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"mental conversation"

mental thoughts

"Regular vocal conversation"

'Vampire Seras'

Walter had just left the room, and I was lying down on my bed. I hadn't felt this good in a long time. I didn't feel thirsty and I was full with energy, and I just laid there, enjoying the feeling. I feel much better now. Now we are ready to face this so called organization.

'Ahhh Police Girl, I see you finally have some strength in you, although your method does not agree with me.' Came masters voice through our mental link.

'Master my name is Seras Victoria, not Police Girl! Why'd you have to ruin the moment? I said.

"Because I like to have fun and you're the only person that is available at the moment." Came my master's voice as he appeared right next to me. I yelped in surprise and fell off my bed. Niiiiiiiiice Seras. Way to be. I quickly go up and glared at my master for scaring me. He just stood there with a cheshire grin on his face.

"Master, why do you have to scare me like that?!" I yelled.

De didn't answer. Instead he said in a serious voice, "We need to talk Police Girl."

I do not like the way he said that. He just looked at me with a serious face. Gone was the cheshire grin, which was weird in itself. I wonder what's wrong. I've never seen him so serious before.

"Police Girl," He started "Your method of fighting your thirst is creative I'll give you that, but you cannot continue this forever."

"Why?" I asked startled. I thought he would be happy now that I was not so weak, but apparently not.

"Because it is not natural! What if there was a time where you could not get an IV and you had to drink from the source, what will happen then?!" ohhh he seems angry. He took an unneeded breath and paused. After a minute he said, "I will let you continue this way of feeding, but after this new enemy is exterminated I will teach you how to feed properly. Also, you will meet me every night for more training. It is time you learned how to be a vampire." With that he disappeared.

I felt like I was going to cry. Why does master have to be so mean? Why do I even care anyway, it's not like he matters to me or anything. But I still wish he was nicer to me. I sighed and looked at my coffin bed. It looked so comfortable right now, and all I wanted to do was lay there and never wake up. I started toward my bed and sat down. It was almost sunrise, I could feel it. I'm not looking forward for more training tomorrow. My head still hurts from when he was trying to teach me how to use my mind's eye. Looking back on that past experience made me stutter. And then there was the time when he was teaching me how to use my vampire strength and speed. Another shutter went through my body. Let's just say hell hounds are faster than they look. Oh man I'm going to die!

The next evening

Yep, I'm so going to die. I was currently standing in front of my master and he was looking at me with a sadistic grin on his face. I wonder what he has planed. Oh please let there not be more hell hounds!

"Today Police Girl I will start off with something simple that all vampires must learn. I will teach you the art of invading minds and mind protection." Well that sounds easy. It can't be worse than exercises he's made me do.

"Take a seat Police Girl." And with a wave of his hand a chair appeared in front of him. I sat down after a moment's hesitation. "We are going to start with mind protection. With this, as I'm sure you know, helps when people are invading your mind. This needs concentration so clear your mind now." I tried my best to clear my mind of all thoughts, but with master so close and staring at me like that I could not concentrate that well.

"Now, imagine a wall surrounding your thoughts, make sure that this wall is impenetrable and that nothing can get through it." I tried my best to think of a wall around my mind, but again master's presence was distracting me. "Okay, I'm going to try and invade your thoughts and you try to hold me off." He then plunged into my mind without further warning. I could feel him surrounding me, trying to read my thoughts. I tried my best to keep the wall up, but I could feel it cracking. A minute later it broke and I felt pain coursing through my skull. "Again Police Girl," And that's what happened for the next four hours.

I was wrong, this is horrible. I thought as master broke my shield yet again. I was able to withstand his attack longer than the first time, but he still manages to get through. I was getting real tired of this and I had a massive migraine.

"Okay Police Girl, that is all for today. I want you back here at the same time tomorrow and we will continue where we left off."

As I stood up I felt a wave of fatigue come over me and I started falling to the ground. Curse master and his tiring training sessions. I was bracing myself for the fall, thinking that I was about to fall face first on the hard stone floor, when I felt a pair of strong red clad arms. I looked up stunned and met a pair of blood red eyes. We just stared at each other for moments on end. I could feel blood rushing to my face and my undead heart pounding (which really did not make since to me since I'm supposed to be dead). What's happening? Why do I feel like this?

"Police Girl, you should really be more careful. You almost fell. I can't have you getting hurt now can I?" He was so close to me. I could feel his breath on my face. It felt so good to be near him.

'Come on, kiss him. He's right there! This is your perfect chance.'

'Wha….who are you? And how did you get inside my head?'

'I'm your vampire side. Ya know the one you've been ignoring for I don't know how long.'

'Weird… Anyway, there is no way in heck that I'll kiss master.'

'Why? You know you like him. Why not just kiss him?'

'Because he does not like me like that.' I said a little freaked out. I can't believe I'm having an argument with myself.

'Well then you know what you have to do.'

What?' I said, genially curious.

'You have to seduce him.'

'NO!' I was brought out of my mental argument when master started to let me go. Oddly enough, I would not have minded staying in his arms just a little bit longer. Come on Seras, you need to get your act together.

"Ummmm, thanks master. I'll be sure to be more careful next time." Without any further hesitation I practically ran out of the room, but just as I was closing the door i could have sworn that he was smiling at me. After that I went to my room. When I was inside my room I could not help but think about what happened with master and that smile. I must have imagined it. Master does not smile, he sneers and laughs manically. Although...he did look handsome with that smile on his face. He almost seemed kind. ARGH Seras get a hold of yourself. You just imagined it and there is nothing else to it. With that, I walked toward the blood pack on my table and hooked it up to the IV that Walter left in my room yesterday. Something tells me I'm going to need alot of blood packs from now on.

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