"We're ready."


Something's coming.

Huhhh?...Wha ya say?

Wake Up, Naruto! Now!

Naruto shot out of his bed and away from it towards the entrance. A kunai was embedded where his chest was only a second ago. A white Zetsu was sticking out of the ground next to the bed.

"Well, you're quick aren't you?"

Naruto growled, his ears and tails twitching in anger.

"What the hell are you doing here?" he snapped.

"Naruto!" Yamato burst through the entrance, kunai at the ready.

Sakura, Kiba, Akimaru, and Laura rushed in behind Yamato. Laura pushed through to Naruto's side looking him over before facing the enemy assured that Naruto was alright. She faced Zetsu with a snarl drawing her blades from her fists.

Zetsu smirked and held his hands in the air. "Do you honestly think you could kill me, let alone catch me?"

Naruto's face tightened further into a snarl.

Yamato thrust a hand out in front of Naruto.

"You aren't taking Naruto"

Zetsu smirked, "Who said anything about taking the brat?"

What? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

He did just try to kill me. Is it possible they are trying to separate us physically instead?

Either way I don't think it will work. He moved around restlessly within Naruto.

Well they are up to something and I'm not so sure their plan is any better than before.

Yamato signaled to Sakura behind his back. She nodded and took Naruto's arm. She dragged him away and out of the tent.

The other ANBU was outside waiting on guard for any other Akatsuki infiltrators.

"I've already called Lady Tsunade," the ANBU commented.

Naruto nodded not commenting.

They both looked around alertly when a voice came from the darkness just beyond the light. An orange mask came into the light followed by a black cloak with red clouds on it.

"What do you want Tobi?" Naruto questioned.

"Oh a little of this and a little of that. Mostly I want what's inside of you," Tobi said in a carefree manner that instantly turned to serious, "or should I say a part of you."

"You aren't getting the Kyuubi. So give it up!" Naruto shouted.

Tobi's one eye seemed to smile in a creepy way that unnerved Naruto a bit.

"You and the Kyuubi will be coming whether you want to or not," Tobi snapped.

Naruto quirked a questioning grin, "And how are you going to manage that?"

Tobi suddenly appeared behind the ANBU and he was knocked out from what it looked like until the ANBU poofed from existence into a log. Tobi didn't do anything as the ANBU reappeared to attack. His hand and kunai slipped through his body.

Tobi whirled and caught the ANBU in the face with his own kunai. He disarmed the ANBU and swiped the kunai through his neck.

The ANBU dropped and Tobi turned to face Naruto. Naruto had a kunai out ready to defend himself if he thought it was necessary even though he knew it wouldn't do much.

Tobi reached up and pulled the mask from his face. His sharingan flared into life. It switched into the Mangekyo. Before Naruto could look away he was paralyzed by Tobi's Mangekyo Sharingan.

"See the thing about becoming a part of the Kyuubi makes it that much easier to control you. You do know that right?"

Naruto and the Kyuubi growled in warning, the features of the Kyuubi becoming more predominant as the two shared control.

Tobi slipped his mask back on. The tent flap was flung open as Laura burst out into the open.

"Naruto!" She yelled.

Naruto couldn't reply. He could only look at her with anger filled eyes.

She seemed to take the hint. "What the hell did you do to him!"

Tobi chuckled. "You all made this too easy. Now Naruto…Kyuubi…time to go.

"Yamato!" Laura snapped back to the tent.

Yamato rushed out and took in the scene. "What the..?"

Tobi's transportationjutsu was getting started and it was taking Naruto with Tobi in the spiral of the jutsu.

Tsunade appeared next to Yamato in time to see both disappear.

"Damn!" Tsunade cursed.

Laura groaned in frustration. Tsunade knelt down at the fallen ANBU's side.

She sighed mirroring Laura's frustration in a much calmer fashion.

"Yamato, gather together the Chunin and the Jonin," she ordered. "Laura, I need you to gather the X-Men."

Yamato nodded disappearing from sight. Laura's eyes hadn't moved from where Naruto had disappeared from.

Tsunade stood back up and went to her side.

"Laura, I understand your frustrations right now, but we need to get moving in order to catch up to them. Naruto is currently at the mercy of Tobi." Tsunade stared at the back of Laura's head. "The Akatsuki who just tried to kill Naruto claims that Tobi is Madara Uchiha. I want to make one thing clear to you Laura. Madara controlled the Kyuubi and made him attack Konoha the night Naruto was born." Tsunade now had Laura's full attention. "If we don't get Naruto out as soon as possible, then Madara could make Naruto into a living weapon just like he did 16 years ago. Do you understand?"

Laura gave a sharp nod and turned and ran to where the X-Men were given a tent.

Tsunade watched her go. "Well?"

Three ANBU landed next to her. "We are searching the perimeters now and a rescue team headed by Captain Yamato."

"Good. They are to go as soon as they are ready," she ordered.

"Yes Hokage."

The three ANBU disappeared leaving Tsunade in the clearing with Sakura, Kiba, and Akamaru.

"Sakura take Kiba and help the Medic nin get ready," Tsunade told them.

The three left Tsunade standing there outside the tent. Kakashi stepped up from behind her.

"Why is it that every time I turn around Naruto is in some predicament of some sort?" Tsunade asked.

Kakashi chuckled, "And yet he manages to get out every time."

Tsunade turned on him. "But how can he do that this time? He's under Madara's Mangekyo, Kakashi! Even with the Kyuubi on his side he was trapped!"

Kakashi caught her in his arms. "It's Naruto. He'll will figure something out and while he is doing that. We will help him from our side by giving him our faith and support."

Tsunade pushed herself out of his arms. "You make it sound so easy. I feel like it's never been that easy and yet it always turns out that way. Why now rather than back when I could have saved them?"

The faces of all her loved ones passed away flashed before her eyes. Jiraiya's lingering the longest before blending in with the crowd.

Kakashi nodded, "Sometimes I wish it had been that easy, but then where would we be today? Would Naruto be the determined and brave ninja he has become? Would Sakura have become as skilled as she is. Would Sasuke have become so twisted by revenge? We can only wonder about these things, but the past has taken place, now it's time to take make the future."

Tsunade smiled. "You just know exactly what to say and when. Don't you?"

Kakashi grinned back. "No not really. I just go with my gut sometimes."

Naruto spun back into place in a cave somewhere.

Where are we?

No clue, but Madara isn't here with us.

I can move at the very least. Naruto looked around the cave.

No exits though.

Ya, any ideas?

Kyuubi smirked, Really? Why was I stuck into such a dumb vessel?


No fighting right now. We've got work to do.

What work? There's no way out. We have no idea where we are…

Actually, try touching the wall, Kyuubi suggested.

Excuse me?

Just do it!

Okay, okay…Touchy.

Naruto reached out to the wall and placed a hand on it.

It's moist…But that would mean…

We are under some body of water, Kyuubi concluded.

Hey, that's what I was about to say!

Oh shut up.

Laura stopped in front of the tents and took a calming breath before pushing the flap aside.

"Everyone up!" she snapped. "Akatsuki took Naruto and it's about to get ugly."

Her eyes flared dangerously reflecting the roiling anger inside of her and daring any of them to not get up promptly.

Logan stared at her wondering if something had happened for Laura to care this deeply for the blonde ninja. The other X-Men all looked startled by the fury she seemed to have at the fact that Naruto had been taken.

"Uh, Laura," Jean asked, "Are you okay?"

"How should I know?" Laura snapped and she stormed back outside.

Logan followed motioning for the others to get ready.

Outside Laura had sat herself down on a tree stump not far away. Logan moved in her direction just enough for her to hear what he said, but no one else to overhear.

"Laura? Do you understand your feelings now? Is that why you are this upset?" he asked.

Laura glared at him. "Why ask that now of all times?"

Logan's face turned hard, "Because you are letting your emotions rule you."

Her face flushed. "So what if we talked about it? That's not what we need to worry about right now."

Logan shook his head. "If you can't control your emotions, then I will personally see to it that you don't come with us."

"My emotions have always been in check," she countered stubbornly.

"No, they haven't," Logan replied. "You've let them rule you many times putting others in greater danger. If you are acting on your emotions, then you could do anything and your actions could get someone hurt or killed."

Laura turned to stare into the darkness away from him attempting to keep her upwelling emotions in check, so he wouldn't see her break down.

Instead he took her chin in his hand and turned her to face him.

"It's alright Laura. Let out all your emotions now, so that when the time comes they won't get the best of you."

Laura was at her brink and she flushed bright red in embarrassment as the tears dribbled over out of her control. She cursed her weakness, but by that point it was too late. She threw herself into his arms and he gave her a chance to clear the stress and pain, over losing Naruto right after they had both confessed, into his shoulder.

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