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"mental conversation"

mental thoughts

"Regular vocal conversation"

Not good! Not good! Definitely not good! I thought as I ran through the hallways of the house that was infested by ghouls. I can't believe I lost that FREAK! If master gets this one again then Sir Integra will freak on me! Now where did that little bugger go! I stopped for a moment and tried to concentrate on finding the FREAK through my minds eye. I suppose I should be happy that I'm getting better at controlling my powers, but master is still mad that I refuse to drink blood. Why can't he just be happy that I'm making progress? As I thought this I could not help but remember the threat Sir Integra made when she gave me this mission.


I was bored. Very, very, very bored. I wish there were things to do around here. I thought as I heard the knock on the door.

"Come in," I said from my coffin bed. The door opened to reveal Walter.

"Hello Miss Victoria, I trust that you are having a fine evening." he said.

"It is alright I suppose, but I really wish that there were things to do around here." I replied.

"Well then you're in luck. I was sent here to tell you that Sir Integra has a mission for you and you are to report to here office as soon as possible."

"Alright, I will be there soon." After I said this, Walter left the room. I jumped off my bed and started speed walking towards my masters masters office. I hope that this mission will get rid of some of my boredom. Granted I don't like killing, but I really need something to do. I stopped for a moment. Good Lord I'm turning into master!

"Is that such a bad thing Police Girl?" Came my masters voice.

"To you no, but to me it is the worst thing possible!" I could feel my masters amusement though the mental link.

"Awwww Police Girl, I'm hurt. How could you be so mean?"

"Me mean?! I've seen you do worse to the other soldiers than what I do to you!"

"That is so true my Police Girl. I see that I have been a good influence on you." My masters voice came from behind. I jumped and turned to my master with a scowl on my face. He was wearing his usual red coat and hat, but this time he had his glasses off showing off his brilliant blood red eyes. Wait what!? Did I just think that way about master?! I have to get my head out of the clouds!

"Master! Don't sneak up on me like that! And stop calling me Police Girl; my name is Seras Victoria!" I yelled as we came to a stop in front of Sir Integra's office. Master just smiled his usual cheshire cat smile and disappeared. Probably already in Sir Integra's office now. Turning towards the door, I knocked and waited for my masters masters to let me in. After hearing an "enter" I marched into the room. When I was in front of Sir Integra I waited for her to give me my orders. I found her at her usual place behind her desk wearing an olive green suite and was smoking her usual cigar. I swear she is going to die of lung cancer one of these days!

"Officer Victoria, I am ordering you and Alucard to go to the village of Backworth. There has been multiple deaths within the last couple of weeks and we been getting reports that there have been ghouls walking about. We have already sent operatives and they have confirmed that the ghouls are being centered in a large manor about a mile outside the village. Your orders are to search and destroy any ghouls and FREAKS that you find. May God and her majesty be with you." Sir Integra said.

"Yes ma'am!" I replied and turned to go, but Integra stopped me.

"Oh, and Seras, if I hear that Alucard has to save you again or that you've lost the target then there will be dire consequences."

Flashback Ended

My train of thought was broken when a sensed something down the hall of where I was. I slowly crept through the dark and long hallway. At the end of the hallway I saw that there was a large set of double doors. Concentrating for a moment, I could definitely sense that the FREAK was inside of the room. Upon further inspection, I could also sense that there were five mortals that were still alive and about fifteen ghouls. I had to go in alone. I could not wait for the other members of my team to come or else the mortals could get killed. I sighed in frustration. Why did there have to be so many ghouls in this house? It was because of the large number of ghouls in the house that the team and I had to split up. I'm surprised that master has not found the target yet. I suppose he is busy with the number of ghouls infesting this place. Oh well, I guess I just have to go in alone. I do wish I had my Harkonnen with me. I wish that that last ghoul had not have busted it. Walters going to kill me when he finds out.

Taking in a deep breath, I pulled out a small hand gun and busted down the door leading to the FREAK. I did not hesitate in pulling the trigger of my gun and started killing the ghouls. By using my mind's eye, I was able to hit the ghouls easily and evade any attacks that were made against me. After killing all of the ghouls, I turned to the FREAK that was standing on the other side of the room. He was tall, about a head shorter than master, and he had long greasy black hair that came down to his shoulder blades. His skin was as pale as a piece of paper, and he had blood red eyes that were full of hunger. Looking around the room I saw that there were four humans tied up in the corner unconscious and the fifth mortal was in the arms of the FREAK with a gun to her head.

"Well, now look what we have here? It looks like the little girl wants to join the fun and play." the FREAK said in an evil sounding voice.

"Sorry to spoil your fun, but in the name of God and her majesty I am here to kill you." with that said I used my vampire speed and knocked the mortal out of the FREAK'S grasp and placed the now unconscious woman where the other humans were. I turned away just in time to dodge a bullet to the head. I then charged toward the FREAK and punched him right in the chest thus knocking him into the book case on the other side of the room. He got up quickly and tried to make a run for the door, but I got there first and tried to shoot him. The FREAK was to quick though and kicked me in the stomach. Dang that hurt! I thought as a got up on my legs again. The FREAK came in for another attack and tried to stab my chest with a pocket knife that he took out of his pocket. I ducked and kicked his legs out from under him and he came crashing to the floor. I quickly got up and retrieved my gun that had fallen from my hand and prepared to give the final blow. At least, that was what I was going to do. Out of no where a figure dressed in all black punched me out of the way and sent me flying into a near by desk. He then took out a hand gun and finished the FREAK with a bullet to the head. I sprang back up and tried to get a better look at the fiend who took my target, but found that the perpetrator was wearing a black mask that covered its face.

"Who are you, and why are you here?!" I yelled at the mysterious figure. How could he take my prey, and just when I was this close to taking him out! I pouted inside my head. Master and Sir Integra are not going to like this. The black clothed man just said nothing though and made a break for the open window that was not to far away from him. "Oh no you don't!" I yelled and sprinted after him. I was able to get in front of the masked man and punch him in the chest. What surprised me was that it felt like the mans skin and bone were made of steel. I could hear my bones breaking in my hand, but I didn't give up. The masked man raised his gun and shot at me, but I ducked just in time. I then used my vampire strength and took the mysterious figure by the throat. Letting my instincts take over I used my other hand and ripped the figures throat open. I was surprised again to find that there was not only blood gushing out of the mans throat bot also there was what looked like electronic wires inside of the thing. Not taking any chances I completely tore off the things head and plunged my hand where its heart should have been. I mean there was a heart but I could feel that there were mechanical parts surrounding it. I crushed the metal heart with little effort and stepped back. Just then my master came running into the room. He stopped and looked at the remains of my opponent.

"Police Girl, what happened here?" He asked. I then told him all that had happened, but I could not tell what he thought of it because he had a blank look on his face. He then smiled that creepy yet cool cheshire cat smile, and said " Well Police Girl, it looks like you had all the fun. Come on, we will leave the mortals to the others. We need to report to master." I nodded and followed him. As we walked out of the building all I could think about was what had taken place in that room. Something tells me that a bad thing is about to happen.

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