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Bella's full name- Isabella Perseus O'Conner

She is not too human. She is stronger than humans with heightened senses. So no weak Bella for anyone.

And no run-away Edward. He also is not affected by her blood. Well he is, but not in the way that he wants to drink her dry.

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Chapter 2


"Great, where the hell am I suppose to find Charlie? I have never even seen the guy before. I have just heard mom talking about him. Come on mystery voice, you chose now to not give me advice, when I actually need it. Please?" I started begging.

"Great now I have resorted to begging." I mumbled.

I have been walking for a good hour and I still have not found a freaking road. I think you lied to me stupid voice. Just. Perfect. I have no idea where I am going.

I decided to keep walking for a little bit to try and find something. It was starting to get dark, and personally I don't want to fun into something out here. I know I could protect myself, but I don't want a demon to pop up. That would not be helpful, although that would be just my miserable luck.

"That road better show its damn self SOON!" great I am talking to myself again. This needs to stop now!

"Whoa, what is that smell. Somebody doesn't know how to cook hamburgers very well." I started to smell the burnt burgers a little stronger so I headed toward it since that thankfully meant people. I started walking a little faster and I found a road.

"Heck Yes!" I ran over to the house across the road and went straight up to the door. I could hear someone walking around in the kitchen and a few colorful woods coming out. I chuckled.

I hesitated a little bit and glanced around the yard. Taking in my surroundings. Yup you can thank the training for that one. I turned back around and knocked on the door. I heard the person grumble and make their way toward the door. I was expecting the door to ease open, but no this person yanks open the door and practically scares me out of my skin. Jheez, anger issues.

I took in the man's look, and he appeared to have been in a war against the ketchup. Explains the wonderful vocabulary.

"Umm, can I," cough "help you?" he choked out. Apparently the burnt food doesn't agree with him.

"Yeah, will I was looking for a Charlie Swan. Do you know where I can find him?" hopefully it's not a long walk from here. I must have said something strange, because he looked at me wide-eyed.

"Well... I... yeah that's me. Why would you be looking for me?" he still looked a little shocked.

"It's a very long story, but the short version is that my mom wanted space from me and I don't know my father. My mom told me that she had a really good friend in Forks and that I could most likely stay with them. I don't want to burden you, but can I stay with you? I don't have anywhere else that I know of right now that I could stay, but if it's a problem, I will search for somewhere else." Please say it's ok. Please please!

"You look kind of familiar... are you Renee's daughter? Bella right?" wow he remembers me. Awesome.

"Yeah that's me. So?" I asked hopeful.

"Yeah, I would do anything for Renee; she was best friend in high school." Oh wow, ok. Really new information.

"So you go to high school? How old are you? Do you have anything with you?"

"Whoa whoa, slow down with the questions. Yes I go to high school, I am a junior actually. I am seventeen years old. And no I don't have anything else with me."

"Ok well, tomorrow is Sunday so we can go out shopping, and get you umm…. Things." I chuckled, because he must have thought about the girly "things" and he blushed a little.

"I will let you buy me things on one condition. I will do all the cooking from now on. No matter what. Cause unfortunately..."I glanced around, "you seriously need help!" I laughed.

"Ok, you can do the cooking, and I am going to call one of my friends and get you a car, and I will call to get you enrolled into school."

~time warp Monday at school~

Ring ring ring

"Now I know why I dislike normal school. Getting up early every day." I grumbled and dragged myself out of my new bed. Sunday had been pretty good. Charlie is very easy to be around. He doesn't talk too much, when he does its pretty funny or just typical questions. We had spent a good portion of the day gone, but when we got back a got a pretty big surprise.

In the yard was a beautiful red with black strips 1960 Camaro. (Pic on profile) it was awesome!

After checking and making sure I had everything, I ran out to my car and headed to school. I chuckled to myself while think about how these humans were going to act when a new demigod would be attending. As if I would tell them who I was. I don't even know who I really am.


Wow this school is small. Everyone knows everyone and OMG the guys here are freaking annoying. They act like lost puppies.

I walked through the doors and someone came up behind me to talk to me.

"Hey, Bella right?"

"Yeah... umm..." I was about to talk but he started talking to me again.

"Well I can't wait for this Friday. Our date is going to be awesome. Don't you think so?" this boy actually thought he was smooth.

"Excuse me!? Did I agree to a date with you? No! I! Did! Not! Do me a favor and tell all the other guys this to, leave me the hell alone!" with that I turned around and stormed out of the doors out to a picnic table and sat down. UGH! STUPID JERKS!

Just as I was starting to relax and calm down, I felt a presence coming nearer to me, but strangely I didn't hear anyone walking up to me. I hate being snuck up on. It really annoys me.

I jumped and spun around quickly and maybe to gracefully for a human. Opps.

"What the hell do you wa…." Whoa! Hello gorgeous. It bet this was one of the infamous Cullen's. This one was beautiful. He had a nice strong muscular-yet lean body, and was maybe 6'2". He had reddish-brown messy hair, and these intense golden eyes. He must have noticed my startled at mad expression because he quickly said something.

"I am really sort, but when you got into that argument with Mike back in the lunch room, you dropped this. I looked pretty special so I thought I would bring it back to you. It's your pen that fell out of your pocket." He reached into his pocket and handed it to me. Oh my gosh, I can't believe I almost lost my pen. That would have sucked majorly for me.

"Oh thank you so much. That would have been bad if I lost that." I can't believe I almost lost that, I must have been really mad to not have heard that fall. I reached out and took the pen and I brushed finger tips with him. Wow that felt nice. I have never felt that. I really hope that he is not an asshole like the rest of the guys around here. From the looks of that smile he felt something to.

"My name is Edward Cullen, and you are?" he looked like he actually wanted to get to know me. Maybe I can see what he is like.

"Well... Cullen... my name is Bella O'Conner. And I was just on my way back to class so if you would excuse me." I walked past Edward.

"Wait..." he grabbed me hand..." can I walk you to class?"

"uh... sure.." we started walking toward the school, but all of a sudden I got this creepy feeling like I was being watched. I looked around and glanced at the woods across from the school. Oh boy. I was really hoping for some peace for a little while.

"Hey you ok?" I am going to have to be careful around Edward. He is way too observant. Just as I was about to answer him, he looked up almost too quick to seem normal, it was like someone called his name. I didn't hear anything though.

"Yeah I am fine, but did you hear something?" Edward looked at me like I was crazy for a second, then answered,

"Oh no, but I just remembered that I have to find my sister. She wanted to give me something before class. I will talk to later. Bye Bella." And just like that he walked off, strangely leaving me feeling empty.

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