PROLOGUE 00 : The Casanova's Status


"The heir of the So Family, world-renowned potter So Yi Jung was rumored to have finally proposed marriage to a lucky girl. According to credible sources, the Casanova and his lady love have been dating for about four years. That is when So Yi Jung left the country to pursue further studies in Sweden. It's noted that his relationship with this girl is significantly far longer than the Casanova's previous relationships."

"Furthermore, according to So Hae Jin, Grandmother of the infamous potter, her grandson has been deeply smitten by the lucky girl and the couple had been planning to tie the knot ever since So Yi Jung returned from Sweden two months ago… " The female news anchor itinerated quite substantially although her face hinted that she wasn't happy with the news. Clearly, even the news anchor was also interested with the infamous F4's Casanova.

"For further details, our field reporter Im Dae Soon is currently at the world renowned potter's exhibit for a live report."

Immediately, the video sequence changed into a live footage of a smiling So Yi Jung who was clad in a surprisingly white colored coat and tie. He was smiling charmingly as usual but this time, it seemed as if his smile contained a far deeper meaning.

"Mr. So, can you tell us a few things about your plans for marriage?" The field reporter asked.

"Uh… Well, actually I have nothing to say about that matter. Everything will come out in due time. I'd say, let things be…" So Yi Jung replied confidently with a smile. "In the mean time, please support the online auction for my latest set. The proceeds for the auction will be donated to Yoon Ji Hoo's Foundation so please, let's do our share for charity."

"B-But, Mr. So… Another thing, how come you came alone tonight? Why aren't you with your rumored fiancée?" The reported insisted.

For a moment, So Yi Jung sighed as if he was getting annoyed. "Well, she's not feeling well at the moment so she wasn't able to attend. Anyway, the exhibit will last for a few days so I think she'll be able to see everything within the next few days."

"Will there be any chance for the two of you to come by here together?" The reporter asked a follow-up.

So Yi Jung smiled mysteriously. "Maybe… Maybe not." He replied and easily excused himself from the prying reporter.

The exhibit was held in a five star hotel. There were many celebrities and famous personalities in attendance. After all, it was So Yi Jung's first highly publicized exhibit after four years of hiatus due to his studies in Sweden. Much anticipation had been given to the young potter who was already internationally acclaimed for his age. The other F4 members were present. Also in attendance was JK Group's heiress, Ha Jae Kyung, who chatted animatedly with Goo Jun Pyo's wife, Geum Jan Di.

Surprisingly, with the rumors of So Yi Jung's proposal to a certain girl, he came without a partner for the exhibit. Much to the disappointment of the media personalities present, it seemed as if the reformed Casanova wasn't so eager to reveal the identity of his future wife. Whenever he was asked about anything related to marriage, his fiancée or his proposal, he would only smile mysteriously and expertly divert the topic to another one. And he did so charmingly that the press couldn't even get a tiny piece of useful information from him!

As soon as the opening ceremony for the exhibit was over, So Yi Jung secretly slipped from the main hall and into his hotel room. He had been dodging the reporters all night long that it was draining all of his energy. He sighed as soon as he locked the door of his hotel room closed and loosened his tie. It had been a very tiring night. And it was his first exhibit after four years. He had doubts as to whether his skills were still as profound as ever, but tonight, all his hard work to improve his craft for four years had paid off. So Yi Jung, the renowned master potter, had given the world another set of pricey ceramic and clay artworks.

So Yi Jung immediately went to the mini bar inside his room and pulled out a glass and a bottle of red wine. Although he had proven himself as a capable potter once again, the truth was, he was tired. All the spotlight, all the fame, all the glory… All of it was enjoyable for a good one hour or so… But those were not the things he wanted the most.

The only thing he wanted to do at that exact moment… was to be with his wife. Yes, WIFE.

To Be Continued…

Date Written: November 6, 2009