Oh dear, there is so much… wet on my hands. This simply won't do. It is Christmas morning now, and I couldn't possibly spoil my beloved's present now. It's making the gift dirty; I must go wash up now. Bits of red paper fall from my hands and stain the water red. Red is such a pretty color, one of my beloved's favorites. I wish everything could be that red, but only blood can compare to it, and even blood's color fades away with time. I know we won't. We will remain together forever.

Things have gone exactly as I had planned, and it must end perfectly. I have spent too much time in preparing for it to end in disaster. You come in the door and stare at me with shocked eyes, oh yes, things are going smoothly. I knew you would like it.

Proudly, I present your gift. My dear! Why don't you take it? It thought it was exactly what you wanted! I look back at your eyes, which aren't so shocked anymore, rather, they seem more disgusted and fearful. What do you see in my eyes? Do you see my undying love? My love for you is driving me insane! I live and breathe for you only, our hearts beat in the same rhythm. We are a match made in heaven! Any moment spent without you is hell to me. Please, take it. But no, you just stare at your present in disbelief. This is not what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to be happy; we are supposed to be happy together.

I thought you loved me, why don't you love me anymore? You back away towards the door and I desperately reach out to you. I put so much work into your present! I spoke false words of love for you. I pretended to sing for him instead of you. I even forced myself to kiss him, although you had prohibited me from even meeting with him. It wasn't very hard really, slipping that little extra into his drink. Worked like a charm.

You shiver and shake with each word I say. Please my dear, it isn't cold in my room, it's rather warm! You're distracting me. As I was saying, bringing the gift was the hard part. It was actually quite messy.

Please wait! I am not done, please come back. I am too late. My cries fall upon deaf ears, you have already left me. You were probably never mine to begin with.

My dear, we could have been so happy if you could just appreciate the present I so painstakingly got for you. It was such a lovely idea, exactly what we needed to expand our love. I guess I am not good enough for you then. I look back at the gift. At least my work has not gone to waste, I can still admire it. Especially those beautiful golden eyes of his.