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This is a mixture between twilight and the lightening thief. Bella is strong and her senses are stronger. Cullen's are still vampires. Charlie is not Bella's father, but is a really good family friend. You will see in the story.

Short summary- Bella was at the training when there was an attack, she escapes to forks and starts school there to stay out of trouble. She meets the Cullen's and his problems follow her. What will happen when Edward and Bella find out what each other are and find love along the way?

Chapter one- The Attack

3rd person

The training camp was a beautiful place. Filled with life and mystery. But what made this camp unique was that it was not admit able by humans. No, this camp was for kids who are very special. They are half gods, or called demigods. They are kids of parents who fell in love with a Greek god and then achieved great abilities. Some are great fighters, and some rely on their skill to manipulate a different power. All unique in their own way.

It was a typical day, Bella and a few of her friends were out practicing their techniques.

"Bells, have you figured out who your father was yet?" Clara asked.

"No I haven't yet, it's kind of frustrating me. I don't know what my power is, or if I am just a fighter. All I have found in my room is a pen that had my name written on it in Greek." Bella answered.

"That really sucks, I am sorry. I hope you figure it out soon." Replied Clara.

The rest of day was pretty unexciting until the bonfire. There were rumors going around the teachers and mentors that Zeus's lightning bolt was stolen and they were all very worried. Then out of nowhere, the fire bursted into 100 foot flames and Hades himself was within them.

"Bella! Bella! Come out now! I know you have it, give it to me and nothing will happen to this precious camp you seem to love so much." Taunted Hades.

"What are you talking about? I don't know what you think I have, but I have not acquired anything recently." Bella stated matter of factly.

"I know you have the lightning bolt! Give it to me. You are the lightening thief and I WANT the bolt!" Hades yelled.

"I don't have the bolt. I was not even aware that it was gone. Don't go accusing me of something I didn't do!" Bella yelled back angrily.

"Fine be difficult, I will in return destroy this camp. Hope you all enjoy demons just as much as I do. Farwell." And with that, Hades poofed away.

Demons then stormed into the camp. Kids began fighting and heading out toward the human world. Some fought, and some used their powers, and others fled. Bella fought and ran. She wanted to get away unscathed. When Bella saw the gate to the camp that keeps humans from entering was in view, Bella pushed herself harder than ever to run as fast as she could to get out. When she stepped foot through the gate something happened.

Bella was suddenly transported from there. She ended up landing very hard on her ass in the woods of some unknown place at the time.

"Thank you for the lovely landing jerks..." Bella muttered.

Bella then stood up and made her way to what she assumed was a way out of the woods. She felt like this place was familiar, but was not totally sure. When she reached a road, she then looked both ways and had no idea where she was going or what she was going to do.

Bella, you are in Forks Washington. Go right and you will run into Forks, you must then look up a man named Charlie Swan. He was very good friends with your mom. Tell him you had nowhere else to go. That your mother left and you remember him as a very close family friend.

"Wow, ok that was weird, that you to whomever that was. I am grateful."

And so Bella made her way to forks Washington, in search of her new home for the time being, and was hoping that nothing bad would happen.

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