Chapter 2

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"That shouldn't be possible..." Yan Lin mumbled as she stared at her grand daughter and their new house guest Will. From what the girls explained they all had their beginner guardian forms except for Will's which sounded like the advanced form that they would gain as they grew into their powers. To make maters worse, Will had described a pain that shouldn't be apart of the guardian's transformation as far as she knew. The only explanation she could think of was that something went wrong causing the powers to grow out of sync which again should not be possible.

"What shouldn't be, grandma?" Hay Lin asked as she paused in eating their dinner after the other girls went home for the night as it was getting late and they were expected back soon.

"Will's's an advanced form that all guardians grow into as they mature as guardians. All guardians start with a basic form so that hey aren't overloaded with power while their mana pools and connections with the aurameres are stabilized." Yan Lin explained absently as scenario after scenario played through her mind. Could Will have some kind of link to some other kind of magic that interfered with the aurameres connection? Even if she did it shouldn't be this powerful to have caused a reaction like this and if something isn't done who knew what could happen to Will or the girls.

"Isn't this a good thing though grandma, it just means that Will is stronger than the rest of us and can kick much more evil but." Hay Lin grinned looking over to the nervous redhead who had yet to add anything to the conversation as she ate her meal.

"I wish it was that simple Hay Lin but...the guardian's powers are meant to advance at an equal pace so not to strain the harmony between the five. It is a safety so the guardians slowly grew into the power and got used to it. If any one guardian gained too much power at once then there would be a danger that the power may either consume or...corrupt them." Yan Lin explained, a pained expression crossing her features over the last bit.

"Yan Lin..." Will started before being cut off abruptly by the older woman.

"Please dear, call me granny." Yan Lin said with a kind smile directed at he red head.

"Okay...granny...Are you saying that the power could kill me or one of the girls?" Will asked with a little worry entering her voice.

"Normally I'd say no but I can't say anything for certain in the situation. The power might even cause a backlash with the heart trying to regulate two different levels of power and it could destroy itself and even you girls." Yan Lin said with a tired sigh, "I need to contact the Oracle tomorrow and find out what happened but until I let you know it may be best not to use the heart unless absolutely necessary."

"Sure granny but who is this Oracle person anyway? How will they be able to help and what are these aurameres things you mentioned?" Will asked, the look on Hay Lin's face saying that the redhead beat her to the question if just barely.

"You girls will meet him sometime soon but for now...all I can say that he is the expert on the Heart of Candracar." Yan Lin said, "No clean up for tonight, I already took care of that so you girls go ahead and head on upstairs. From the sounds of it you had a long day."

"What about that boy...Caleb?" Will asked as she flushed a bit.

"Caleb will be another house guest while he is here, he will be taking the basement and I don't want you girls doing anything I wouldn't do." Yan Lin said with a teasing tone while Hay Lin yelped in denial.

"What do you mean?" Will asked unable to help herself.

"I mean no hankey pankey girls." Yan Lin said with a manic grin as she almost danced away as she hurriedly left he room as Will flush slowly became greater and greater as she clenched and unclenched her fists.

"GRANNY!" Will screeched taking off after the older woman.

Everyone, as far as Will knew, finally all went off to bed as Will sat in the lotus position in the center of her bed wearing a tanktop, panties and socks. The room was bare except for the bed, a night stand with a lamp on it, a closet, dresser and a desk with another lamp on it. Yan Lin had told the girl that it was hers now and she would be able to decorate it any way she wished. As tempting as it was to stay and do just that, Will had to seriously think about it. She had been alone for the most part for the last two years when it came to living arrangements. On one hand it would be nice to have people who considered her family and still cared about her. However, on the other hand, could she honestly trust these people that much?

Sighing, she figured she had time to figure that out as time went by but now she had another dilemma to think about. All of the access energy that the Heart was pumping out was supposedly a bad thing and if something wasn't done the girls wouldn't be able to protect the innocent or they would have to be very careful how much they used their powers. She did have one idea that kept nagging at the back of her mind but it sounded too stupid to actually work. It sounded almost like a bad idea from some fanfiction of something but the nagging feeling wasn't going away and if it did work, well she'd have more than her guardian abilities to fall back on.

Holding the crystal which was starting to pulse brighter and brighter in one hand she studied her wand in the other, it's crystal a dull sheen as it's power was burned out in their last battle. If her idea worked though and some of the access power could be siphoned off by her wand then she could hopefully hold a charge in it while draining the extra power from the heart. She didn't want to exactly sit around and wait for this Oracle person to solve her problems. Slowly lowering the tip of the crystal to touch the dull crystal of her wand she smiled a bit as it started to glow brighter itself. It seemed to be working so far and if it did she wouldn't need this strangers help to fix it.

Sadly her smirk didn't last long as the light grew brighter and brighter making her worry a bit. She tried to pull the two crystals apart but it was impossible and the bed was starting to vibrate from all the power in the air. Finally a silent explosion sent Will hurtling out of bed and across the room to slam into the wall before sliding slowly to the floor as darkness overtook her.

"Good morning, Will," Hay Lin's voice cried out, amusement in her voice bringing Will back to the waking world to look up at the hyperactive asian girl grinning down at her. The read head's head was pounding slightly from whatever happened last night as she realized she was slumped over aginst he wall on the floor. "Grandma sent me to get you for breakfast but you do know that the bed is mean to be slept in don't you...not he floor?"

"Hardy har har." Will grumbled as she reached up to rub her head, realizing her mistake in doing so as she forgot that she wasn't wearing anything to cover her wrist at he moment.

"Oh my god, Will, what happened?" Hay Lin asked worriedly as she kneeled down next o Will and grabbed the redhead's wrist to examine them.

"Nothing, just forget you saw anything." Will said, a little anger seeping into her own voice as she yanked back her hands to cross her arms before her holding on to each wrist with the other hand self consciously. Thankfully her back was away from the girl because if Hat Lin was this upset from the few scars scattered on her wrists what would she saw to the patchwork of them covering her back?

"Will..." Hay Lin said softly, tears threatening to spill as she looked at Will with a look that the redhead couldn't help getting angry over.

"Don't you dare start pitying me!" Will hissed angrily, "Go tell granny that I'll be down in a few minutes and don't you dare tell anyone what you saw!"

"But Will..." Hay Lin pleaded, the moisture in her eyes building as a look of shock and hurt crept into them.

"Don't! Just...don't...Go tell granny I'll be down as soon as I get dressed." Will said, some of the anger leaving her but not all of it and the hard edge in her gaze forced Hay Lin to comply as the smaller girl jumped to her feet and fled the room. As soon as the other girl was gone Will climbed to her feet and pulled on the jeans she wore last night and a black long sleeve shirt that had pink script letters on the front reading, 'Bite Me.'

Breakfast was a somber affair between Caleb, Yan Lin, Hay Lin, Hay Lin's parents and Will herself. Everyone could tell that here were a lot of tension between the redhead and Hay Lin but neither girl would say anything about it and most questions directed at Will was mostly answered with simple answers or completely deflected if not out right ignored. Finally at he end of the meal, Joan Lin asked, "So what do you girls plan on doing today? Are you going to go with your friends and show Caleb and Will around town?"

"That would be great." Caleb agreed, a little eager to see more of the strange place called Heatherfield.

"I was planning to hang out today with the girls but since our original plans changed I think I should take care of a few things before I get so busy that I can't." Will said, sighing a bit at the sad look on Hay Lin's face. A little guilt began to eat away at the redhead as she realized hoe badly she must have hurt the girls feelings earlier but couldn't exactly tell her anything because Hay Lin would probably go straight o her parents or grandmother then more things would have to be explained.

"But Will!" Hay Lin cried out as the hurt expression increased.

"I promise I'll make it up to you Hay Lin and I will be back by this afternoon so we can hang out if you all still want." Will said trying to give the smaller girl a bright smile. "Do you have an iron and ironing board I can borrow? I don't want to show up at he courthouse looking like a thug and my best outfit is a little wrinkled from being stuffed in my bike's saddle bag."

"I'll have Caleb put them in your room in a few minutes." Yan Lin replied while giving the youngest girls a worried look.

Will stood and looked in the full length mirror mounted on the bedroom door appraising how she looked in what she hated wearing. In her mind she had to admit it did make her look kind of sexy and in a way felt the same even if it was a little uncomfortable. Okay, really uncomfortable as she hated wearing more than a bra and panties. She was wearing black panties, a black garter belt and black stockings but instead of a matching bra she had on a white push up one. She was going to be wearing a white long sleeved blouse and she didn't want her black bra to show through at all if she happened to take her blazer of.

Turning from her inspection she moved over to her bed where she placed her red knee-length pencil skirt and white blouse along with her blazer that after a few moments decided to discard. It was going to be too hot today, even more so than yesterday and she was sweltering in her jacket but she was wearing a short sleeved top since she wasn't expecting to make friends that quick so wasn't able to take it off despite several suggestions by the girls to do so.

Taking the outfit minus blazer she moved over to the small table was set up where the iron was hooked up and warmed up. As she started the chore of destroying the pesky wrinkles that had formed in the outfit she started humming as she always did when performing these boring, menial tasks as it was a way to make it seem quicker and less boring. She failed to notice the door slowly open behind her until a sharp gasp broke her from her concentration making her spin around to glare at a very shocked and worried Yan Lin.

"What happened to you, Will? Are you okay?" Yan Lin asked, her voice soft and comforting with no hint of pity of scorn in it.

"I don't want to talk about it!" Will snapped, trying to not get upset over it as the look in the older woman's eyes was so full of care and understanding as well as something that wasn't exactly something Will was used to, even after her time in Briarwood. Those aged eyes held unconditional love, something Will wasn't too sure how to deal with.

"Will, I won't force you but I worried about your safety and sometimes...sometimes it helps to talk about it." Yan Lin urged, giving off vibes that seemed sincere in wanting to know and a want to help instead of morbid curiosity and nosiness that most people showed.

"I guess I should tell you since I'll be staying here...and...and after the way I treated Hay Lin earlier I should tell her a little at least but only on one condition." Will said sighing.

"What is it dear?" Yan Lin asked as she reached out and gently squeezed the girl's shoulder comfortingly as they looked into each others eyes.

"Neither of you can tell anyone else, not the guardians and definitely not Hay Lin's parents." Will sighed as she turned away from Yan Lin to pick up the newly ironed skirt and started to put it on.

"If that's what you want dear, but you might want to consider telling the other guardians sometime. They are your friends and will help you to." Yan Lin said as she looked at Will who picked up her blouse but didn't make a move to put it on confusing Yan Lin a bit.

"Okay, I'll tell you and Hay Lin a little if you go get her." Will said sitting on the edge of the bed while still topless except for the bra. As Yan Lin left Will buried her face in her hands wondering what she was thinking about, she NEVER told anyone about what happened, not even back in Briarwood.

Steeling herself Will stood up and slipped the blouse on while leaving it hang open so she could show Hay Lin before buttoning it up. She unplugged the Iron so it could cool and put the table with it over against he wall just as Yan Lin came in with a somewhat subdued Hay Lin following behind. Yet again Will was hit with guilt as she wondered if it was her fault the smaller, as far as she knew usually hyperactive, girl was acting so down.

"Are you okay, Hay Lin?" Will asked softly causing the smaller girl to look up into the redheads eyes.

"Of course I am, Will." Hay Lin said grinning though it never reached her eyes as Yan Lin moved to stand behind the girl and put her hands on her granddaughters shoulders in a comforting manner.

"No...your not Hay Lin, I may have only known you a day but I can tell." Will sighed, "I shouldn't have been so upset with you this morning, you didn't do anything wrong."

"I made you really mad though." Hay Lin whispered softly but Will still heard it.

"No Hay Lin, you didn't. My memories made me mad and I took it out on you...I'm really, really sorry. Will you...will you forgive me Hay Hay?" Will asked giving a small smile to the girl who tore out of her grandmothers hands and threw her arms around Will.

"There's nothing for you to forgive but will you forgive me for being nosey?" Hay Lin asked, her voice a little tearful.

"There's nothing to forgive, were just worried and honestly...I'm not all that used to people who care for me." Will said softly motioning for the bed as Hay Lin pulled back a bit. "You two have a seat...I think you might want to be sitting for this but this is NOT to go out of this room...okay?"

"Okay." Hay Lin said softly as she sat down, Yan Lin taking a seat beside her and taking her hand.

"Okay...I guess first I should show you this..." Will sighed as she turned away from the two and let her blouse fall off her shoulders to droop down around her elbows but gave a plenty good enough view of her back.

"Oh my gosh Will!" Hay Lin cried out in surprise, Yan Lin's grasp on the girls hand the only thing keeping her from rushing the redhead. "What happened...who did that to you."

"I admit...some may have come from fighting." Will explained as she pulled her blouse back up to button it up except for the top two buttons as she turned to face the two on her bed. "Most of it came from my...from my father."

"Will...are you running away from him? If you are know that you are safe here and we will NOT let him hurt you." Yan Lin said reaching out to grab Will's hand after letting go of Hay Lin's and pulled her to sit between them as they gently each put an arm around her in an embrace.

"He's dead...been dead for two years. I'm emancipated so don't have to worry about having a guardian or anything." Will explained.

"Why would anyone do that to their own daughter?" Hay Lin asked though she wasn't really expecting an answer though Will gave one anyways.

"He hated me, blamed me for my mom abandoning us." Will said clenching her fist, "Every little thing I did wrong he punished severely, sometimes he even made stuff up just to do it. He acted like we were so poor and didn't ever hardly buy me anything like food or clothes much less anything else but you know the kicker about that? He was RICH! I was so stupid to think otherwise."

"Why is that dear?" Yan Lin asked sadly, wishing that he man was still alive if just to kill him herself for hurting Will so much.

"The biggest clue was the bike...he forced me to learn everything about it. He didn't think I would as he made me do all the work on it, he thought I was too stupid so he could use it as an excuse." Will explained, "I showed him though, it took me months but I learned how to do everything to it and could fix anything wrong with it in my dreams. I knew it was one of the most expensive models but for some reason I never bothered questioning things."

"Why would you have to?" Yan Lin asked, "A father's duty is to love and protect his daughter...not hurt you like he did. You should never had to question him as he should never have given you a reason to in the first place."

" tried to kill yourself, didn't you?" Hay Lin blurted out making Will flinch a bit but she owed Hay Lin an explanation for her wrists after treating the asian girl so horribly earlier.

"Yes...I did." Will said as she started to rub her wrists thinking about it. "It started out as just cutting myself wanting to die but...I was too scared to. After one night of a really bad beating with that whip of his...I had enough and sliced hard enough to end it."

"Will..." Hay Lin sighed, a sad look in her eyes but as Will looked there was none of the pity of looks of scorn for trying to end her life like the redhead thought was going to be there. Instead there was a loving, sympathetic look if a little worried.

"I never tried again, I failed once butt I won't try again." Will sighed as she pulled away from the two and fixed her skirt and blouse.

"I'm glad you didn't succeed, I wouldn't have met you if you did!" Hay Lin cried glomping Will.

"Well I'm here now Hay Lin and you aren't getting rid of me that easily." Will said softly as she hugged the smaller girl back.

"Will you hang out with us today then?" Hay Lin asked pulling back to look up in Will's hazel eyes.

"I'm sorry Hay Lin, but I truly have to take care of a few things." Will said, "But I promise that I will spend all afternoon and evening with you."

"Okay." Hay Lin said, "I'll hold you to that!"

"Good." Will said giving a small giggle as the smaller girl practically danced out of the room. It looked like Hay Lin was back to her happy self though the redhead could tell that the smaller girl was still worried about Will.

"Will...why won't you tell us your last name or anything?" Yan Lin asked softly after walking to the door and making sure Hay Lin was gone and closing it. "Is your father really dead?"

"I swear that he is dead, granny." Will said as she grabbed her red heels and dropped onto the bed to put them on. "I just don't want my last name getting out until I have a chance to look a little for her...if she is here and finds out I'm looking for her she might run."

"Your mother?" Yan Lin asked a little shocked, "What do you plan to do if you find her?"

"When I find her I'm finally going to get the answers to why she abandoned me to that monster and if I don't like them..." Will said as she got up and grabbed her purse, she didn't like carrying one a lot but when dressed like this it was a necessity. "If I don't like them I'm going to knock the bitch out."

"Will, I know your upset but at least really listen to her if you find her." Yan Lin said, a bad feeling forming in her gut at he situation. "You may find out hat there was more to it than what your father told you."

Will was at the door, hand on the knob to open it as Yan Lin said that. It was true, a lot of things her father told her was lies but...she somehow knew that this wasn't. If her mother didn't abandon her then she would have came back to save Will.

"I'll at least listen but I'm not promising anything else." Will said then paused as she remembered the heart and putting it safely in the nightstand. "Since you don't want us using our powers until you talk to that Oracle person I stuck the heart in the nightstand. If you need it when you talk to them feel free to take it with you."

"Thank you dear, I may have to do that." Yan Lin said as Will left he room to work on everything she needed to do for the morning. First she'd check out he public records at city hall and hopeful her mother would own a home in Heatherfield. If not hen she would try several other ways of tracking her down including hiring a private investigator which she was hoping wouldn't be necessary.