Chapter 1

Akatsuki Makes a Move

Author's Note: So this is my first Naruto fanfic and it is a based in the series before Itachi is killed. Reviews are welcomed as they are essential to improving my writing and knowledge … Well here it goes. Enjoy!

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"Don't look in his eyes!" Kakashi warned.

As soon as Itachi and Kisame had appeared Kakashi had averted his eyes away from Itachi's. Having once already fallen prey to Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan Kakashi knew he wanted nothing to do with it a second time.

Kisame smirked and called over, "Just give us the Kyuubi and we'll leave!"

Sakura rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips.

"Yeah? Why should we do that when we already know what you are going to do once you get Naruto and the Kyuubi in your hands?," Sakura snapped.

Naruto glared at the two missing nins feet and shouted back, "Just try and take me!"

His eyes were inching up to Itachi's face

"Don't look in his eyes Naruto!" Kakashi repeated once more.

The group had positioned themselves in a protective formation around Naruto with Yamato to Narutos back right, Sai his back left, Kakashi on his front left, and Sakura on his front right.

"Are we gonna fight?" Kisame asked eagerly. His face alit with a malicious smile at the prospect of a good fight.

"It appears that way," Itachi calmly observed. He was carefully watching each of the ninja in front of him waiting for one of them to make a mistake and look up for even the briefest of moments.

Kisame glanced over at Itachi with a concerned look. "Don't use those eyes too much," he reminded the Uchiha.

"I won't."

"Good!" He laughed with maniacally, gleeful laughter.

"Naruto," Itachi called, "You will come with us."

This comment made Naruto look up at his eyes for a brief moment before turning them back down to the ground at his feet. Itachi smiled inwardly, the glance had been enough. Naruto was now caught in his genjutsu.

Naruto attempted to move his hands into a hand sign. He found his hands were limp and would not obey his commands. . He frowned in frustration as he looked down at them.


The scenery around him fell away in strips as though it was made of paper that was being torn away from around him. Looking around desperately he watched Sakura, Kakashi, Sai, and Yamato all disappear and be replaced with dark, rough walls the formed around him. He searched for a way out of the scenery only to find that he was inside a cave with no visible opening and only enough light from a torch attached to the wall nearby to light a few feet around him.

He felt his arms move from his sides until they were outstretched from his body and bound.

Itachi moved out of a dark shadow to stand in front of the pinned ninja. A flash of light prompted Naruto to look down at the katana in Itachi's grip.

Itachi stabbed him below the rib cage on his side only barely missing vital body organs. Naruto grimaced as the sword slid in and out of his body, each time becoming more painful. Never once did Itachi strike the same place.

A Day came to an end and Itachi continued for the rest of that day and the next and at the end of the third day Naruto's bonds fell away from him and he collapsed onto the damp cave floor.

This must be what Kakashi went throu... was the last thought that traveled through his mind before he welcomed the enveloping darkness.

"Naruto!" Sakura cried out as her teammate collapsed to the ground unconscious.

Glancing back towards his student Kakashi cursed, "Damn. Sai, get Naruto out of here!"

Sai didn't hesitate to whip out a scroll and conjured up one of his bird paintings.

He hauled the unconscious Jinchuriki onto the bird and fled the grumbled, "All that work for nothing. Huh, Itachi?"

Itachi brought a hand up to wipe away a trail of bloody tears from his eyes. .He cancelled out his Sharingan.

"Let's go, Kisame."

Both Akatsuki members dashed after Sai. Kisame launched himself off a tree trunk swinging his sword through the air to catch Sai's jutsu and tearing the chakra from the ink drawing. Sai dived back down to the cover of the trees where Itachi patiently waited for his prey. When Sai was nearly upon him he came out of the shadows and he sent a punch into the Konoha ninja's gut with no time or space to dodge the blow, sending him flying backwards doubling over in pain. Itachi grabbed Naruto's jacket and pulled the Jinchuuriki out of Sai's hands as he flew backward.

Itachi watched as he fell to a lower branch.

Kisame landed next to Itachi and glanced down at their target, "Well?"

"Let's go." Itachi shifted Naruto so he was tucked under one arm. The Uchiha turned and pushed off the branch.

"Aagh. Too bad," he followed the former Uchiha through the forest away from the Leaf ninjas. They were looking for one of the Akatsuki's covert hiding spots to transport their catch to the extraction chamber.

Reaching such a place Itachi laid Naruto on the ground and the two began the teleportation jutsu when an enormous chakra broke up the earth they were in as they did the last hand sign.

Naruto disappeared.

Location: Xavier Institute for Gifted Children

Jean fidgeted as she searched the world for new mutants blossoming powers. So far she could only find potential people with the X gene when a bright flare of blue and red aura caught her attention.

"Professor, I'm sensing something really strange that I've never sensed before."

Charles asked, "It's not just a mutant manifesting into their powers?"

"No. It's…different...somehow. I don't know how to explain it."

She switched Cerebro off before handing the helmet over to Charles who placed the helmet on his head beforepowering the machine back on. The bald mutant closed his eyes and focused his mind to search for the mysterious sensation his pupil had felt.

"I'm not..." He hesitated. He could feel something pulsing with some abnormal blue and red aura.

"But where?" he muttered.

His mind's eye formed a picture of the trees and picnic tables outside of Bayville High and a boy underneath one of the trees.

"You're correct Jean. There is a boy at Bayville High near the picnic tables who is pulsing with the strangest aura. Take Logan, Scott, and Storm and see what is going on. Be careful though. This is something I have never seen before."

"Alright," Jean walked out of the room to find Scott waiting for her outside the doors. She continued walking leaving Scott to follow her through the halls.

"Hey...umm...Jean, would you like to ...grab a bite to eat for dinner later?" Scott watched her back as she walked away while he followed nervously.

"Sure," she replied, "but first we've got to check out some person who is giving off a strange aura at the high school."

Scott grinned triumphantly, "Okay. Who else is coming or is it just us two?"

"Logan and Ororo."

Scott nodded a little crest fallen.

"So where's this guy?" Logan growled. He lifted his nose into the air and took a deep sniff, then grumbled at the smell of drugs and smoke that were clinging to the air around the high school.

"The Professor sensed him near the picnic tables underneath one of the trees," Jean said leading the way.

"What's that?" Storm pointed over at a tree where some blond hair was visible from from their vantage point..

The group walked over and around to find a teenage boy with some faint whiskers and bright orange clothing, a headband with a metal plate with an engraved curly leaf of sorts. He appeared to be about Scott and Jeans age.

"Anyone recognize him?" Jean asked the others.

Everyone shook their head. Jean kneeled down next to the boy and felt for a pulse.

"Well?" Scott asked.

"He's alive and he appears to be perfectly healthy other than the fact that he's unconscious."

"Well let's grab Brighty here and get him back to Chuck before he wakes up," Logan suggested.

Jean lifted the boy telekinetically and followed the other three back to the car andsettled him in a seat before contacting the Professor.


Yes, I'm here Jean. What did you find?

We found an unconscious teenage boy and I didn't see any physical mutations besides a few whiskers on him unless it's an inward change.

Hmmm, has he woken up?


All right. Bring him back and I'll see what I can do.

Arriving back at the institute everyone went their separate ways. Jean and Scott worked their way down to the infirmary where Hank gestured for her to place the teenager on one of the examination tables.

"Is the Professor here?" Jean asked Hank

"Yes, I am, Jean," the Professor said as he wheeled into the room.

He wheeled over to the table. Placing his hands on the boys temples he delved into the mysterious boy's mind.

Who's there? A voice came out of the darkness as Charles settled into the boy's mind. I know you're there. I can smell you. You're definitely not Naruto, you can't fool me intruder.

Charles flinched in surprise trying to see who was talking, Who's Naruto?

The boy that I'm sealed inside of. Who else?

A damp room formed around Charles. He looked around to find himself looking at a huge barred doorway with what looked like a paper seal on it as well as chains and a lock. Peering into the darkness behind the gate all he could see was two red, malicious looking eyes peering back at him.

Who are you? Do you know why Naruto is unconscious?

The voice growled, He was attacked by an accursed Sharingan user who can use the Mangekyo Sharingan.

I am sorry. I'm not familiar with that term. What does it mean?

Open the gates and I can show you everything that happened and more.

Charles was suspicious of the offer. Whatever was being held here obviously wanted to be free and to do that could have dire consequences that he was currently unaware of at the moment.

What will happen if I do?

Nothing other than I can show you what you wish to know.

Charles looked at the gateway pondering to himself, This thing is sealed inside this boy for a reason . But what could that reason possibly be?

Don't unseal the gate, another voice interrupted his thoughts.

Charles turned around to find himself facing the boy he had originally made mind contact with.

Are you Naruto?

Yes. And please don't touch those gates, although if you are Akatsuki, then there isn't really much hope of that not happening.

Charles studied the boy curiously.

Why? He asked.

He wished to know the reason why something was sealed inside this boy and what about it was possibly dangerous.

Naruto looked at him with a confused expression.

That's where the Kyuubi lies. If he gets out, then I'll die as well as everyone who is around me and everyone in this current location not to mention thousands of others depending on what he wants to do once he's free.

What is a Kyuubi?

Naruto walked up to him, you really don't know? Aren't you a part of the Akatsuki?

Charles shook his head.

The Kyuubi is a tailed beast and for that matter the strongest as he is the nine-tailed fox. He's also very sly about things.

So it's a powerful creature? Then how was it sealed in your body?

Naruto shrugged, I…I don't know. I was a newborn baby when he was sealed within me in the first place. All I know is all that I have found out from those who fought him.. Are you from a Hidden Village?

Hidden Village?

Naruto pointed to his headband, I'm from the Hidden Leaf village.

Sorry, but…

The Kyuubi interrupted, We're not in the ninja world anymore, Naruto.

Oh yeah! Then where the hell are we? Naruto snapped back at the fox.

The Kyuubi scoffed, Why are you asking me? I've never been here before.

You're in New York a state located in the United States, Charles informed the two.

Naruto asked, Why would someone name a place New York?

If you'll wake up then I can show you.

Nine-tails here already told you. I was attacked by a Sharingan user. Of course more specifically I was attacked by Itachi Uchiha who has some badass Sharingan that traps you within a Genjutsu with no way out of it until he releases you.

Well then I'll help you out of here and then we can talk more, Charles held out his hand. Naruto took it. Charles pulled himself and Naruto away from Naruto's inner mind.

Charles opened his eyes and looked down at Naruto.

The boy's eyelids flickered and then opened to find the Professors anxious face staring at his.

"Uh…Hi?" he said.

"Hello Naruto. I don't think I introduced myself before, I'm Professor Charles Xavier and it is nice to meet you," he introduced with a friendly smile.

Charles pushed himself back from the table and wheeled over to the side.

Naruto pushed himself up to a sitting position. Looking around he spotted two teenagers about his age and man who looked like he was part animal with his pointy hair and stocky build.

"Hello again Naruto," Charles greeted.

"Hey, Brighty is alive," the man joked.

"Who are you calling Brighty?" Naruto asked.

"That would be you," the man replied.

"My name is Naruto, not Brighty," he protested.

"Well introductions might be in order. Don't you think Charles?" a blue furry beast man suggested.

"What the hell! Why is there another big blue guy here!?" Naruto shouted in confusion.


"That is Hank, Naruto," Charles introduced.

"Well at least you aren't with the Akatsuki like Kisame is," Naruto said happily.

Hank could only stand there in confusion.

Jean stepped forward to relieve Hank from responding.

"It's nice to meet you Naruto. I'm Jean." She held out her hand in greeting.

Naruto smiled at her and grasped her hand in return.

Scott stepped forward as well and introduced himself and Logan who had been leaning against the wall by the door. Two more teenagers walked in to see what all the commotion was.

Naruto stared at the one with blue fur, a tail, and yellow eyes with curiosity.

"What the hell are you supposed to be?" he asked.

He looked down at himself, "Right, my image inducer iz off."

"He's a mutant, silly," the girl with the boy told him. "By the way I'm Kitty and this is Kurt."

"I'm Naruto," he greeted with a large smile. He turned back to the Professor, "So I'm in New York? Just how big is your village?"

"Big," the group said.

"And it iz more of a city zan a village," Kurt told him.

"Naruto, how about we take you to a more comfortable room and talk. Shall we?" Charles suggested.

"Sure," Naruto answered. To the group he looked extremely confused about many things.

Charles and Logan led Naruto to the library after shooing the others off to give Naruto some breathing space.

Once situated on a couch Naruto asked, "So how did I get here?"

Charles and Logan looked at each other. Charles started, "We thought you would know that."

Naruto bit his lip, "Nope. No idea. All I remember is running into the Akatsuki and then Itachi had me in a genjutsu. After that nothing until you showed up in front of the Kyuubi's seal.

"A nine tailed fox?" Logan interrupted.

"It is sealed inside of Naruto," Charles filled him in.

Naruto nodded."And how did this thing end up inside of you?" Logan asked suspiciously.

"All I know is that the Kyuubi went on a rampage to destroy our village and the fourth Hokage managed to defeat and seal it inside a newborn baby, who happened to be me."

"How can you seal something that powerful?"

Naruto shrugged, "This is the seal." He showed them the markings on his stomach. "I have no knowledge of seals."

"Just looks like some weirdo's drawing to me," Logan commented with a frown.

Naruto leaped out of his seat, "I have an idea!" before he fell back again from dizziness.

Smirking Logan said, "I wouldn't do that again if I were you. Now what's this idea?"

Naruto didn't answer. Instead he bit his thumb causing his blood to well up and began to do hand signs for the summoning jutsu. Logan and Charles watched with interest as Naruto slammed his hand to the ground in front of him. Smoke filled the air and cleared to reveal a giant five foot, red toad with a vest on.

"How's this a brilliant idea? All you did was bring a giant toad into the house and how the hell does a toad get to be that size…"Logan growled.

The toad turned to face them with an annoyed look, "I'll have you know that I am Gamakichi, son of Gamabunto and I am a ninja toad!" Tuning back to Naruto he greeted him, "Good to see you Naruto. Everyone is freaked out when they found Itachi and Kisame and you just disappeared. Where are we anyway?"

"Nice to see you too Gamakichi and to answer your question we're in a place called New York."

"So this isn't the Ninja world anymore then?"


"And what do you propose that I tell Jeriaya, Kakashi, and Tsunade?"

"Ummmmm…..I'm not really sure," Naruto said with a sheepish grin.

"Thanks for the help," turning back to the other two he asked, "Can you guys tell me about this place?"

Charles answered, "Sure, what would you like to know?"

"Just give me some clue as to what this place is and what it is like," Gamakichi suggested.

"If you come to me I'll transfer some of my knowledge over to you so you can let these others know what we're like."

Gamakichi scratched his head, "Now you've lost me."

"Just relax and empty your mind. I'll take it from there," Charles instructed.

The nin toad moved closer to the Professor. He closed his eyes and allowed the Professor into his mind.

Now what is it you want to know?

Just give the basic facts.

Charles began to pour the information into Gamakichi making sure that he understood everything when he felt confusion emanating from the toad. He mainly gave information about the city they were in, some about mutants that were popping up, and more information about the institute they were in.

Wow, interesting world. I'll go back to Konoha now and let the others know.

Charles broke the connection.

"Naruto you will need to summon me again in about twenty mins or so."

"Will do, Gamakichi."

A puff of smoke announced the departure of Gamakichi.

Konoha: Hokage's office

Jiraiya walked in on Tsunade's pacing, "Any word on Naruto's whereabouts?"

"Not yet. Have you contacted the Toads yet?"

Jiraiya shook his head. "I'll try now. Hopefully they will have some idea."

He bit his thumb and flashed through the signs summoning a toad to him.

A puff of smoke filled the air as Gamakichi arrived.

"Jiraiya! Tsunade! Thank you for summoning me before I had to go all the way to the well to get here. I know where Naruto is and he is safe."

"Where?" Tsunade demanded.

"A place called New York. It isn't located in the Ninja world so you most likely won't be able to get to him."

"New York?" Jiraiya lifted an eyebrow.

"What is this New York like?"

"From the information that Charles, a man who has taken Naruto in, it is a very large village that they call a city and Naruto is in a place called the Xavier Institute for Gifted Children, really it's a school meant for mutants," Gamakichi explained.

"Do you believe Naruto will be okay there until we can find a way for him to return to Konoha?" Tsunade questioned.

"I believe he is in good hands, Lady Tsunade."

"Then return to Naruto and tell him to stay with Charles until we can find a way to bring him home."

"Yes Ma'am," Gamakichi disappeared in the same puff of smoke he arrived in.

Location: Xavier Institute for Gifted Children, Charles Xavier's office

"I hope he was able to get to Konoha safely," Naruto commented with a small frown.

"I doubt he'll have anything to worry about. I'm still not sure how you got here, but you are welcome to stay for as long as you wish," Charles reassured him.

"Thanks," Naruto smiled.

"You should probably try summoning your friend again," Logan suggested.

Naruto nodded and bit his thumb once more to perform the summoning jutsu.

A puff of smoke appeared once again as Gamakichi came back.

"Great news Naruto. I got word to Jiraiya and Tsunade. They said to stay put until we can figure out a way to get you home."

"All righty. While I'm waiting I'll train up until Pervy Sage won't recognize me anymore because I'll be stronger." Naruto sat on the couch daydreaming of himself as a big and buff Hokage with Sakura kissing him for his manliness. .

"Don't work too hard," Gamakichi warned, "Remember, Yamato isn't here to stop the transformation from occurring."

Naruto grimaced, "I'll keep that in mind."

Logan asked, "What's this about a transformation?"

"The Kyuubi's chakra can intermingle with Naruto's, but when it gets to a point where Naruto has less chakra than usual and he's a little angrier than usual, the Kyuubi's chakra will fight for dominance of Naruto's body. So that means no multi shadow clone training with large amounts of chakra," Gamakichi told Naruto.

"We willkeep an eye on him," Charles assured the ninja Toad.

Logan grinned and said, "If you want to train we've got the perfect room."


"Yep and you can come by in the morning after you get some rest and food."

"One more thing," Naruto said looking between the two. "Do you guys have some Ramen?"

"I think we might," Charles contemplated.

"Good," Naruto nodded in approval. "At least I won't have to suffer without Ramen."

Gamakichi whispered to Logan, "Better stock up. He eats, at minimum, 20 bowls of Ramen at the very least each day if not each meal."

"We'll stock up then," Logan said with a grimace. "Oh and one more thing Naruto."


"You're cooking any Ramen you eat. Deal?"


"Let's get you to a room then shall we," Charles said. He wheeled out of the room and towards the bedrooms.

He led Naruto to an unused bedroom. Naruto walked in and immediately plopped on the bed where he fell asleep without any worries or concerns. Charles and Logan quietly chuckled at the sight.

"Whatever happened took a lot out of him," Logan commented.

Charles turned to him with a smile, "Take it easy on him tomorrow, Logan."

"Sure Chuck. Sure."