A year ago, I was adopted. I was rescued from the hell-hole they call an orphanage. Now I have two fathers who love me, much unlike my flesh and blood relation. Kadaj and Yazoo are brothers, lovers, and now they are my parents. They care about me deeply, and I love them twice as much.

Before my fathers found me, I was almost forced into prostitution when my real dad needed money for drugs. I had run away from that man only to find myself nearly starving in an over crowded orphan's home. It was a miracle when the two men I live with today stopped by the run down shack, and said they wanted me. I was in shock. Someone actually wanted me, a fifteen year old bastard.

My name is Riku Travoli, I live with two fathers, and I thoroughly enjoy my new life.

A week after I turned sixteen, my fathers sat me down on the couch, Kadaj on my right and Yazoo on my left. Simultaneously, they attached my cheeks with their kisses.

This time was different from all the rest. Instead of just one sweet peck from each parent, there were multiple. The kisses were fast and furious, but at the same time they were kind and gentle; As if I were as fragile as glass, but as delectable as sugar. Both sets of my father's hands were dancing across my chest and arms. I was enjoying every second of this. Every time I was kissed and every time my fathers caressed my skin, I was reminded how much they love me, and how much better my life is now. The kissing went on for minuets. Every second my affection for them grew ten fold. I allowed Yazoo and Kadaj to continue; I had no choice, I was pressed into the couch, rendering my arms useless. I could not touch back. They were attacking my cheeks and I could not kiss back. Not being able to return the love was driving me crazy.

As suddenly as the love fest started, it stopped. My lovely fathers stopped their menstruations. Both of the silver haired angels were staring into my eyes. Very seriously, Kadaj began to speak.

"Riku, we love you," Yazoo nodded at this. "We love you more than parents should." With this, Kadaj leaned forward and sucked at my lips. The kiss was not an ordinary father to son kiss, this had depth. Before, when one of my fathers decided to do this, it was quick and light. This time my dad leaned into me, pressing my head into the couch. For what seemed like eternity, he sucked and nipped at my thin lips. Soon I began to kiss back.

I was sent to a world of bliss. I could only feel the warmth and tingling sensation of Kadaj on my face. All too soon, my father let go. I was pulled back to reality, only to see a smirk on Yazoo's face before he too, attacked me.

The passionate kiss was almost the same, except, not only was this father straddling me, his graceful tongue was in my mouth. This time, I was in heaven. Needless to say, I kissed back.

When Yazoo pulled away, I was stunned. Never before had I ever felt so much passion at one time. My face was blank and lifeless as I attempted to collect my thoughts. Kadaj noticed my expression and a look of deep concern flooded onto his face.

"I'm sorry son!" he exclaimed "We took it too fast, please forgive us." Simultaneously the brothers look a step away from me.

No! They can't possibly think they hurt me! They… they showed me what real love feels like.

"No! Don't think that!" I cried desperately "You didn't hurt me, don't stop!" I surged forward and hooked my arms around my father's necks. Our bodies were slammed together, and it felt so good. Silent tears were running down my cheeks. I wish I knew before that I was loved this much.

Both of my daddy's rested their hands on my back, submitting to my hug.

I want them with me, for ever and for always.

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