Kai sighed he wasn't going to win as he put more clothes into a suit case, "What if I can't find any friends there?"

Cassie smiled as she put her hand on her sons shoulder, "I know you will find some friends, and you shouldn't worry about it too much your cousin is going to be living near us so you can go visit them whenever."

Kai ears perked up, "What Fayth is going to be moving to Scotland as well?"

Cassie smiled as he kissed her son's head, "Yep, your aunt Rachel received a new modeling job there that pays much better than the one she currently has."

Kai smiled at the thought of his over excited cousin. The two were in-separable as they grew up, one of the reasons he was so sad to move was she wouldn't be there. At the knowledge that she would be there he was a little more relaxed about moving across the sea.

Cassie registered the relaxation in his voice, "I thought that would make it easier for you to move."

Kai smiled, "What about Uncle Marco?"

Marco wasn't really his uncle more like an honorary uncle then actual blood relation. The dark haired man was the funniest person Kai had ever met, he was also the main conspirator in the teachings of the fine art of pranking to his honorary niece and nephew, much to the irk of their parents.

"Well as his job has him travel more around a lot he will also be able to stop by just as much as he does now," smiled Cassie as she packed a box full of Kai's books.

"What about you mommy, will you be able to get another job in a zoo and will I be able to come help?" asked Kai.

Cassie chuckled lightly at the question, "As a matter of fact I have lined up another job at a zoo and would be more than happy to have you come assist me."

Kai relaxed more at the thought of moving, "Well okay then I suppose we can move, I still don't know if I will be able to find any friends but at least I will have the animals to talk to and Fayth to talk to."

The front door opened as a strong male voice echoed through the house, "Hey, anyone here?"

Kai ran down the stairs and threw himself into his father's hug, "DADDY!"

His father, Jake, chuckled as he wrapped his arms around his son, "Hey Kai, are you almost packed?"

"Yeah daddy and I give us permission to move," stated Kai with a smile.

Jake chuckled, "Well now that we have your approval, the u-haul truck is outside to take our stuff to the boat it will be shipped on along with us."

Kai nodded as he let go of his father, "Alright we better get it all loaded up shouldn't we."

Jake chuckled, his light brown eyes sparkling with the enjoyment of his son. "Yes we better go find your gorgeous mother and get everything loaded so we can get a move on. Your Aunt and Uncle and cousin will meet us there."

Kai smiled brightly as he led his father to where is mother was boxing the last of the items in their house. She smiled when she saw her husband and stood up to embrace him.

"There is the love of my life," stated Jake as he kissed his wife happily.

Kai just rolled his eyes, "Ewe."

Jake and Cassie chuckled, "You say that now but give it a few years and you will want to do just that," stated Jake.

Kai shook his head, "Don't think so."

Jake chuckled, "We will see, let's start loading everything up so we can get on the road."

The family spent the next couple hours loading everything into the truck and then driving to the dock.

Kai stepped out of the car when he was tackled by a mane full of blonde hair. He spat some of it out as he smiled, "Hey Fayth."

Fayth just held on to him, "You're not letting me go till we get there, you're the only friend I have since we have to move away."

Kai held her, "Well we will have to let go eventually but I promise just like I have always been here for you."

Fayth nodded her head as she continued to hug her cousin.

The families packed all the stuff onto the ship and then went to find their cabinets. After they were all settled the children went off to explore the ship and the adults went to do whatever adults did.

Author's Notes

Okay so here are some notes.

I know this chapter wasn't that exciting but we needed to get Jake, Cassie, Rachel, Tobias, and Marco to England somehow or it wouldn't work so that is what this chapter is.

It is also an introduction to two of the main characters that are going to be included in this story. Kai who is the son of Cassie and Jake and Fayth the daughter of Rachel and Tobias, both will get more depth and color as we go.

I don't want to hear any complaints about being politically correct on anything; this is my story and my universe so just go with it.

I know that many stories I start I don't finish because I hit mental block and can't get over it; however, much of this story is written out so I hope I can make it through everything.

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