I began writing my SoEul fanfiction more than ten years ago. I wrote Capturing the Casanova in May 2009, and Keeping the Casanova in February 2010. I've poured literal blood, sweat and tears when I wrote them, because I started writing them when I was in college, continued writing them even when I was struggling in law school, and presently, I'm still determined to finish them now that I am already gainfully employed.

All these years, I spent countless hours typing the words down, and even more countless hours brainstorming the plot, scenes and twists that I put into my stories. While I don't own the characters, the ideas in my stories are ALL MINE. So with all my heart, please understand it if I feel terribly disrespected that my stories are being plagiarized and translated to another language without my consent.

Both Capturing the Casanova and Keeping the Casanova were translated into Spanish and posted on Wattpad by the user socun899. He/She claimed my stories as his/her own and pretended as if his/her computer was hacked, that's why he/she was unable to post a new update for Keeping the Casanova, and recently, he/she posted that she got her computer back, so he/she can now post new chapters.

A kind reader reached out to me and notified me about the plagiarism, and sent me links on Wattpad. I already reached out to socun899 through a private message and asked him/her to take down the translations to my stories, but I'm still waiting for his/her reply.

If you've been my reader from the beginning, you'd know that I only ever stopped writing my SoEul fanfiction because my life got so busy. And despite Boys Over Flowers airing more than ten years ago, I resumed writing my SoEul fanfics this year because I was determined to give So Yi Jung and Chu Ga Eul the happy ending they deserved.

But this, this highly despicable act of plagiarizing my stories, I find this abhorrent and very unforgivable. It belittles the years of hard-work I put into my stories, and if this is what I get for writing from the heart, then I'd rather stop writing.

My only account on Wattpad is Sen_Sibella, and I have never posted my SoEul fanfics on Wattpad.