Author: Suzaku W.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek TNG. It is owned by Gene Roddenberry's estate and Paramount. Thank you for reading my very short cute fic.

"About what happened earlier today," Captain Picard said, addressing his adoptive child. "I am so glad that you're the only real family I have

aboard the Enterprise."

"What do you mean, Papa," asked the small half Klingon girl named Cathal who had stepped through a time flux into his life and eventually his

heart. "You have plenty family here on the Enterprise."

"I have no idea what you mean myself," says the Captain. "Perhaps you could explain first?"

"Um, well, I was asking Uncle Worf about what he thought family was earlier, today, and he admitted that family was a flexible concept. Klingons

have their blood kin, sometimes their adoptive kin, and the people they battle alongside.

"Sometimes, when they battle alongside a person for a long time, this person can become as close as a blood sibling, or better. That's how Uncle

Worf looks at quite a few of his bridge mates, including you, sorta."

"Anyone aside from Uncle Worf?" asked Captain Picard said, looking amazed. So that was why she called Worf Uncle.

"Well, aside from the pure blooded Klingons, that's also similar to my own perspective," Cathal continued. "Not to mention..." She screwed up her

face, thinking hard. "The Crushers. After all, who's the second likely person you'd trust with the Enterprise after Mr. Will, which is like love number

two of your life?"

She had the sense not to tease her papa anymore over the rest of his relationship with the good doctor.

"Dr. Crusher," he admitted.

"And who's the closest person Wesley has to a father?"

"Well, I guess I am," he said.

"I actually asked Wesley about that. He said that he'd actually be quite willing call you Papa himself, out of the context of Captain to Ensign, if

you'd let him and the circumstances were right."

She didn't say that he seemed just as willing tease the daylights out of the Captain about his mother when he could.

Captain Picard didn't have a thing to say to his daughter. He simply didn't know what to think of doing in response.

"Oh, and, Commander Data.

"He once told me, that if he had the emotions to do so, he'd invest in you as a member of his family. Because you've saved the lives of everyone

on this ship several times, hence giving them their life as a father might, technically.

"So, you're the father, brother, or lover, depending on whom, of just about everyone on board."

She had finished, now.

"Excellent ideas." Captain Picard admitted. "There's just a bit of a problem with your assessment."

"Yes?" Cathal asked.

"If the Enterprise has someone ahead of it, and that one person is who I think you think it is, you're wrong about where you are.

"You do know I love you more than a starship, don't you?" he asked her, hugging her tight.

"Yup," she said, hugging him back. "Good night, Papa."