Tiaras and Shattered Lives

Chapter 2

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Four months earlier…

Max was at his desk perusing a script, while C.C. was sitting on the green couch perusing a different one. Niles was pretending to dust like always. It was quiet except for an occasional chuckle from Maxwell. Niles looked back and forth between the two. While Maxwell seemed to enjoy what he was reading C.C. had a look of anger and disgust on her face.

"Maxwell, how can you say you want to produce this and still be able to look at yourself in the mirror?" C.C. asked angrily.

"Because it's not your reflection he'll be looking at," Niles chirped and C.C. gave him the usual death glare.

"C.C. did you even finish reading it?" Max asked with a sigh.

"You actually expected me to finish reading this male chauvinistic garbage?" She spat.

"If you would just finish it I think you'd agree with me," he said firmly.

"This play makes women seem like mindless zombies while the men boss them around like slaves and have them dress like hookers. It's garbage," she said fiercely and threw the script back on the desk.

"Were you guys talking about me?" Fran asked as she skipped into the room wearing a crop top and mini skirt topped of with four inch heels.

"And next you'll tell me your putting her in the show!" she laughed angrily and leaned back against the couch.


"You're putting me in your show?" Fran asked happily as she sat down in her usual spot on the desk.

"No Miss Fine, you are not going to be in our show. C.C. is angry at me for my choice for our next production," he said taking off his glasses and rubbing his temples.

"Oh," she sees the open script on the desk and picks it up. She look at the cover. "Tiaras and Shattered Lives, sounds sad," she said and began flipping through it.

"It's barbaric. If that's what we're going to do I won't be part of it," she said stubbornly crossing her arms.

"That's exactly what your last date said," Niles quipped before passing her and leaving the room. C.C. was able to put her heel out and make him stumble on the way out though, causing her scowl to turn into a light chuckle.

"It's four o'clock C.C.. Shouldn't you be heading home to get ready?" Max said peering at his watch.

"Ooo! You're right Maxwell. I'll be back at six," C.C. said as she collected her belongings.

"We'll continue this discussion later," He called after her, but she didn't hear him.

"Mr. Sheffield, do you mind if I read this?" Fran asked as she walked to the door.

"No, go a head. Maybe you can talk some sense into Miss Babcock for me," he said dejectedly, but Fran was already gone.

At five minutes to six C.C. arrived back at the mansion. She had on a simple black halter dress that hugged her curves and came down to her knees with simple open toed black heels. Her hair was piled on her head in sleek curls. She had on diamond stud earrings with a matching bracelet. The small black handbag she was carrying completed the ensemble.

"Miss Babcock, you look fabulous!" Fran crowed

"Thank you Nanny Fine. Is Maxwell ready?" C.C. asked.

"Almost, Niles is helping him with his tie," Fran said.

"Sir, it honestly was an accident. I was not trying to strangle you," Niles pleaded as he followed Maxwell down the stairs. The two women stared wide-eyed.

"Save it Niles, no one accidentally makes a Windsor knot on a bowtie and then tries to undo it by tightening it!" Maxwell turned and yelled. Niles just stood there sheepishly.

"Niles!" Fran gasped.

"What? It was an accident," he replied, "I got distracted." Max just looked at him and shook his head.

"Maxwell are you ready to go?" C.C. asked.

"Yes," he said and turned to her. "C.C. you look smashing," he said with a smile.

"Why thank you Maxwell," she replied with an even bigger smile.

"Here Mr. Sheffield," Fran said handing him a camera. "If you see anybody famous take a picture for me."

"Sure Miss Fine," he said beaming at her.

"These Broadway Cares events are so pointless. Can't Broadway care in silence?" C.C. complained angrily glaring at Max and Fran.

"Come now C.C., you know these events are a great way to meet people," Max said.

"Yes, and much more dignified than standing on a street corner," Niles quipped and C.C. glared.

"That reminds Nanny Fine, a hooker named…uh…I believe it was Sparkle Plenty, called for you earlier," C.C. said with utter disgust.

"You would know," Niles said and she scowled.

"Oh, Ok Miss Babcock, thanks," she smiled. "You know Mister Sheffield, if you need a hooker for your new show you should call Sparkle."

"Uh,um…I'll keep that in mind Miss Fine," he said nervously before turning to C.C.. "Shall We?"

He took her arm and led her out the door to the limo. Niles closed the door behind them before following Fran to the couch. She had snacks piled on the coffee table and The Way We Were in the VCR. The kids were all at friends houses for the night.

"Miss Fine, I have a question," Niles said digging into a box of Mallomars, "Why did Mr. Sheffield go with Miss Babcock instead of with you?"

"He said is was better if he went with C.C. so they could work the room together instead of having to spend the night keeping me out of trouble," she said shaking her head in a gesture of cluelessness as she reached for the Godiva and hit the play button. Niles just smiled and shook his head.

Maxwell and C.C. had been at the benefit for several hours now. C.C. had been working the room from the minute they got there, a fake smile always on her face. She had talked at least six potential backers into investing. After her latest success she looked around to find Maxwell and see what he had accomplished. When she spotted him taking a picture of Michelle Phiefer, her fake smile turned into a scowl and she let out a snarl as she walked toward him.

"Maxwell, you're suppose to be schmoozing investors not taking pictures for Nanny Fine!" she berated him.

"For your information C.C. I've already gotten us a new backer," he said proudly.

"A new backer! Maxwell, I've gotten us six," she said, her voice rising in annoyance as she put her hands on her hips.

"That's fantastic," he said and glanced around to see if anyone was looking at them, "but cold you please keep your voice down. We don't want to cause a scene."

"I didn't even want to come here tonight, but you said it was important so I sucked it up and came. Not only that, I've worked my butt off and this is how you treat me?" she said very angrily. "That's it. I'm done for the evening Maxwell."

"C.C., the party's not over for two more hours," he called to her as she headed for the bar.

"A glass of champagne," she told the bartender as she took a seat. "Who does he think he is? One backer, please. I could do better drunk and I got six sober," she grumbled to herself.

"Here you are Miss," the bartender said as he handed her the drink.

"Thank you," C.C. replied with a smile as she reached into her hand bag for her money.

"Allow me," Tad said as he sat down next to C.C. and handed the bartender a few bills, "Keep the change." The bartender nodded and walked away.

"Thank you," C.C. said flashing him her naturally beautiful smile.

"I'm Tad Wilkes."


"C.C. Babcock, I know. I was thinking of investing in Sheffield-Babcock Productions next venture," he said shyly.

"So paying for my drink was a business move," she asked coldly.

"No, I assure you it was purely personal," he said and smiled at her.

She couldn't help but smile back. There was something about him that intrigued her. He was a few inches taller than her, and well built. He had thick dark brown hair, a deep tenor voice and C.C. found him very attractive.

"Oh," she replied coyly.

"Yes, but first Id like to discuss that investment I mentioned earlier," he said. "I was thinking somewhere along the lines of four million."

C.C. almost choked on her drink. "Well," she said clearing her throat, "that is quite a sizeable investment Mr. Wilkes. It is one we most certainly could use."

"Please, call me Tad," he said.

"Alright Tad, but only if u call me C.C.," she replied happily.

"Well C.C., just tell me when the backers audition is and I'll be there," he said. "Now for the personal part. Would you like to have dinner with me this Friday?"

"I would love to. Pick me up at 7?" she replied grinning. "Here's my number and address," she said handing him a Sheffield-Babcock Productions business card.

"Until then," he replied. He picked up her free hand and kissed it. C.C. giggled He winked at her and left.

She sat there with a goofy grin on her face and stared at him as he left. Then she sighed a happy sigh. There was something about him she liked, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

The crash of chairs being knocked over snapped her back to reality. She looked around the room with a groan. She finished her glass of champagne and left to find Maxwell to tell him about Tad's investment. After which she was catching a cab back to her apartment. Looking around she spotted Maxwell on the edge of the crowd gathering around the chairs.

"Maxwell, I have wonderful news. Tad Wilkes is going to invest four million in our next show!" C.C. exclaimed.

"Four million dollars. That's extraordinary C.C.!" Max exclaimed as he clapped his hands together.

"I know. It will really make the other backers think harder about investing in us," she said almost giddily.

"Tonight has been a huge success, and it's not over yet," he said waving his index finger at her.

"It is for me. I'm going home," she said before turning and heading out the door. Maxwell stood there slightly shocked as he watched C.C. leave. Then he turned around and saw that the crowd had grown larger. They all watched the drunk man, who knocked over the chairs, try to disentangle himself from the mess. Not one person tried to help him. Max shook his head in realization that the evening had come to an end, and went home.