I'm on a new computer, so I lost my list of other story ideas. #5 came to me while I couldn't sleep and wanted to read a story about an assassin.

5) AU. Will has grown up in Morgarath's castle since childhood (for reasons unknown). And Morgarath has decided to train Will as an assassin, with only one purpose, to kill Halt. Angered by Halt's victory over the Kalkara, he sends Will out for revenge. Will arrives at Halts cabin the same time Gillian does to talk to Halt about taking a 3 man envoy to Celtica. Unfortunately Halt isn't going on the envoy, because he is swamped with paper work. So now if Will stays to kill Halt, then they might discover Morgarath's invasion in Celtica, and possible ruin his master's plans. He decides to go after the envoy (consisting of Gillian, Horace, and Alyss) since Halt will probably still be at his cabin by the time he gets back. Before they enter Celtica, Gillian goes out to gather fire wood for the night; the two bandits (that normally come later in that book) appear while Horace is practicing his sword technique on a tree. Horace yells at Alyss to stay back, and fights the two bandits. This is when Will makes his move, targeting the occupied Horace (he doesn't consider Alyss a threat), he sneaks up behind him. Horace has already taken care of one bandit, and is fighting the 2nd when he hears Alyss yell "Horace, behind you!" He quickly dispatches the last bandit then spins swinging his sword in a backhand blow. Will being highly trained, grabs Horace's sword hand, stopping it in mid-strike. Then placing his foot in front of Horace's, slams his free hand into Horace's shoulder. He pins Horace on the ground and is about to kill him when Gillian appears and knock's him out. Evanlyn appears a little after that, and tells them about Morgarath's invasion in Celtica. Gillian finds Will's pack and discovers the tools of an assassin. He doubts that someone would send a highly trained assassin after Horace, so he decides to take Will back to Redmount for questioning. So it is the writers job to decide if Will will (lol) continue his quest for Halt's life, or join the good side. Sorry if it seems I've left no room for any free writing of your own, I just wanna read a story that is like this. Pairing can be either Will/Alyss or Will/Evanlyn.

No funny rhyme thing at the end... sorry